Worst Casino Design 2024

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Some casinos put forth their best efforts to create an attractive and highly functional design for their users in an attempt to create an unforgettable experience. Others, not so much. In fact, there are operators out there who seem to believe that all they need is to offer games and players would flock to them, regardless of the overall package.

The full user experience is important and those casinos that don’t take time out of their day to make sure their product is both functional and aesthetically pleasing need to be called out. This is why we want you to cast your votes for the Worst Casino Design of 2024! Let everyone know what operators out there believe adhere to the policy “if you build it, they’ll come,” without paying any attention to the overall satisfaction and enjoyment of their users.

It is voting time! Every time you cast a vote, we will reward you with a 5 Points gift!

Questions to Ask Before Voting

  • Design functionality – How functional is the casino design overall?
  • Navigation – How hard is it to find your favourite games?
  • Aesthetics – What is the design like from the aesthetical point of view?
  • Colour scheme – Is the colour scheme appealing or does browsing the casino make your eyes hurt?
  • Small details – are there any tidbits that are really appealing or make you cringe?
  • Experience – If you played for several hours, would the experience be tiring or relaxing?

Why Take Part?

You may be wondering, why should I bother voting? After all, it’s not like the casino will look at your vote and change their design completely just to accommodate you. However, the whole idea of the awards section is to allow users to share their opinions on different important factors that make an online casino great or not so great. While this may not force the casinos to change anything, it will at least help everyone when choosing where to play.

Casting your votes for the Worst Casino Design you will let others know what casinos are not very likely to impress them with what they have to offer in terms of visual and audio experience. Perhaps this is not relevant for everyone, as some people are more concerned with what they can find in our casino bonus comparison and this is fully within their rights as players.

However, for those players who consider the casino design a very important part of their overall experience, your votes will help to steer them away from those places, or at least that one place, that simply stands no chance of meeting their expectations.

How to Cast Your Votes

Although we all intuitively know what we like and don’t like, rating the overall design can be a bit complicated. That’s why we bring the list of some things that can help you form the opinion. Of course, you should still think about some specific things that you personally believe are lacking or could be improved on.

Design Functionality & Navigation: This is perhaps one of the most important aspects of a design. A good casino must make it easy to find all your favorite games quickly and without having to click all over the place. If you have to spend inordinate amounts of time and effort to locate a particular online slot or a table game you like to play, that’s a good indicator there is something wrong with the design.

Aesthetics: Whatever some casinos may believe, the overall appearance does matter! Judging aesthetic aspects of an online casino is a highly personal matter, but don’t be shy to express your displeasure with an online casino that just randomly put elements all over the place. You are fully entitled to not like something even if someone else (apparently) believes it to be the best possible solution.

Colour scheme: Although this belongs under the “aesthetics” subheading, it needs to be emphasized because it is so important for overall satisfaction. Some casinos take time to put together a really nice and pleasing scheme that is a joy to look at. Others create combinations that simply make you cringe. If you find an online casino that makes you think “what were they thinking with these colours,” the odds are it is on its way to earning the Worst Casino Design award.

Small details: Fine details, like logo, navigation buttons, and simple decorations can often make or break the design. Even when this is not the case, sometimes casinos try to make things better by adding details that just don’t go well with the overall concept. If you notice such tendencies, feel free to incorporate them into your decision-making process. How much bearing they will have on your final decision is entirely up to you.

Overall experience: After playing for several hours, how do you feel? Try to disregard the monetary part for this one. Are you tired and annoyed because individual elements, put together, create an atmosphere that is opposite to relaxed and enjoyable?

The overall experience will usually have the most weight on your final mark. If the casino left a sour taste in your mouth, it will be hard to miss and get rid of, so your final opinion is not likely to be a very favourable one.

The Voting Process

All Esports-Betting members are both invited and encouraged to cast their votes in all award categories, not just this one. If you have an opinion about the Best Live Casino, for example, we want to hear from you as well. Remember, by voting you don’t only express your thoughts but also help others to find what they are looking for. Of course, you can also use the votes of other users to help you.

We understand that you need to take some time out of your day to cast the votes and for that reason, we award your efforts with five Esports-Betting points for every separate vote. In the event you change your mind, you can always change your vote and add or remove stars, but this will not grant you any additional points.

Worst Casino Design

There is more to casino design than just putting together a bunch of games and uploading them to a website or packaging them inside software. Before casting your votes, we would like to ask you to think about all of these questions and make up your mind. Consider the casino’s overall functionality and usability as well as the appeal. Is this the casino that you could spend significant time playing on without getting tired or annoyed? You don’t need to be a graphics expert to know what you like!

How to Rate a Casino Design?

As someone who just plays casino games, you may not feel qualified to rate the casino design; after all, you are no expert and there are people who spend their lives figuring out colour schemes and how to place different elements to achieve the maximum functionality and appeal. However, you shouldn’t be looking at things that way.

As a player, you are the customer and you know what are the features you look for in the best online casino. Many of these features have to do with design. If the casino seems too complicated or their overly bright colours give you a headache, you don’t need to be making up excuses for them. Perhaps they simply deserve the title for the Worst Casino Design.

You may not be an expert in graphic design, but that’s just the thing: you don’t need to be one. Although we all have our personal tastes, there are certain things that most people find appealing, and then there are those that we simply consider appalling. If one of the casinos from our online casino comparison makes you turn your head away in horror, the odds are, you are not the only one!

Things To Keep In Mind When Voting

  • Think about relevant factors and cast your votes for the Worst Casino Design 2024
  • When you vote, you will receive 5 Esports-Betting Community Points
  • You can always change your vote, although without receiving extra points.
  • Keep track of other user’s vote to see if they agree with you.
  • Use our awards system to discover the best and avoid the worst casinos out there!

All our awards are given out at the end of the year and are awarded on the yearly basis. This means that casinos can improve or fall behind during the year and your votes will reflect these changes. Winners in respective categories will receive appropriate seals which will stand out next to their names for the remainder of the year.