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If there is one thing that has dramatically changed the casino world in recent years, it is the introduction of online casino live games component to their online platforms. Through the use of high definition cameras, high speed internet connections and some very fine live casino dealers, online casinos are now finally able to bring the brick and mortar casino experience straight into our homes in the fullest sense.

Considering how important of a component Live Casino is becoming for the online casinos, we felt it was important to focus one of our awards on the best Live Casino. We want you, our faithful community, to help us decide which casino operator gets this award. If you are a players who likes to delve into the Live Casino games, please let us know your experiences and vote for the casino that gave you the best Live Casino experience.

Receive 5 Points For Casting Your Vote

What you need to look out for?

  • Live Games – What games are available for play?
  • Table Selection – How many tables are on offer?
  • The Dealers – How are the dealers? Fast and professional?
  • Game Speed – How fast do the games run?
  • Promotions – What about Live Casino bonuses and promos?
  • The Stakes – How high can I play? How low?

Esports-betting stands for justice in the gambling world and we want to to ensure the operators are doing everything just right. This best Live Casino award is meant to reward the casino operator which has dedicated the most time and effort to providing the best overall experience of online casino live games.

While we could simply make the choice ourselves, we feel that an award coming from actual casino players carries a lot more value. This is the reason we want you all to vote and help us decide which online casino Live Games platform is the absolute best.

Please place your vote for the best Live Casino to help us find the best online casino of the year and award all the casinos who did outstanding work in 2022. Trust us when we say that casinos care for nothing more than the opinion of the players and your votes are extremely important to them.

Of course, seeing as how you help make our awards better, we want you to feel special as well, which is why we will award you five Points each time you vote and you will become more and more important in our community and respected by your peers. We truly hope that you will join in and help us give out our awards-seals for this year!

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How To Cast Your Votes

How do I pick just one best live casino? This is a good question, but we think we can help you make your decision. Before you cast your vote, please consider all the elements listed below, to make sure that the live casino you give your vote is the absolute best in the industry.

Live Games: One of the most crucial aspects about an online casino’s live games and the part that really distinguishes one from another is the amount of games on offer. Most casinos offer between three and ten different casino table games. In this particular case, more is absolutely better, so you should probably give your vote to a live casino with a substantial number of games.

Table Selection: Some casinos offer many games, but not on so many tables. The best live casino surely offers a number of different tables with different dealers and stakes for every particular game they offer. How many roulette wheels are present at a live casino? How many blackjack tables? Take this into consideration.

The Dealers: The dealers are a very big part of a live casino experience. Professional and fast dealers make the difference between a highly entertaining or a dull and frustrating experience. Not to say it is the most important part, but attractive and eye pleasing dealers can’t hurt either, especially when we are losing.

Game Speed: Again related in most part to the dealers, the speed at which the games are dealt is another crucial factor in determining the best live casino out there. The faster the dealers deal the cards and the faster the players actions are on average, the more hands per hour we will get in and this can be pretty important to many players.

Promotions: How many promotions are available for live casino players? Is the welcome bonus usable in live casino games? Are there exclusive live casino promotions available? Factor all of these into your decision and you are likely to cast a better and more accurate vote. Check out Casino Bonus Comparison for more info on bonuses and promotions.

The Stakes: Finally, what stakes are you allowed to play? What is the lowest denomination chip available? Can you play high stakes game at the live casino in question? In order to find the true best, we need to find a casino that caters to all players, from lowest to highest of stakes!

Make sure you factor all of these things into your decision as it will help you make the most accurate and precise vote and choose a online casino live games that truly caters to all its customers in every sense. We especially need your help if you have already played at multiple live casinos. Use your experience and all available data to make your decision and cast your vote for the best live casino of 2022.

The Voting Process

We need you to know how much we appreciate your help! We will give you five Points every time you cast a new vote and if new information arises we will allow you to amend your vote to make the voting process as accurate as possible. Thank you helping our search for the Best Live Casino in 2022.

This award is meant for the casino operator that offers the absolute best overall Live Casino experience to its players. This means fast dealers, lots of games across various stakes and a variety of promotions should all be very much available at this operators.

We need you to help us make our decision by casting your vote for your favorite Live Casino and we will award you with five Points every time you cast a vote in one of the categories for the first time!

Live Casino Summary

Live Casino has become something that every major online casino provides nowadays. Most commonly, table games such as Blackjack, Roulette and Baccarat are on offer but more and more casinos are introducing the likes of Casino Hold’em and similar poker games to their offering.

Most casinos broadcast their live casino games from Eastern European countries such as Latvia with live dealers dealing to multiple players at the same time. The only real downside of the live casinos being the significant reduction in game speed especially in card games such as Blackjack, many players today prefer the live casino as it brings them closer to the action and at least simulates the real feel of a brick and mortar casino.

If you are not sure where you can play live casino games, check out our Online Casino Comparison page and compare the various live casinos, give them a try and cast your vote for the best live casino of 2022.

Things To Keep In Mind When Voting

  • Cast your votes for the “Best Live Casino of 2022”
  • Receive your 5 community Points
  • Check who is in the lead
  • Change your vote according to new information
  • Sit tight and find out the winner at year’s end

At the year’s end, we will award one Operator with the “Best Live Casino” award seal and every customer who took part in our voting process will receive five Points for their participation in our community. Thank you once more for participating in Esports-betting’s awards distribution process.