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Customer service is without a doubt one of the most important aspects of any business, especially one that runs 100% online. While you may check our casino bonus comparison to find the best deals, finding a room that answers your queries promptly and exactly is equally as important.

Online Casinos are required to put even more effort into their customer service as the nature of their business means they will be holding players’ money and making banking transactions which is always a sensitive business.

This is why one of our awards will go to the online casino with the best Customer Service Department. We need your help to determine which online casino offers the best customer support. Based on your experiences with various casino operators, let us know which casino you believe is the best in terms of Customer Service!

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What should I be looking for?

  1. Service Methods – What customer service methods are available?
  2. Service Speed – How quick are their agents?
  3. Service Quality – Did they help you with your problem?
  4. Language Skills – Are the agents native speakers?
  5. Phone Charges – Is there a toll free phone line?

Why Take Part?

There aren’t many departments in an online casino more important than the customer support service. Being the extended arm of the casino operator which does all the communication with the customers, it is the job of the customer support division to keep the face of the company and make sure players are content and satisfied.

Not all casino players are experienced and knowledgeable about all the intricacies of gaming. For example, can no deposit bonus be used to play jackpot slots and will you be allowed to keep your winnings if you do happen to hit big? This is a huge deal, of course, and sometimes it can be hard to locate on the site. A customer support needs to be prepared for these types of questions and ready to answer them time and time again – because it is important for us players to know this!

This is why we believe one of our awards surely has to go to the casino operator with the leading customer support department on the market. We need you to help us using your experience with various casino operators, to reach a realistic and honest decision as to the best customer support in the online casino industry.

Place your votes for the best online casino customer support and help us in our process of choosing the best online casino on the web. Your vote will help your favorite casino become the champion in this category and get the recognition it deserves.

We want to award the casinos and our users alike. Make sure you cast your votes and we will award you with five Points for every new vote you cast. Once you cast all votes, you will receive a substantial number of points and the more you collect the bigger and more important name you will become in our community.

Online casino customer support

How To Cast Your Votes

There are multiple elements to the quality of a customer support department. We want to award the online casino whose customer support is available, quick and efficient. This is why we call upon you to determine the quality of the customer support departments of various casino operators based on these elements:

Service Methods: No quality customer service can exist without multiple methods of contact. E-mail, telephone and live chat options should exist if a casino operator is to truly offer a full service. If some of these are missing, are the others enough to compensate for the lack?

Service Speed: Probably the most frustrating thing that can happen at an online casino is having an issue and having to wait for hours or days to hear back from the customer supports. Surely, the best customer support department is one that can be reached within minutes through live support options such as Live Chat and telephone support.

Service Quality: So the casino is easy enough to reach, but were the agents actually helpful? How difficult is it to convey your issue and get it solved? Best customer support agents can solve all your issues within minutes or refer you to someone else who can without much delay.

Language Skills: This may sound a bit judgmental, but it’s really not. We want support from people who can understand us. Nothing is more frustrating than having an agent not understand a word you are saying. Good customer support department consists of native speakers or at least highly trained foreigners who speak your language as well as their own.

Phone Charges: So the casino is being extremely slow and now I must pay to call them about it? I don’t think so… The best casinos out there offer their customers, especially the high value ones, toll free telephone numbers which allow you to contact the casino without having to pay for it.

Don’t cast your vote before you examine all of these aspects. After all, your vote is valuable and it will help us determine who gets our seal for best customer support in 2024. If you have had experiences with particular casinos’ customer support departments, let us know which of them you believe is the absolute best in support and provides the best game offer and we will award you for it!

The Voting Process

We want to show you that we appreciate your participation in our community, so whenever you cast a vote for one of the many award categories here at Esports-betting, you will receive five points. If you change your mind, feel free to change your vote, but you won’t get any extra points. Thanks for helping to select the best Casino Customer Support Department of 2024!

Online casino customer support

Best Casino Customer Service

It is our desire that this award goes to the online casino that offers the absolute best customer service across all these aspects. We are looking to find a casino with fast, reliable and easily accessible customer support and we need your help to do it. Let us know your experiences with various online casino customer support departments and earn five Points when you cast your vote. Become an active member of the Esports-betting community and get treated like a VIP.

For more information about the process and what it means for a casino to receive an award, check out our main Casino Awards page.

Casino Customer Service Summary

There are very few aspects of an online casino service more important than the customer service provided. From games not working properly, to delayed cashouts and failed deposits, it is the customer support department that serves to solve every issue a player may experience with the operator. This is why the customer service department of an online casino is so crucial to its operation and quality.

If you want to start playing online bingo, for example, and are not familiar with the rules, customer support needs to be understanding and point you in the right direction. Yes, the rules and explanations may be right there on the page, but it is still their job to explain this to you in a calm, professional, and kind manner. You are a valuable customer and have every right to be treated like one.

All casinos offer some type of customer support but not all are equal. While pretty much every casino will let you contact them via e-mail, the absolute best customer support departments are available for contact via Live Chat and toll free telephone lines.

Our casino operator reviews may help you determine which casino offers the best customer service so by all means, check out our Online Casino Comparison page and compare the various casino operators for their customer support quality and options.

Things To Keep In Mind When Voting

  • Cast your votes for the Best Customer Service of 2024
  • Receive your 5 community Points
  • Find out the current standings
  • Switch your vote if you change your mind
  • Wait out the year and find out with Operators won

Once the calendar year expires we will award the operators with our prestigious seals. The results of this vote will award one operator with the “Best Customer Service” seal and you as our loyal customer will be awarded with 5 Points to improve your standing in the Esports-betting community.