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How to play Bingo explained in 3 Mins | Learn how


Bingo has been one of the favorite pastimes among adults across the world, especially in America for many decades now, with people visiting Bingo halls for socialization, entertainment and a chance to win valuable rewards in a game of mental acuity and presence. With all gambling games going online over the course of the last twenty years, it is no surprise that most online gambling operators now include Bingo as a part of their offer.

But what exactly is it and how to play Bingo? These are the questions that no doubt spring to mind of those who are not yet familiarized with the game, which is why we are bringing you this Online Bingo rules summary, teaching you Bingo game rules. Keep reading to learn how to play Bingo and visit the Bingo Terms page to learn all the terms you need to understand to play the game before you learn the Bingo rules for beginners.

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More and more online gambling operators are integrating Bingo into their online casino offering. With so many different operators to choose from it can be difficult to pick the site where you should play Bingo which is why we bring you this Top 5 Online Casino Comparison for the game of Bingo:

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Bingo Rules

A Game Of Acuity And Concentration

While many other live casino games require no skill, mental presence or even actual physical presence at the machine, Bingo requires all of these things. You could easily start up one of hundreds of Slots available across the casino floor, set up auto play and sip on your drink and chat with friend, then come back and see if you won something.

Bingo on the other hand requires you to track the numbers as they are called, then call Bingo when you finally hit the winning pattern. If you fail to claim your Bingo, you will not be awarded your winnings, so you will have to be mentally sharp and immerse yourself into the game if you are to stand a chance at winning even after you have learned how to play Bingo.


Online Bingo on the other hand takes this element out of the picture for the most part, as most online Bingo sites will auto dub the numbers for you and even if you choose to daub the numbers manually, a winning Bingo card will still be awarded the winnings if you hit Bingo, no matter what.

This makes online Bingo somewhat less exciting and competitive than live Bingo as you will not have to worry about missing numbers nor will you be able to count on other people missing their Bingo hits. Online Bingo is much more of a classic gamble and a waiting game, but can still be a very fun and exciting game.


Game Types

¿What´s yours?

Most online Bingo sites offer several different variations of the game of Bingo. The three most popular versions are certainly the good old 75 Ball Bingo, the relatively new 80 Ball Bingo and the UK favorite 90 Ball Bingo. As the names suggest, the games differ mostly in the number of balls used, but some other rules vary as well.

  • 75 Ball Bingo: Is the most common version of the game. The cards in 75 Ball Bingo have 5 columns with 5 rows each, each of the columns representing one of the letters of the word B-I-N-G-O. There are 24 numbers on each card, with the middle field left empty. For each round of the game, a random winning pattern is selected and the players seek to daub all the numbers within that pattern on one of their cards. The first player to fill up the winning pattern is the winner.
  • 80 Ball Bingo: This game was literally invented by the online Bingo operators and is not really played in live Bingo halls. The game is played with cards called Shutter Boards which have 4 columns of 4 rows each without any empty spaces. 80 Ball Bingo allows for more patterns than the 75 Ball Bingo and with more numbers in play, the game becomes even more exciting.
  • 90 Ball Bingo: The cards in the game of 90 Ball Bingo contain 9 columns and 3 rows. Tickets are sold in batches of 6, with each card containing a total of 15 numbers, five for each row. In total, every number is repeated only once per batch of 6 cards which means you will be daubing once for every number called out. Winning patterns in 90 Ball Bingo are First Line, Second Line and Full House, making the game much simpler and allowing you more time to focus on the chat.

The Winning Patterns

Let´s the game begins

The point of every game of Bingo is to daub all the numbers of the winning pattern on one of your bingo cards. The game begins with players purchasing their Bingo cards and each card contains a set of numbers, which varies depending on the type of game you are playing. A 75 Ball Bingo card for instance will contain 24 numbers.

A winning pattern is than chosen, often in the shape of a letter or any other shape. On each card, the player keeps track of the numbers within the winning pattern, hoping to daub all the numbers on one card, allowing him to call Bingo.

The winning patterns in live Bingo are usually kept very simple, so as not to overcomplicate things, while online, various random patterns are chosen and you can choose if you even wish to daub your own numbers or allow the computer to do that for you.

Whether the autodaub feature is on or off, you will still be awarded your prize once you hit the winning pattern on one of your cards, whether you daubed the numbers or not. This makes things much simpler for the players and allows for easier play and a lot more time to focus on the social elements of the game, which most players play Bingo for.

The Prizes

Things to remember…

Prizes in online Bingo vary, but the thing to remember is that Bingo is not a game played for high stakes and most players are in it for the social element more than any gambling interests. Many online Bingo sites allow players to play Bingo free, while participation in some Bingo games will require you to purchase Bingo cards for real money.

In games with real money cards, the price of the cards will usually not be very high and the prizes will be several dozen pounds on average. This way you know you are playing for something, but you are not asked to gamble away lots of money on a game of chance. Rather, the social element of the game is emphasized and you are encouraged to socialize with other players and simply have fun. Still, if you want to do more than just have fun at the Bingo games, make sure you check out our Bingo Tips and Tricks and learn how to make the most of the game of Bingo.


Manual v Automatic

Live casino games make you stay sharp and on your feet as you are required to constantly keep track of numbers called and daub them on your cards yourself. This means if you are to stand any chance of winning the prize, you will have to keep alert at all times.

Online Bingo on the other hand does not require this, but players are still allowed to daub manually if they so choose. For many players, the mental exercise that comes from keeping constant track of the numbers called is what the game is all about, while others would prefer not to have to do it and be able to focus on socialization only.


For those players, online Bingo allows for the Auto Daub option, which automatically daubs the numbers on your cards as they are called and lets you enjoy the other elements of the game more fully. Remember, no matter if you are manually or automatically daubing, once one of your cards has a winning pattern completed on it, you will win the prize and the game will end.

Bingo Bonuses

In Online Casino

Like most other casino sites, the sites that offer online Bingo will usually award the players with a welcome bonus worth a certain percentage of their deposit. While regular casino sites often award 50% or 100% of the player’s deposit, online Bingo sites have been known to give as much as 300% deposit bonuses to every new player.

If you are looking for online Bingo bonuses, make sure to check out our Casino Bonus Comparison page, where you can find many great bonuses for Bingo and other casino games.


Play Bingo to Make Friends, Win Prizes and Enjoy The Fun

When it comes to the social element, Bingo is probably the best online gambling game out there as it is one of the few that allows and literally the only one that actually encourages players to meet each other and become friends. Now that you have learned all the bingo rules for beginners, you may want to actually win some money playing the game of Bingo, so make sure you visit our Bingo Strategy page and follow the strategies we promote.

You can join one of the many online Bingo sites today and start buying cards, winning prizes and meeting new people from across the world in the exciting and fun Bingo chat rooms. Now that you know the Bingo Game rules, you are ready to start joining Bingo games so start playing and enjoy the fun.