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That Valorant was going to be a hit was a given – after all, Riot dedicated a ton of resources and time to making the game, and we already know how good they are at it from League. In fact, even though it’s not easy to establish new esport games quickly, Valorant did just that – within weeks of being released, the game started to fight in the big leagues, with the best Valorant players quickly showing their skills.

Quite literally – it drew a lot of pro players away from other shooters like Overwatch, CS:GO and more. It didn’t take long for the best Valorant players to emerge among fierce competition. Even though Valorant hasn’t been around long, there is some serious talent – and a fair bit of debate about who the best Valorant player in the world is. Here is a list of some of the contenders for the top spot!


Best Valorant PlayersFormer CS:GO player ShahZaM wasted no time before becoming one of the world’s best Valorant players. Shahzeb Khan plays for the Sentinels, as their resident tactical genius. Best as Jett and Sova, he can both offer map coverage and frag – he is one of the reasons the Sentintels team has been so successful.

After being ‘only’ good in CS:GO, he really hit his stride in Valorant. Boasting KD rates as high as 1.27 and HS rates of 21% is no small feat – neither is his clutch success rate. Most players could only dream of the 47% he averages.


Best Valorant PlayersTeam Liquid hasn’t quite seen the success in Valorant it has been looking for, but they still have top talent in their ranks – including ScreaM. Adil Benrlitom was a former CS:GO player like many other Valorant pros, and he’s been playing incredibly well on Team Liquid’s Valorant roster. With a KD rate of 1.22 he is one of the best Valorant players out there – as further evidenced by his 39% headshot rate.

That especially is wildly outside of what most players could achieve without the help of aimbots. Not that ScreaM is cheating – he’s just incredibly skilled. He’s a surefire Valorant player bet if you’re looking for the top players.


Best Valorant PlayersPeter Mazuryk is only 17 – this hasn’t stopped the 100Thieves player from becoming one of the best Valorant players on the planet. Playing mostly Raze and Phoenix, he’s the top fragger on his team. Known for his aggressive playstyle, it’s not unusual to see him carrying round after round as far as damage goes.

Having previously played for Immortals in 2020, he didn’t really start winning big until he joined up with 100T. With them, he’s beaten teams like Gen.G, Faze, Team Envy and TSM – some pretty impressive opponents.


Best Valorant PlayersMatthew Yu is one of the best players in the ranks of TSM’s Valorant roster. A pure damage dealer, he mains Jett, who in turn is the most popular Duelist character at the moment. Wardell can and has carried his entire team, all the while accruing a pretty large fanbase because of his energy.

If his skills alone weren’t enough to teleport him to the top (they are), he is also beloved by the Valorant community as one of their favourites. Nearly a given, especially with a KD rate of 1.6, with a kill participation of 0.96. That means that when TSM gets a kill, the odds of Wardell NOT being involved are nearly zero, he’s that good!


Best Valorant PlayersCloud9 player TenZ is one of the players considered to be at the absolute top of the Valorant world. Boasting a 1.40 kill/death rate, and with 173.1 average damage per round he’s a fatal enemy to fight against. He also averages 0.22 first kills per round and 1.01 KPR – in other words, he is pretty much the backbone of his team.

Overall C9 hasn’t been performing as well as they would have liked, but with epic talent like TenZ, the only way is up for the ambitious team. Tyson Ngo moved to Valorant from CS:GO – like many others, he really found his stride here.


Best Valorant Players

Pontus Eek plays for FunPlusPhoenix and he has had an incredible time since his Valorant debut last year. He has had 5 winning ifinishes as well as 2 second and two third finishes in his first season, including several X:0 finishes against his opponents. Those include Team Liquid, Fnatic and G2.

With a 0.91 KPR rate he is incredibly active on the map, which is bad news for his opponents since he also has a 20% HS rate. As far as combat scores go, Zyppan is one of the highest-ranked Valorant players out there.


Best Valorant Players

Taylor Johnson is one of TSM’s most powerful players., Together with teammate Wardell he frequently shakes up the enemy teams – and as a result, TSM is a step ahead of most of their competition. A former CS:GO player, Drone wasn’t new to competitive play when he joined Valorant.

He has a KD ratio of 1.31 and is one of the few players who can come close to ScreaM’s headshot rate – though his is ‘only’ 31%. With this, he easily wipes out a third of his enemies before they can even react.


Best Valorant PlayersAndrej Francisty is another aggressive Jett duelist – and recognized as one of the top Valorant players in North America. His aim in particular is what makes him dangerous – he uses Jett’s abilities to get close to the opponent and off them before they can react. For North American fans, he is absolutely one of the top 10 best Valorant players in the region.

Even for esports bookmakers he and his team FaZe Clan are a good pick. Unlike quite a lot of players on this list, Babybay doesn’t come from a CS:GO background – he used to be a professional Overwatch player instead.


Best Valorant PlayersHunter Mims is another former CS:GO player with quite an extensive number of games under his belt. Having played for Misfits, TSM and Complexity, he now plays for Sentinels along with TenZ. Unlike his teammate, he focuses on playing Phoenix, while sometimes switching to Sova or Sage.

Multi-talented as he is, he often manages to support his team in what may otherwise be a surefire loss situation – and when paired directly with TenZ’s Jett, the two Sentinels are nearly unstoppable.


Best Valorant PlayersSova player Spencer Martin is the most experienced player currently on 100T’s Valorant roster – and he too comes from a long history of playing CS:GO. He’s usually the last player on his team to die and is well-known for his insane clutch skills. If he can’t clutch a one-v-team situation, he’ll at least take several others with him on the way out.

Given that he’s also one of the oldest Valorant pros actively playing, it’s even more remarkable that he can keep up with players a decade or more younger than him – and he absolutely can.

This is our list of the top Valorant players in the world – there is no clear top player (the way that LoL has Faker for example), or at least not yet. Valorant is still new and the scene is still developing – we may just not have seen ‘the’ top player out there yet!

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