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Here at, our primary concern is you, the player. We put a special emphasis on objectivity and stating things as they are. A majority of casinos presented in our online casino comparison have many great features, but they also have their downsides.

It is our belief that you, as a player, should be aware of both sides of the coin and make a fully informed decision regarding which are the best casino offers. In line with this idea, we also try to negotiate special online casino bonuses and promotions exclusive to members, because you deserve only the best.

The winning casino in the casino bonus comparison


Bonus Offers Criteria

The Most Important Factors of The Best Casino Offers

When looking into a specific bonus offer at an online casino, it is all too easy to be taken astray by some bombastic details, like 200% up to (insert a four figure amount) or “we double your deposit regardless of how big it is.” All this can sound great at first, but a thorough casino bonus comparison needs to look under the hood and explore beyond advertising.

After going beyond that first headline, advertising a certain guaranteed amount, we always look into playthrough requirements. Are wagering requirements unrealistic? Is this bonus player-friendly or will you end up with a lot of money in your account but without a chance to ever actually touch it?

The next thing we look for are special rules and restrictions. For example, some casinos will give out what may seem like a generous bonus but will put so many restrictions in place that your playing experience will be severely hindered. If there are too many restrictions, this can also be a cue that the casino is not very keen on paying out. Complicated and unclear rules are usually a red flag that you’re not dealing with the best casino offers.

One of the most important details, usually found in the fine print of terms & conditions, relates to how much a player is actually allowed to withdraw when it is all said and done. Some casinos will remove the bonus amount and leave you only with the winnings; others will limit how much you are allowed to cash out based on the size of your initial deposit.

The whole point of this online casino guide is to help players find the most reliable and highest value, best casino offers on the market. Of course, the best option for one player doesn’t necessarily have to be the best for the next one.

Bonus Offers Criteria in a Nutshell:

  • How much bonus money does a player receive?
  • What is the minimum deposit required to trigger the bonus?
  • Are playthrough requirements realistic?
  • Is bonus deducted upon withdrawal?
  • Are players restricted from too many games?
  • Does bonus money come into play immediately?
  • Can you withdraw your deposit without affecting the bonus?
  • Are all requirements explained clearly and concisely?
  • How much is a player allowed to withdraw in the end?
  • Is support helpful in addressing your bonus-related queries?


Further Criteria of the Best Casino offers

Apart from looking at bonus-related matter, we always try to look at the bigger picture as well. There is more to an online casino than just their bonus offer and that’s something that can be easily forgotten. Not at, however, as we try to look into everything: what casino games are offered, how good is the support in dealing with customer questions and issues, are there many complaints floating out there, etc.

Understanding the importance of an overall picture, every online casino bonus comparison is based on so much more than just a bonus. There isn’t much point in taking a tempting offer from a casino that is not regulated properly. The odds are, they won’t be around for too long. Likewise, if many customers are complaining about being cheated out of their money through the bonus, it is something worth looking into. A few complaints are fine, but when they start to pile up, it is usually a sign something is really not right.




Is Your Money Kept Safe?

Every online casino is licensed in some way, but not all licenses were created equal. Certain licenses simply carry more weight and can reassure players that their money is kept safe. For example, casinos licensed by the UK Gambling Commissions are usually among the most trustworthy ones because these are not issued lightly. The operator really needs to prove they meet the necessary requirements in terms of fairness and funds segregation before they are issued this license.

On the other hand, there are licenses that can be obtained by nearly anyone who applies. Casinos boasting these dodgy approvals are usually the ones to be particularly careful about. A place of business that decided to cut corners when looking for an approval is more often than not a warning signal.


Overall Reputation

Is the Operator Reliable?

Most casinos that have been in business for some time have built up a certain reputation. Sometimes it is a good reputation, at other times not so much. Gathering players’ input from our site and from other relevant places online, we make sure that players get full information before depositing.

If there are serious indications of breaches of trust of different kinds, combining the previously mentioned alongside other factors, the casino cannot be ranked well. Only operators with a clean sheet deserve their place among the best.



To Claim Your Online Casino Bonuses

If there is one thing that speaks heaps about an online casino, that’s how they treat their customers’ withdrawal requests. If withdrawals take forever and players have to navigate a bunch of obstacles to get to their money, there is no way this casino will rank high in our online casino bonus comparison.

Even the best online casino bonuses out there are not enough for a players to risk trusting their money to an operator that shows propensity to hold players’ deposits hostage. Unless there is real, clearly explained reason, players should always have a prompt and unrestricted access to their funds.


Game selection

Will You Find Your Favourites?

Although not every casino must offer all the games that exist, game selection is a very important criterion in our rating process. As a rule of thumb, more is usually better, provided the overall package is quality.

Those casinos that offer a selection of slots from various manufacturers combined with other table games you can use your bonus money on will usually receive extra points.



Is the Support Team Competent and Friendly?

Online casinos can be confusing places at times. That’s why it is of the utmost importance for their support teams to be up to the challenge and always available to both new and existing players. Operators whose support teams only cater to new players until they deposit money will not be ranked that high in the casino bonus comparison, regardless of their other offers.

Experienced players know that the best casino is not necessarily the one with the best bonus offer, but the one with the best overall package. Customer support is critical in this. Simply put, casinos that don’t care for their customers the way they should are not the ones that deserve to be recommended. Even if they are not up to anything dodgy, this lack of respect and disregard for players must be reflected.


The Best Strategies

Our extensive casino strategy section offers useful advice and insight to help players navigate the world of online casinos. Often, these strategies are focused on the best ways to take the full advantage of different bonus offers. The strategy section covers some of the most popular online casino games like slots, blackjack, and even online bingo.

The idea behind this section is, once again, to provide value for our players to find the best online casino bonuses. We are on your side because we are casino players ourselves. If you ever find yourself needing some slots tips & tricks, they are always just a few clicks away. Below is the selection of some of our top strategies.


Casino Vouchers Comparison: Understanding Bonuses

This casino bonus comparison so far focused on important characteristics of online casino bonuses. But novice players often don’t quite understand casino bonus codes and what these promotional offers are all about. This section will try to offer answers to some of the most common questions and give some additional insight into our online casino bonus comparison.

There are certain questions that seem to always pop up when discussing online casinos and casino bonuses. These questions usually have to do with how bonuses work, why they are offered, and who gives them. Players, especially less experienced players, are often perplexed by the idea of a casino giving away free money. Some of them even believe that these offers are some kind of a trap, so we will try to answer some of these questions and put their mind at ease.

1. What forms of casino bonuses exist?

Casino bonuses are mostly divided into two main groups: no deposit bonuses and deposit bonuses. No deposit bonuses are given by the casinos, usually as a reward for new players registering an account, giving them a chance to look around and see what the casino has to offer. Sometimes they are issued as free money and sometimes as free slot spins.

Deposit bonuses are given to players who deposit money and these are usually more generous than the free money offers. Among these, the best casino offers are usually first deposit or welcome bonuses which incentivize players to fund their casino account and start playing. After this, there are different bonuses available on subsequent deposits, but these are usually lower.


2. How high is the casino bonus normally?

The value of a casino bonus can vary significantly. Most often, casino bonuses for first time depositors are somewhere in the 100% – 200% region. So, players depositing £20, for example, could expect to receive something in the region of £20 – £40 in free money. Sometimes, there will be a better offer available depending on a casino or a casino bonus code available to player.

Once a player is done with their welcome bonus, they may or may not be offered a bonus on their second, third, and subsequent deposits. One common trait of these offers is that they get gradually smaller in most cases. So, for example, the second deposit bonus offer is usually 60% – 70% of a deposited amount, third deposit bonus can be around 50%, etc. On occasion, players are given a special casino voucher which can grant them higher bonuses “out of turn.”

3. What are the bonus conditions?

When a player is issued a bonus, they are given a certain amount of free money to play with. However, this money does come with certain conditions. One of the most important conditions to be aware of is the so-called playthrough or wagering requirement. What this means is that players can only withdraw the bonus and any winnings claimed using the bonus after they had used the money to place bets a certain number of times. For example, if a player receives a £10 bonus with 30x playthrough, they need to place £300 in bets before they are allowed to cash out.

Other bonus conditions can involve certain games being restricted, disallowing particular “low-risk” betting strategies, and other things which are deemed as “bonus abuse” by the casino. Prior to claiming any online casino bonus, a player should read and fully understand the bonus conditions.


  • Bonus Type: 100% Deposit bonus
  • Requirement: 25x
  • Maximum Bonus: £100
  • Except: Blackjack, Roulette
  • Cashable: Yes
  • Extra Offerings: 100 free spins

4. Who gives the bonus?

Most often, bonuses are given by the casinos. The operator will add an extra amount to player’s account as a reward for registering a new account, for making a deposit, or for being a loyal customer.

On rare occasions, bonuses are also given by affiliates, either on their own or in cooperation with casinos. When going through an affiliate, players are usually required to use special casino coupons to confirm they are coming from the particular affiliate and wish to claim their bonus.

5. Why do casinos pay bonuses?

In brick & mortar casinos, players are treated to free food and drinks, they are occasionally given a casino voucher to use on games of their choice, and high rollers are often offered flights, accommodation, and more. None of this, save for the vouchers, exist in the world of online casinos.

Thus, to attract new players and keep the old ones, online casinos must come up with offers they are able to provide. These offers are usually realized as bonuses. Instead of a free meal or free drinks while you are playing, the casino gives you some free money to enhance your gaming experience. Casino bonuses are simply promotional tools used to bring new players abroad and keep the old customers happy. There are no other secrets behind it. Players want free stuff and casinos must give them away to stay competitive. It is as simple as that.

6. Are online casino bonuses worth it?

As described earlier on this page, casino bonuses do come with certain restrictions and requirements. That makes some player wonder if these bonuses are even worth the bother, since you are usually not allowed to cash out while playing through the bonus. The answer to this question is not simple.

The best way to put it is: sometimes they are. This depends on many factors, but primarily on playthrough requirements imposed by the casino. If the playthrough is low enough, a bonus can actually decrease the casino’s edge slightly. If it is too high, the bonus does become nothing more than an obstacle as you almost stand no chance to meet these requirements.

7. What are good playthrough requirements?

Although this can vary as well, generally speaking anything between 25x and 30x the bonus amount (alone) constitutes a decent offer. Anything under this number is a great bonus in terms of playthrough requirements and, if other conditions are met, this is something definitely worth looking into. Casinos don’t come up with these really awesome offers that often but when they do, they are definitely worth seizing.

On the other end of the spectrum are bonuses with extremely high requirements. When a player is required to play through the bonus 50x+ or is imposed a requirement of 45x the total amount (bonus + deposit), this is not an offer to get overly excited about. It can still be nice for someone simply looking to play, but these types of bonuses don’t actually increase your edge at all.