Best PUBG Tournaments 2021

Top Events for Desktop & Mobile

There is a huge number of PUBG tournaments out there – from small, online-based ones to huge A-List events with a live studio audience and TV coverage. The best PUBG tournaments draw millions of fans to them – and we made a master list of ‘the’ events to watch in 2021!

PC-based events

Without a doubt, the vast majority of PUBG esports tournaments take place on PC. While there are definitely mobile events with large viewer number and prize pools, the core of the PUBG fans still prefers PC to the mobile version of the game. Here is a list of the biggest PC tournaments PUBG has to offer!

PC PUBG tournaments

TournamentDateTeamsPrize poolOnline/Offline
PUBG Global Invitational S 2021Feb 5 - Mar 28, 202132?Offline
PUBG Continental Series 4: Asia PacificJun 10 - 25, 202116$250,000Online
PUBG Continental Series 4: AmericasJun 10 - 25, 202116$250,000Online
PUBG Continental Series 4: AsiaJun 12 - 27, 202116$250,000Online
PUBG Continental Series 4: EuropeJun 12 - 27, 202116$250,000Online
PUBG Continental Series 5: Asia PacificSep 16 - Oct 1, 202116$250,000Online
PUBG Continental Series 5: EuropeSep 18 - Oct 3, 202116$250,000Online
PUBG Continental Series 5: AsiaOct 18 - 3, 202116$250,000Online
PUBG Global Championship 2021Nov 1 - Dec 1, 202132$7,056,789Offline

The Biggest of the Big

While all of the above are S-tier PUBG tournaments, not all of them were created equal – by far the largest and most important ones are the events of the Continental Series. This ongoing series always has separate events for the three major regions of the PUBG tournament circuit – Americas, Europe and Asia. Of course, the PUBG Global Championship is another major event that fans won’t want to miss out on. If you’re looking for something a little less high-profile, the A-tier event ESL PUBG Masters is one of the more important ones out there.

Other events

Of course there is far more going on in the PUBG scene than the list of events above – other ones you may want to catch include the ESL PUBG Masters events we mentioned before, as well as some of the regional series. Countries like Vietnam, Thailand and Finland have their own A-tier event leagues – you might be able to find one for your country as well!

Betting on PUBG esports tournaments

Not a lot of esports bookmakers actually cover PUBG events – but the ones that do will focus on the super-high-profile events like the Continental Series, especially for the larger parts of it, such as the finals. With increasing interest in betting on PUBG, more bookies have been adding this esport to their line-ups, so always keep an eye out for big PUBG tournaments appearing in their odds sections!

Mobile-based events

Naturally, the mobile PUBG tournament scene is alive and well too – and it too has some really impressive PUBG tournaments in 2021. In fact, several of them wildly exceeded their PC-counterparts as far as prize money went – no small feat! In 2021, some of the best PUBG tournaments can be found on mobile!

Mobile PUBG tournaments in 2021

TournamentDateTeamsPrize poolOnline/Offline
PUBG Mobile Global Championship 2021 - LeagueNov 1 - Dec 1, 2021??Offline
PUBG Mobile Japan League Season 1 Phase 2Sep 18 - Oct 1, 202116$634,499Offline
PUBG Mobile Japan League Season 1Feb 13 - Oct 1, 202116$1,466,016Offline
Peacekeeper Elite League 2021 Season 2Apr 30 - Jun 13, 202120$2,344,226Offline
PUBG Mobile Japan League Season 1 Phase 1Feb 13 - May 1, 202116$637,325Offline
Peace Elite Asia Invitational 2021Apr 27 - 29, 202115$463,520Online
Peacekeeper Elite League 2021 Season 1Mar 11 - Apr 18, 202120$2,024,229Offline
PUBG Mobile Global Championship Season 0: FinalsJan 21 - 26, 202116$1,200,000Offline
Peacekeeper Elite League 2021 Season 3Aug 19 - 10, 202120??

The Biggest of the Big

While the mobile S-tier event section of the best PUBG tournaments is as long as the PC list, the events on it aren’t quite up there, as far as size and importance goes. While many of these events have eye-wateringly high prize pools, the event most important to PUBG fans is the PMGC – the PUBG Mobile Global Championships. It’s ‘the’ event to win for competing PUBG players, and it’s an absolute audience favourite for PUBG fans as well.

Other events

Much like its PC counterpart, PUBG Mobile has a whole host of A-tier events that you can watch. This includes dozens of National championships for countries like the UK, France, Nepal, Egypt, Brazil, Russia, Indonesia and so on – there is quite a huge number of national competitions that fans can catch!

Betting on PUBG Mobile esports tournaments

As far as betting on PUBG Mobile games goes, fans will unfortunately be disappointed – most bookmakers don’t offer odds on PUBG Mobile events… yet! While they get plenty of attention from fans and players, the PUBG Mobile scene isn’t exactly well-represented as far as esports betting goes. That isn’t to say that you can’t find esports betting sites that offer odds, though – and in the case of services like VersusGame and similar providers, you can always create your own bets on events not otherwise covered by betting providers!

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