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The online casino industry has grown exponentially over the last decade, becoming vast and difficult to control with hundreds of casino operators entering the market every year. This is why we at have decided to take things into our own hands and bring some justice to the online casino industry.

We have made it our mission to bring some order to online gambling by doing independent reviewing and rating of the best online casinos out there in all their various segments. This way, we hope to find the very best online casino. To help in this, we call upon the help of our community, made up of online casino players, who are the absolute best judges of the quality of online casino services. You can help us by reviewing the particular casino operators and voting for your favourites in each of our 12 categories for which we will be awarding our awards seals.


Top Online Casino


Which is the best Casino overall? Here you find the vendor which our users has voted to the top.

Best Online Casino Bonuses


On the search for the best online casino, the bonus has tremendous importance – so which casino offers the best bonus?

Best Mobile Casino


Apps for iOS, Android and Blackberry allow playing to go. Here you find out which is the best Mobile Casino.

Best Casino VIP Program


You want to play with high stakes and benefit from attractive services? We reveal where you find the best VIP program.

Best MicroGaming Online Casino


Microgaming-Games are very popular – Which casino is from the view of the customer the best Microgaming Casino?

Best Live Casino


With the live casino you can feel the casino atmosphere right from home. Our real user ratings show the best live casino.

Best Casino Customer Service


If you have problems or questions you rely on a friendly support, but where do you find the best?

Best Payout Casinos


Deposit, Payout, Fees… It can be difficult to keep track of all. Which Casino offers the best payout?

Best Playtech Online Casino


Playtech-Games represent the ideal pendant to the Microgaming-Games. Here you find the best Playtech Online Casino.

Worst Casino Design


Confusing layout, bad colouring, long loading times… Which casino need a new design?

Worst Online Casino


Where there is light, there is shadow – which is the worst Casino from whom you should stay away?

Most Unfair Casino Conditions


Fairness and seriousness play an important role for finding the right Online Casino – still not every casino act fair! Which is the unfairest Online Casino?


How We Identify The Best Online Casinos

When you register with, you will gain access to all its functionalities and features. This includes the casino reviews section, where you have an opportunity to review, ask and answer questions and vote for individual casino operators in a number of categories to choose the best online casino.

Every review you leave matters and we will allow our community to rate it and award you Points according to how helpful the review is to our community. Furthermore, you get to vote for one casino in each of our 12 categories and you will receive 5 Points every time you vote for one of the categories.

Written reviews you leave will help you make a further impact in our community and make you even more respected among your peers, so make sure you leave a review of each casino you have played, with your personal experience. The other players will rate your review, and you will receive Points and prestige. More importantly, remember to vote for your best  online casino!

The casinos that win our awards will receive our prestigious awards – seals, which carry additional value as they were given out by you, the players. Casinos are well aware of this and every operator out there will be exhilarated to receive one of our awards and earn the chance to call themselves – Best Online Casino 2022!

At, you can rate the casinos in the following categories:

Top Online Casino 2022

The winner of this category will be named “Top Online Casino”. This award is meant for the casino operator who has brought the most of both monetary and entertainment value to the players over the course of the year. Take all things into consideration with this award from games choice and platform design to payment processing and promotions. Make your choice now and vote for the best Online Casino of 2022!

Best Online Casino Bonus 2022

Not all online casino operators are as generous as others. We want to give this award to the best online casino whose bonus is not only generous but also comes with reasonable wagering requirements and other terms. If you have come across such a bonus and made use of it, let us know which casino gave it to you and help us award one operator with the “Best Online Casino Bonus” award seal.

Best Casino Customer Service 2022

The customer service is a very important part of any online casino’s operation. Being the ones who communicate with the players, the customer service agents are the extended arm of the casino. This is why we want to award the casino whose customer service has excelled the most during this calendar year. Let us know which casino in your opinion provides the finest customer service and support out there!

Best Mobile Casino 2022

In 2022, more and more of our online hours are being spent on our mobile devices. This is why it is so crucial for online casinos to expand well into the mobile market and we want to award the casino operator who has done the best job so far in transferring their business to the mobile platform. Let us know which casino provided you with the Best Mobile Casino experience, help them earn their award and get 5 Points for your participation!

Best Microgaming Casino Site 2022

Microgaming is among the leaders in the production of casino software and dozens of the best online casinos are powered by this company’s software. Yet, they are not all the same and we want to award the casino who has made the best of the Microgaming casino platform, integrated it well within their desktop and mobile sites and awards the players the most for their playing efforts. If you have had experiences with Microgaming casinos, let us know which one you liked the best by voting for it.

Best Casino 2022

Best Bonus 2022

Best Support 2022

Best Website 2022

Best Offer 2022


Best Playtech Online Casino 2022

Playtech is another giant in the industry, powering some of the best online casinos with video slots and many other games. Again, it is our goal to award the casino who made the most of the Playtech platform and gives the players the best playing experience with this fantastic gaming software. If you enjoy playing Playtech casinos, let us know which one impresses you the most and where you had the most fun playing Playtech games.

Best Online Casino Live Games 2022

While we have mostly moved away from the brick and mortar casinos in our daily lives, many of us still long for the days when these establishments were the only place you could play your favorite games and miss interacting with the dealers and the staff as we play Blackjack or Roulette. This is why online casinos introduced the Live Casino component and we want to award the casino that did it the best. Help us pick and award the Best Live Casino award.

Best Payout Online Casinos 2022

There are few elements of any online gambling operator that are more important than the processing of deposit and withdrawals. With so many casino operators out there pulling all sorts of funny business on their players, we want to find the single best casino at payment processing. The longer you have been around, the more you can help us distinguish among the casinos that process payments well from those that really don’t. Tell us which casino does the best job of processing payments in your opinion.

Best VIP Program 2022

The VIP programs and loyalty schemes are another important segment of the online casino industry. Highrollers and other loyal customers can make good use of these platforms and we need your help to figure out which casino’s VIP Program truly awards the players in the best way. Tell us, from your perspective as a player, which online casino offers the most in terms of the VIP Club and loyalty related benefits!

Worst Online Casino 2022

We at are here to award but also to bring justice. If a casino is doing everything wrong and punishing players from playing on their platform, then our community needs to hear about it. This is why we also want to select the Worst Online Casino of 2022 and make them change things around or forget about the members of our community playing there. Help us blacklist the worst casino of the year and help your fellow players avoid the same problems you encountered.

Most Unfair Casino Conditions 2022

Terms and conditions are fine, as long as they are fair… But not all the casino operators play fair and some of them impose such unfair conditions on the players, that it is unbelievable it is legal! This is why we need your help to find the casino with the least fair conditions this year and force them to change such conditions by telling the entire world what they are doing. Help us out by voting the casino that offers the most unfair conditions in your opinion.

Worst Casino Design 2022

The design of a casino site may not be the absolute most important element of it, but it is certainly an important aspect. We want our players to enjoy themselves while playing, so we don’t want you to play on sites whose design is ugly and slow! If you have had experiences with poorly designed casinos, help us out by voting the one where you saw the worst design out there.



It is time for the Community to cast their votes! The awards are ready to be given out at the end of this calendar year and we need you to help us out and give each of the 12 awards to the best online casinos.

Let us know which are the best online casinos and which are the worst in your opinion, by voting for our various awards. Let’s discover the best online casino of the year and the casinos that offer the best services in their various fields but also the worst online casinos out there and the ones who do less than their best to impress us as the online gambling community.

If you need help figuring out which casinos to vote for, make sure to check out our Online Casino Comparison and Casino Bonus Comparison pages and compare the various casino operators in their many aspects.

We are more than certain that after careful examination of the many casino operators out there and playing with some of them, your votes will greatly help us determine which casino operators deserve to be called the best casinos on the internet and should be awarded our prestigious and valuable awards – seals.