Worst Online Casino 2024

Loser or Rating & Blacklist 2024


Picking and awarding the best operator out of a host of solid casinos out there is a worthy task but even more important is that we as a community stand together against those who would harm the players by providing incomplete and bad service, stealing their money or deceiving them in other ways. This “award” is meant for the casino operator who gave the players the absolute worst experience in 2024.

We want you as our users to cast your votes. Who do you believe is the worst casino operator this year? If you have had some terrible experiences with online casino operators, we want to hear all about it and want you to cast your vote their way so we can warn the community and help other players from suffering the same unpleasantness.

5 points for anyone who casts their vote

Here’s what you really need to think about!

  • Casino Speed – Is the casino super slow?
  • Customer Service – Unresponsive and unhelpful?
  • Banking – Could you not receive your money?
  • Fine Print – Did they try to cheat you out of bonuses?
  • Lack Of Features – Is the casino not functional enough?
  • DesignDesignTerrible design and colors?

Why Take Part?

Voting for the best online casino out there and the best casinos in the various elements of the industry is great, as we want to award those casinos for their hard work and dedication. Yet, it may be even more important to vote in the category of the worst online casino, as this “award” is meant to help our community stay away from the absolute worst of the casinos on the internet.

Cast your votes and you will be helping us blacklist one casino operator and make all the other players aware of the dangers and flaws that await them with this particular casino. What is more, we are certain that no casino wants this seal, so once they get it and are blacklisted by our community, they will surely work hard to improve their platform and do better in 2022.

This means you will be helping your fellow players avoid playing at a horrible site and will be making the site finally introduce some changes, or get ready to shut their door. In either case, you will be doing a great service to the online gambling community.

To show you just how appreciative we are of your helping the community out, we will award you with 5 Points for voting the worst online casino. As you accumulate points, your status in the community will grow, so make sure to also leave a written review as to why you voted this operator as the worst and receive even more points and respect in our community!

Worst Online Casino

How To Cast Your Votes

So what’s the worst thing an online casino can do? Well, stealing money comes to mind first, but let us take a look at a list of possible flaws and mistakes a casino can make to be branded the Worst Online Casino of the year.

Casino Speed: It is really annoying to start up a casino game and have it run extremely slow despite a solid internet connection or having to refresh a game over and over again for countless times. Slow games usually mean an issue on the part of the casino and must be addressed.

Customer Service: The casino’s customer service is a very important part of the overall casino experience as they are the extended hand of the operator and the ones who do all the communication with the players. If you have experienced slow or unhelpful replies from customer service departments or you could not get in touch with them at all, let us know.

Banking: Likely the place where most casinos have fallen, the banking department is an extremely sensitive one. If your money was stolen or your withdrawals were held from being paid for weeks on end, this is a serious problem and one that may require you to vote this casino the worst!

Bonuses And Promos: Poor list of bonuses and promotions is certainly a good reason to put a casino on your worst casinos shortlist. To compare the various bonuses offered by the casinos make sure to check out our Casino Bonus Comparison and find out which casinos offer the best and worst bonuses around.

Fine Print: Historically, some casinos have been known to hide away little clauses in the fine print, especially regarding the bonus terms, that are very unfavorable to the players. If you have suffered as a result of such a fine print deception, take that into consideration when voting.

Lack Of Features: There is little excuse in this day and age for having a casino platform that is utterly dysfunctional. If the casino you have played has had a poor choice of features and has been complicated and not functional enough, let us know.

Design: Finally, if the online casino’s design and layout in both desktop and mobile platforms is sloppy and poorly done, this is another reason for concern as there is little chance of actual player enjoyment in such cases. Another big potential downside of the casinos. For this particular one we also have a specific worst casino design award so make sure you vote for that one as well.

After you have taken all these under advisement, we are sure you have a few casino games in mind. Vote for the one you believe fails in the most important of these aspects or in all of them so we can give them the award they deserve, as the Worst Online Casino of 2024!

The Voting Process

We always like to award our faithful users so if you participate in this Esports-Betting vote, you will receive 5 free Points which will contribute to your standing in our community. Once you have cast your vote, your work will be done and you can wait for year’s end and see the worst casino out there get shunned and blacklisted.


Worst Online Casino

Worst Online Casino

We need you to help us figure out which casino deserves to be blacklisted for their transgressions against players this year. We want justice for players and you can help us get it. Simply cast your vote for the absolute worst casino you have played this year and we will award you five Points for your participation and the worst casino will receive our “Award” for their lack of quality!

What Constitutes The Worst Casino?

There are quite a few things that a casino can do right, but even more they can do wrong. In our opinion, it is the duty of each operator to make sure certain gaming standards are met for all players, from quality and speed of games to safety of player funds and their prompt payments on request. History has shown that not all casinos play by the rules and it is time to start blacklisting the ones that don’t!

Have you had bad experiences with an online casino? Have you noticed their support or banking departments are ages behind the industry standards? Cast your vote and let us know, so we could take the appropriate action and name this casino the Worst Online Casino of 2024!

We don’t want to brand any casino for no reason, and we want you to tell us what you think. You can check out our Online Casino Comparison page to see what other users are saying about the various casinos and help you make your own decision.

Things To Keep In Mind When Voting

  • Cast your votes for the Worst Online Casino of 2024
  • Receive your 5 community Points
  • Keep track of the “winners”
  • Change votes if new information arises
  • Wait and see who gets our seal

It will take until the end of the year for the absolute Worst Online Casino of 2024 to be decided. Once we finally have all the votes and the year has ended, we will announce who won this not so prestigious award and will blacklist the casino that deserves it the most, helping players avoid it in future. We thank you for taking part in helping us do this and bring justice to the online gambling world.

Remember to also help us award those casinos who have done well by voting in the various categories such as best live casino and best mobile casino of 2024 to get even more points and prestige.