Best games to watch at MSI 2022 Group Stage

MSI 2022, the first international event of League of Legends in 2022, started with great excitement. In the tournament, where 11 different teams from different parts of the world compete, there will be very competitive matches and great offers for LoL betting over the coming days. Let’s take a look at the ones that will be the most enjoyable to watch.

MSI 2022

Before moving on to the matches and opportunities for esports betting, we need to talk about the format of the tournament and how it will take shape. MSI 2022, which was normally planned as 12 teams, was reduced to 11 teams after the LCL champion could not participate due to the Russian invasion of Ukraine. In addition, Vietnam winner GAM Esports gave its place to Saigon Buffalo as the date of the Sea Games 31 event coincided with the date of MSI 2022. Additionally, the Chinese representative, Royal Never Give Up, is attending the event remotely from his home country due to COVID-19 restrictions.

Best games to watch at MSI 2022 Group Stage

11 teams were divided into three groups after the draw. However, Group C will only have 3 teams unlike other groups. All groups have been adjusted according to the seedings the teams have. All matches at this stage will be played as best-of-one. Group A and B will have a Double Round-Robin format, while Group C matches will be played as a Quadruple Round-Robin. At the end of the matches, the teams that finish in the top 2 places in their groups will be entitled to the Rumble Stage.

The first phase of the MSI event always includes matches with little competition. At this stage, where minor regional teams are also involved, the major leagues LEC, LCS, LPL, and LCK generally dominate their opponents. However, even if this is the case, there are always matches to be enjoyed.

Istanbul Wildcats – Red Canids (May 11)

There are a lot of rivalry stories in the League of Legends scene. The conflict between Brazil and Turkey is one of them. The fact that the supporters of both regions are very enthusiastic makes this rivalry even bigger. Representatives of the two countries meet each other almost every year, and the dominance changes hands from time to time.

Best games to watch at MSI 2022 Group Stage

Brazil and Turkey will meet for the first time on May 11 at MSI 2022. TR champion Istanbul Wildcats made a bad start to the tournament against RNG. On the other hand, Red Canids managed to get a convincing victory. The match between the two teams will definitely be worth watching.

T1 – DetonatioN FocusMe (May 12)

Korean champion T1 is coming to MSI 2022 as the strongest contender for the championship. Teams from other regions showed some weaknesses during the season. However, T1 was undefeated in their own region. Led by legendary player Faker, the team will face DetonatioN FocusMe, another interesting team in its group.

The representative of Japan has exciting players in its roster. The team that won its own region with its natural abilities and superior mechanics will test their havings against the strongest team of the tournament.

Evil Geniuses – G2 Esports (May 14)

The rivalry between North America and Europe has always taken place within the League of Legends scene. This rivalry, which led to the birth of many legendary matches, continues in MSI 2022. The champions of the two regions will compete with each other to direct the posts on social media.

Both teams are favorites of their group. However, finishing first in Group C will provide an advantage for the next stage of the tournament. That’s why this game means a lot.

MSI 2022 Rumble Stage will start on May 20, after the end of Group Stage.

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