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For the most part, Online Bingo is a social game, designed for players to have fun and enjoy chatting, socializing and making new friends. Be as it may, Bingo is still a game played with real money stakes and as such, it is one where you will want to win some money if you can.

This tips and tricks page is designed to provide you with the best tips for Bingo that will help you become the best Bingo player you can be and win on a more consistent basis, thus having more fun and not having to spend too much of your own money to enjoy the charms of online Bingo.

Five quick and simple bingo tips:

  • Buy multiple cards
  • Use casino bonuses
  • Understand the games
  • Take advantage of jackpots
  • Have FUN!

The Best Tricks To The Game Of Bingo

So let us get into it. What are the best tips we can give you to go from zero to hero at Bingo and fully master the game? Here are the top 10 tips that we chose to share with you as we believe they are the most important points to make in regards to online Bingo:

  1. Know Your Game: Get to know bingo inside and out.
  2. Check The Winning Pattern: Learn to spot patterns before it’s too late.
  3. Daub Manually: Understand what the Daub mentality is.
  4. Check The Tote Board: What is the tote board and how can you use it?
  5. Buy Multiple Cards: The more you buy, the higher your odds.
  6. Use The Bonuses: Increase your playable funds.
  7. Enjoy The Chat: Make friends and join the community.
  8. Join Multiple Operators: Experience the thrill of multiple operators.
  9. Limit Your Play: Stay in control of your spending.
  10. Have Fun: Remember, it’s all about enjoying yourself!

Know your game, check winning patterns and use the Daub mentality

  • Know Your Game: As we already mentioned, there are multiple Bingo games to be played online. From 75 Ball Bingo to 90 Ball Bingo, different Bingo games have different cards, rules and winning patterns, and it is very important to know what game you are playing before you go into it. After all, what’s the fun in playing a game you don’t even understand. The rules of various Bingo games can usually be found on the operator’s site, so go ahead and check those out before you start a game.
  • Check The Winning Pattern: Once you join a game of online Bingo, you will select how many cards you wish to purchase and once the games is ready a winning pattern will be randomly selected. The pattern will be marked on your cards, but if you plan to manually daub you will need to keep good track of it as it will help you daub the important numbers on your cards and ignore the rest.
  • Daub Manually: Online Bingo sites will always pay you your prize when one of your card holds the winning pattern, whether you daub manually or automatically. However, daubing is half the fun in Bingo and quickly checking each of your cards for the called number, daubing it on those cards that hold it and doing so before the next numbers is called is not only great fun but also quite good for your mental health as playing a few games per day this way will keep you mentally sharp as you will be using your brain instead of just sitting there doing nothing. You don’t have to worry about missing the numbers or calling Bingo so just enjoy it.

Check the tote board, buy multiple cards and use bonuses

  • Check The Tote Board: If you missed a few numbers to go to the toilette or open the door, that’s alright. The Tote Board holds all the numbers that were called to that moment, so you can easily catch up by checking the last few numbers and searching for them on your cards. Tote Board is there to help you not lose track or fall behind the game and while the game will award you whether you catch the numbers or not, you can do this as another form of mental exercise.
  • Buy Multiple Cards: Bingo is quite a simple game of odds and numbers. The more cards you purchase, the bigger chance you will have of actually completing the winning pattern on one of your cards. Online Bingo sites allow you to purchase dozens of cards at once which would be impossible to keep track of in a live Bingo hall, so if you want to feel like the main man in a game and have some fun with it in the chat, feel free to buy as many cards as you want.
  • Use The Bonuses: Online Bingo operators award their players with as much as 500% in deposit bonuses on their initial deposit, which means you may end up playing with 6 times as much money as you deposited when you sing up to a new site. Check for Bingo bonuses in our Casino Bonus Comparison page before you start playing and make use of them to increase your bankroll and maximize your chances of winning and increase your playing time for the money invested.


Enjoy chattering, join multiple operators, limit play and remember to have fun!

  • Enjoy The Chat: The social element of Bingo that comes through the chat window is one of the most important parts of the game of online Bingo and a big part of the reason so many players play online Bingo. Once you get comfortable in an online Bingo room, feel free to try and make some friends, chat with other regulars and enjoy the social part of the game. After all, Bingo is not a big gambler’s game and social interaction is the name of the game.
  • Join Multiple Operators: While there may only be one live Bingo hall close to your home, limiting you to playing there, online world offers dozens of Bingo sites which you can join with just a few strokes of your keyboard. What is more, each of the sites offers not only different games and Bingo rooms but also additional bonuses, free money offers and promotions which means you will be awarded in cash for joining multiple Bingo operators.
  • Limit Your Play: Online Bingo players can get carried away and spend hours playing. Avoid getting too immersed into the games as it may harm your real life. Bingo is there for fun so treat it as such. For most fun, it is usually best to play a few games and then go do something else. This way you can neither lose much money nor get too frustrated with not hitting Bingo or with other players. Treat the game as entertainment it’s meant to be.
  • Have Fun: The absolute most important Bingo tip we can give you is to remember to have fun! Bingo is all about having fun and enjoying yourself so instead of worrying about how much you can win, what other players are doing or how long it’s been since you last had a winning card, remember to enjoy the thrill of waiting for your numbers to be called, enjoy the chat and banter with other players and simply let go of any negative feeling toward the game or its players.



Make Use Of Our Bingo Tips & Tricks

Overall speaking, you could say that most of our Bingo tips & tricks boil down to pretty much the same and you would probably be just about right. With the online game of Bingo being so simple and easy to play, you won’t really have to do too much strategizing. With that in mind, is there any plan better than one that involves having the maximum amount of fun while playing the game? We don’t think so! However, you should still check out our Bingo Strategy section to find out how to make most of the game of Bingo financially.

We believe the best way to have a great time playing online Bingo is to do everything you can to have fun, from manually daubing your own numbers to shuffling through different games, buying multiple tickets to increase your chances of hitting Bingo and of course socializing and chatting with fellow players.

If you follow these few simple Bingo tips for beginners, you will be much more likely to have the best time possible playing online Bingo and if it is Bingo tips to win at the game you are looking for, than our best tip is to make full use of the bonuses and promotions offered at the various operator sites across the internet as more money to play with will easily give you a better chance of winning.



Our Best Tip Is To Enjoy The Game

If you ask us to give your our Blackjack Tips or Slots Tips, we will have quite a few strategic thoughts for you, including tips and tricks that are guaranteed to better your bottom line. With Bingo, there is simply very little you can do other than use promotions to your advantage to improve your chances of winning.

That said, all Bingo players are playing on level terms and since you are not playing against the house, there is no house edge in Bingo. This means that you don’t have to worry about being ripped off and you can simply enjoy the various social and other aspects of the game meant to give maximum entertainment value and keep you busy and not bored throughout the day and with the use of our free Bingo tips, you may just end up winning!

Our single best Bingo tip is to try and have maximum fun while playing the game as that is what Bingo is all about. Not sure where to play Bingo? Check out our Online Casino Comparison page to find the best online casinos that offer Bingo.