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Aliens Slot Review



If Slots Were Movies…

Ever since they started creating slot games, NetEnt have always done an amazing job in both the gameplay and the graphics department. What they did with Aliens, however, is beyond amazing. In collaboration with 20th Century Fox, the makers of the Alien movie, NetEnt have come up with a video slot that plays so much different to most other slots, that we can safely say that you have never experienced anything as exciting in a casino game in your life.

On the basic level, Aliens is a 5 reel, 15 payline video slot that lets players play from anywhere between £0.15 per spin to £150 per spin, making it available for your average Joe and the high stakes sharks alike. The slot can of course pay through regular paylines, with Wild symbols appearing on the board and multipliers being introduced as you play, but the real money does not hide on the basic Level 1 of the game.

To get to the big wins you will need to enter at least Level 2 and preferably Level 3. We will explain the multiple Levels in further text, but in the Aliens game they serve as a substitute to the Free Spins you would get in many other games.

  • Coins: € 0.01 – 1
  • Max. Coins: 1
  • Max Odds: 150
  • Jackpot 1: 90000 Coins
  • Jackpot 2: 45000 Coins
  • Wildsymbol: Yes
  • Scattersymbol: No
  • Gamble: No
  • Multiplier: Yes
  • Prog. Jackpot: No
  • Bonus Features: Wild Symbol, Re-Spins, Multipliers, Levels


The paytable of Aliens looks like a monsters encyclopedia
15 paylines available in Aliens
Use the Wild symbols to connect multiple paylines

Best Aliens Slot Casinos Online

Aliens is one of the most popular NetEnt slots and one offered by most casinos that offer NetEnt games. That said, we did check multiple casinos out to find the best Aliens casino for you and we have compiled a list of best casinos that offer the game. To play Aliens online, simply pick any of the Aliens casinos from the list and sign up.

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Rules Of Aliens Slot

Symbols and Betting

The slots rules of how Aliens works can be a bit intimidating even to experienced slots players. This is because the game is quite unlike any other slot out there. The game itself is split into three levels, called The Search, The Encounter and The Hive.

During The Search, you will be paying to spin the reels every time. Every time you activate a payline, the symbols in it will appear in the Alien Activity Meter, increasing the multiplier for the symbols in question and bringing you closer to The Encounter. You will need to get at least a few consecutive wins to enter The Encounter, which can be a little tricky in Aliens

The Encounter begins once The Alien Activity Meter is full. At this point you make the encounter with the Aliens and the Aliens’ equivalent to Free Spins Begins. For this level, some really awesome animations and graphics were made to keep you on the edge. You will be going through the symbols from the lowest paying to highest paying, with three of the current symbol appearing on the middle line, and the reels spinning, some win being guaranteed. You will then have to go through an ammo reload round which is pure chance, but if you can last long enough you will earn quite a bit of cash and enter the final Hive phase.

During The Hive, it will be your objective to destroy the Queen in what will be quite a complex game for a slot. During this phase, you will be throwing grenades at the Queen which will cause it random damage and random multipliers will be appearing on the screen between x1 and x10. If you can survive the encounter, you will be awarded money according to the health remaining in your Health Bar.


Choose among the 15 available paylines
Connect the bigger Aliens for major payouts
Fill up the Alien Activity Meter and start Level 2


alien egg alien egg

The five lowest paying symbols in Aliens slot are small fledgling Aliens. The absolute lowest paying symbol is just an alien egg. This symbol will pay 5 coins for a combination of three, 15 coins for four and 30 coins for five on an active payline. The symbol also comes stacked and does not trigger any Bonuses or Free Spins.

the simple egg the simple egg

The next alien fledgling looks a bit more mean than the simple egg and pays a bit more as well. Three will still pay 5 coins, four will pay 15 coins, but five on a payline will pay 40 coins. The symbol also comes stacked and does not trigger any Bonuses or Free Spins.

horrible and scary Alien horrible and scary Alien

Another step up the paytable and another horrible and scary Alien. This one pays 5 coins for three, 15 coins for four and 50 coins for five on an active payline. The symbol also comes stacked and does not trigger any Bonuses or Free Spins.

spider spider

This spider like monstrosity is the penultimate of the small aliens in this game, paying 5 coins for three, 20 coins for four and 60 coins for five on a payline. The symbol also comes stacked and does not trigger any Bonuses or Free Spins.

the lesser aliens the lesser aliens

The least of the lesser aliens, this nasty little thing will pay 5 coins when three are found on a payline, 20 when four and 70 coins when five of these symbols are on the same payline. The symbol also comes stacked and does not trigger any Bonuses or Free Spins.

the bigger and nastier Aliens the bigger and nastier Aliens

Moving further up the paytable, we find the bigger and nastier Aliens. The first one in dark blue color pays 15 coins for a combination of three, 50 coins for a combination of four and 100 coins for a combination of five, for a significant increase over the lesser aliens. The symbol also comes stacked and does not trigger any Bonuses or Free Spins.

humanoid alien humanoid alien

Next alien on our paytable is a mean and dangerous looking humanoid alien, with some pretty sharp looking claws. Get three of these on a payline and win 20 coins. A combination of four will pay you 75 coins while a full line of them will pay 150 coins. The symbol also comes stacked and does not trigger any Bonuses or Free Spins.

green monstrosity green monstrosity

This green monstrosity is a real threat for our marine, and not one you encounter too often while hunting. When you do manage to see three on a payline, you will get 25 coins. Four will pay 100 coins, while a full payline will award a total of 300 coins.

powerful aliens powerful aliens

One of the most powerful aliens out there, this yellow beast spells trouble from a mile away. It is among the highest paying symbols in the game, paying 30 coins for a combination of three, 125 for four and 500 coins for a combination of five on a payline. The symbol also comes stacked and does not trigger any Bonuses or Free Spins.

lucrative lucrative

The most lucrative symbol on the paytable in Aliens is a red and very menacing alien that could instill fear even in the most hardcore of horror movie fans. If you can get three of them on a payline, you will be awarded 30 coins, 150 coins for four and a nice round 1.000 coins for five on a payline. The symbol also comes stacked and does not trigger any Bonuses or Free Spins.

The Weyland-Yutani Corp The Weyland-Yutani Corp

The Weyland-Yutani Corp logo is the Wild symbol in this game. It can substitute all the other symbols and can appear on reels 2-5 in the basic game and anywhere on the reels in level 2. The important thing to note in Aliens is that it’s all about the multipliers and making it into the level 2, where you get to keep all the multipliers from level one and level 3 where you get to combat The Queen and win the huge jackpot.

The Betting

There are 15 paylines over five reels on the Aliens slot. The player is not obligated to play all the lines and can choose the lines he wants to play. The minimum bet per line on most casinos is £0.15 and the maximum bet per line is £150. This means the minimum total bet comes up to £0.75 and the maximum comes to £750.

  • Min. Bet0.15 £ min. bet / payline
  • Max. Bet150 £ max. bet / payline

The Paytable and Aliens Slot Free Spins

The entire Aliens paytable features 10 symbols in Total, all of them representing a different type of Alien, from fledgling ones, to the kind we saw in the cult movie The Alien, which the game was made by. The paytable is fairly simple to understand but here are the few basic things to remember:

  • Hit rate in Aliens slot is somewhat low
  • Every hit will add some multipliers
  • Every symbol gets its own multipliers
  • Fill up your Alien Activity Meter to advance

While there are no classic Aliens Free Spins in the game, you will be able to advance to The Encounter and The Hive phases, where you will pay nothing to play and you can win the big prizes. These levels are a substitute for Aliens Free Spins. Here are a few basic tips to keep in mind for these levels:

  •  Each spin activates a payline with 3 symbols
  •  Multipliers from level one are carried over
  •  Keep your ammo clip full and advance to level 3
  •  Kill The Queen to win the big bucks

Game Video

Ok, so we get that the Aliens slot is really confusing and hard to understand, which is why we bring you this Aliens instructions video. Check out the video and you should get a hang of how the game works and how to play Aliens online after watching it. If the video is still not enough, your best bet will be trying the game for free at one of the Aliens Casinos.

If you still don’t quite get the game, feel free to try it with play money:

  •  Select a casino from the list
  •  Register for a free account
  •  Find the Aliens slot
  •  Select practice mode

Animation And Graphics

When it comes to graphics, Aliens is probably the finest slot out there. The game was made entirely in a video game style, with levels 2 and 3 looking more like a first person shooter videogame than a video slot. The basic game is also really well made graphically, with some pretty awesome symbols on the board and a generally really innovative and impressive layout.

The animations in the Aliens is again more like a video game, with scenes of actual guns blazing at the Aliens, making you really feel like a major player in the game and a real badass as your marine kills off all the atrocious beasts. Even the basic graphics and animation were created with fine detail clearly in mind and once again NetEnt have excelled at what they do, this time with some help from the real masters at 20th Century Fox.


Level 2 activates a winning payline on every spin


Exciting FPS like graphics in Level 2


Recharging the weapon, like a true marine

The Payout Rate

The official payout rate of the Aliens slot is 96.4%, a very solid rate for modern day slots. The only problem you may encounter with Aliens is that it will require a substantial bankroll, being quite a high variance slot with many spins awarding nothing and all the real money coming when you reach levels 2 and 3, which takes time and patience.

Still, in the long run the slot will pay as much as the next and if you get a little lucky and enter level 3, you will be guaranteed quite a payday no matter what happens in your combat against The Queen.

The most important information about Aliens

  •  A very different Video Slot in a positive way
  •  A very solid Payout Rate of 96.4%
  •  Multipliers can increase your chance of winning.

Mobile Availability

As is the case with most NetEnt games, Aliens is available for play on mobile platforms. While the game may be more enjoyable on a bigger screen, with all the animations and graphics to look at, we are quite sure that a bus ride will be more entertaining with some Aliens running on your mobile. With some luck, you may even kill The Queen by the time you reach your destination and have your trip all paid for.

Aliens on all Devices


Be A Superhero Today and Win Major Jackpots

The Aliens is one of the most exciting slots we have had a chance to review. With so many exciting features, huge money to be won in the end and a whole storyline to go through, Aliens really feels more like playing a modern day first person shooter than a video slot, which can be really great when you are just looking to unwind.

The only slight downsides of Aliens are the facts that the game is high variance and kind of slow for some people’s taste, but if you enjoy getting the most fun for your money you will find Aliens to be a fantastic game.

You can start playing Aliens right now by picking an Aliens casino from our list, registering and taking full advantage of the generous welcome bonuses our partners have in store for you.