Stargames Casino Bonus Code 2022

£100 Promo Code & Sign Up Bonus


Stargames Casino is the casino you’ve probably never heard of but wish you had! This casino brand is innovative and intent on doing things a bit differently, something that is easy to tell from their website which is modern and fun, a refreshing change from all the more serious online casino gaming and sports betting destinations. Interestingly enough, the Stargames brand is not really that new, enjoying an online presence since 2002.

The Stargames Casino was launched in 2007 by parent company Europe Entertainment Limited and is licensed and regulated by the Malta Gaming Authority. The brand has an interesting idea of how bonus offers and their wagering requirements should work and it is another facet that sets this casino slightly apart from the rest. For more information about this brand, please feel free to read our in-depth Stargames Casino review.


Stargames Casino In The United Kingdom:

Gaining Momentum

Stargames Casino enjoys a strong presence and popularity in the UK thanks to its innovative approach to gaming and casino bonuses. The Stargames Casino website is fresh and will appeal to younger players who prefer a more relaxed and laid-back look and feel. The casino is still not as well-known as it should be but this is changing and, since its launch in 2007, the casino has garnered a very strong following of players who love how the brand approached the usual and often boring subject of bonus conditions.

Stargames Casino also offers a sportsbook via its sports tab and players can access all betting and gaming options including the sportsbook, poker, and live casino with a single user account. The website colors of mostly blacks with subtle highlights are also sophisticated and aesthetically appealing to long sessions of online casino gaming or sports betting. UK players can enjoy full customer support in English as well as being able to play all games for fun (demo mode) or for real money.


100% Up To £100 deposit

For Your Favourite Game!

Stargames Casino is offering all new players to the casino a 100% match on their first deposit up to £100 to play on their favorite game. The match bonus is paid immediately upon successful registration of a new account and does not require any additional Stargames Casino voucher to be activated. Currently, this offer is the only one on Stargames Casino but once players have registered and received their bonus, they are offered more unique member-only promotions. Additional offers are also not subject to any other Stargames Casino bonus code entries.


Our Video:

Learn How To Cash In Your Bonus

Getting the Star games Casino voucher is very simple and the entire process can be completed in just a few minutes. To make things even easier, we’ve put together this fun little how-to video just for you. After watching, you’ll be able to cash in your unique Stargames Casino bonus like a pro!

Bonus Cash In:

  • Go to the Stargames Casino website and sign up for your own player account. The sign-up process is super easy and once you click on the sign-up button you only need to fill in a few important personal details.
  • Confirm your account details by checking your email inbox ad finding the email from Stargames Casino, simply click on the link provided to confirm your account.
  • Log back into your brand new player account and make your first deposit. To do this visit the casinos’ payments page, choose your preferred payment method, click on it and fill in the amount, etc. you can choose to deposit any amount as long as it’s more than the minimum £10. You also don’t need a Stargames Casino bonus code to get this offer!
  • Click on your favorite game and start playing because the unique Stargames Casino bonus is automatically generated to be in your account the second that you complete a successful deposit! The entire process is so simple and the best thing about it is you can get it without the need to look for any Stargames Casino promo code offers on other websites! Just register, deposit, and play!


Stargames Casino Bonus:

A Good Offer for Low-Risk Betting

The Stargames Casino bonus is a great offer and is perfect for first-time players at the casino. The offer of a 100% match up to £100 with no Stargames Casino bonus code is the perfect amount to be able to easily deal with the required bonus conditions that come with ever casino bonus offer.

The Stargames Casino approach to bonus conditions (play-through conditions) is also quite unique and very different to the way that other online casinos do things. Stargames Casino believes in presenting new ways of doing things and this will definitely appeal to players looking for something new.

We’ll get into these unique bonus conditions a little further into this article, in the meantime check out our cool top 5 casino bonus comparison table which is great if you want to compare bonus offers before making your final decision.


Stargames Casino

Bonus Terms

Stargames Casino is really into making things more unique than other online casinos and this is probably the main reason why this casino is becoming more and more popular with new online casino players.

As you can no doubt tell from the above table, Stargames Casino does not work with the standard system of wagering requirements to meet the bonus + deposit but instead gives its payers up to 6months to gather the Bonus Points needed to unlock the bonus for withdrawal. The casino includes slots as part of the games that count toward the bonus points but do not include any casino table games, live casino games, poker, or sportsbook bets.


Stargames Casino Bonus Payout:

Be in the Know

Stargames Casino has created a slightly different sort of system for their bonus payout.

On the surface the Stargames Casino bonus doesn’t seem that out of the ordinary, a 100% match on your first deposit up to 100% up to £100. There are, however, a few interesting things to note about this bonus and the bonus conditions attached to it. The first thing to take note of is that you don’t need an additional Stargames Casino promo code in order to get this bonus offer, you just need to deposit a minimum of 10 EUR into a newly registered player account.

The bonus clearing conditions are quite a bit more interesting though. Unlike other online casinos that expect a 20x, 30x or 40x (or more) wagering requirement in cash wagers, Stargames Casino give you up to six months to accumulate bonus points. These bonus points are directly proportional to the amount that you wager, which is up to you.

The idea is to collect 100x the value of your deposit in Bonus Points, after which the casino will convert your bonus into withdrawable cash. This is a more interesting approach to the normal bonus condition system and quite a bit more fun too.

Once you have unlocked your bonus you can decide how to withdraw it by choosing a payment method from the ones that Stargames Casino includes. You should choose the same method that you used to make your deposits with, this makes it easier for the casino to process and may even make it faster for you to get your payment out.

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Bonus payout: The most important facts

Most popular methods

Most popular payment methods: We recommend choosing either PayPal, NETELLER, or credit/debit cards to facilitate a smooth transaction. While Stargames Casino does not carry PayPal, they do offer NETELLER as well as a range of credit and debit card options. You can also use a bank transfer which is safe but will take a bit longer.

Important tip: Also note that PaysafeCard cannot be used for withdrawals at all.


Tips & Tricks: Best Ways To Unlock Your Bonus

Unique tips and tricks you can use to unlock Stargames Casino’s bonus:

Generally, every online casino bonus has several bonus conditions attached to it and there are always ways and means by which you can make your life easier when it comes to unlocking your bonus faster. While Stargames Casino’s bonus conditions may be a bit different from the conventional set of bonus conditions, you can still use most of these cool tips and tricks to unlock your Stargames Casino bonus faster.

Know the games

Stargames Casino offers a wide range of games to choose from to suit all types of preferences. While this is fun you need to know which games are going to give you those special Bonus Points that you need. The quicker you can accumulate your Bonus Points, the better!

Read the terms and conditions

This may seem obvious but in the case of a slightly unconventional casino like Stargames casino, it certainly helps. Stargames Casino doesn’t have the same bonus conditions but instead works on a Bonus Points system. You need to accumulate 100x your deposit in Bonus Points to unlock the bonus for withdrawal which is very doable!

Work out your bets ahead of time

The Bonus Points that Stargames Casino awards you are directly proportional to your wager amount. It is a good idea therefore to work out your wagers ahead of time. Only wager what you can afford to at the time, this way you will be able to stay in the game a bit longer and get your Bonus Points to accumulate accordingly.


Common Player Errors:

Avoid Making These Frequent Mistakes

Now that you know more about the Stargames Casino bonus terms, it may be time to learn about one or two common mistakes that many players have been guilty of in the past at Stargames Casino. While some of these mistakes are just plain silly, some of them are taken very seriously by online casinos and, even if you aren’t guilty of any of them, it is a good idea to know what they are in order to avoid them.

  1. Requesting an early payout: Here is a mistake that will see you lose your bonus and anything that you made instantly! The mistake in question is requesting a payout (withdrawal) from the casino before your specific wagering requirements have been completed. In this regard the response from online casinos is universal – they will remove your bonus from your account, along with any winnings that you have accrued since those winnings were accrued through the use of the casinos’ bonus money. Best way to avoid this from happening: don’t ask for a withdrawal until you are 100% certain that all of your bonus conditions have been met!
  2. Not knowing the games contribution to playthrough: Not playing the right casino games to meet the bonus conditions. This mistake can be classified as silly and unnecessary since all of the information needed is right there in the casinos’ terms and conditions section. In the case of Stargames Casino, the game contribution percentages work a little differently. Since they use a Bonus Points system, percentages don’t matter. The way they work it is some games count and others don’t. Stargames Casino does not count live casino games, any poker games, and any sports betting as part of the Bonus Points system.


Stargames Casino Bonus In Action:

Grabbing Your Money

The Stargames Casino bonus offer is one of the easiest and one of the fastest bonus offers to cash in. all that you need to do is follow a few basic steps and, hey presto! The bonus is yours!

Here are the steps that you need to follow in a simple step by step guide:

1. Go to the casinos’ website and click on the image that is advertising Stargames Casino’s bonus offer. Once you have read through what the bonus offer is all about and, have read the basic terms and conditions of the offer, click through if you are happy with it and want to join the casino.

2. Here is where you will have to register for a new player account. You need to have an account so that you can make a deposit and get the bonus offer. The registration is very fast and all you really need is your name, email address, password, and phone number. You will also have to probably go back to the email address that you submitted with your registration to verify your account details.

3. Once you have followed the link that the casino sends you to verify your email address and account details, it will be time to log back in to your new player account. This is where you can decide on which payment method you want to go with (tip: use the same one for deposits as you want to use for withdrawals later)

4. Once you have decided on the payment method that works for you, you can decide how much you want to deposit to get the bonus money. The minimum deposit amount in this casino is £10. Enter the amount in your banking form, you also do not need to know any specific Stargames Casino bonus code numbers to qualify for the bonus offer.

5. Get ready to use your account for the first time. If you like you can verify that the bonus money has indeed been paid in to your account, although the casino does state that this process is automated so it should already be there waiting for you!

So as you can see, the process in practice is really very simple and quick and only takes a few minutes to complete before you are paying your first Stargames Casino game!


Bonus rating:

Our Final Thoughts

What we think of Stargames Casino’s bonus offer: Definitely worth it! Stargames Casino is most certainly cut from a different cloth and is trying to do something more unique than the usual, run of the mill online casino.

The casino looks cool and modern and will definitely appeal to anyone new to online casino gaming or to those looking for something new and unique. The website colors are perfectly minimalist; with mostly black and some highlight colors thrown in. this is perfect for long, late-night casino gaming sessions.

The casino games are also great, with many awesome games to choose from and the bonus amount that you get, along with the cool Bonus Points system wagering requirement make this one of the best casinos to sign up with. Check out our Online Casino Comparison page to find different bonuses that vary to the Stargames Casino offers.