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Although the world of slots has changed significantly with the invention of video slots and other advanced games, there is a certain part of players who still enjoy playing good, old classic slots.

They may be very simple and straightforward, but there is a certain appeal to them that makes them a choice of many even in this modern-day and time. Usually, with only three reels and up to five paylines, they lack the fancy features of some other online slots. But, it is exactly that simplicity that makes them attractive, especially for old school players who transitioned to online casinos from their brick & mortar counterparts.

Video Slot Pros & Cons:

    • Very simple and straightforward
    • Have a certain traditional feel to them
    • Can be played very quickly
    • There is nothing on the screen distracting you from the game
    • There are not that many exciting audio and visual effects
    • Bonus features and games are very limited and simple
    • Classic slots can be very volatile

Play Classic Slots All information and payout rates

There are significant differences between classic online slots. We listed every important information, so especially new player can have a good impression.

  1. Classic Slots Pros & Cons
  2. Selection of the best Classic Slots Online
  3. Play Classic Slots How & Why
  4. Classic Slots Explained Beauty of Simplicity
  5. How They Work
  6. Software and Features
  7. Slots and Strategy
  8. Best Classic Slots

Classic Slots

Pros & Cons

The biggest appeal of playing classic slots resides in the simplicity and speed of the spins. These are slots as they were meant to play initially: fast, furious, and without distractions. These games are great for squeezing in many spins in a short time span and the results will usually be obvious very fast. You either win big or you don’t win at all.

Therein, however, lies their negative side as well. It seems that classic slots don’t care too much about entertaining the player with anything else other than the prospect of that big win. Modern-day players are often used to nice and exciting bonus features and slots that pay on numerous lines, keeping in the game for a while.

These slots can run through your bankroll in a blink of an eye. You may hit a few smaller wins here and there but, in the end, if you don’t find one big combination relatively fast, you risk being reduced to zero in a quick fashion. For this reason, these slots will not be to everyone’s taste. They cater more to players who are all about action, winning and losing, and don’t care too much about decorations or just hanging around.

Selection of the Best Classic Slots Online

If you are looking to play classic slots online, we have come up with a selection of the best online casinos where you can do so. These casinos offer great playing conditions and a big selection of classic slots, so you should feel at home with them.

Regardless of which classic games you are after, you should be able to find them all on one of these casinos. So, take your pick and enjoy the best classic slots online experience.



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Play Classic Slots

How & Why

Modern day players often connect the word classic with something old and outdated. In a lot of cases, and particularly when it comes to slots, this is not true. If anything, these slots are stylish and a bit nostalgic, if you will, returning us to some past, simpler time of casinos.

For various reasons, players may prefer classic slots. The older generation of players is used to them and know exactly what to expect. Some of them are even annoyed by all the fuss of new slots; too many sounds and lights for their tastes. On the other hand, some new players take liking to classic slots as well. Because they are rather simple, steady, and reliable they may appeal to newcomers more than the next generation games where there is so much to keep track of.

96% Payout Classic Slot

Twin Spin utbetaling2

Twin Spin has a payout rate of 96%

Classic Slots Explained

Beauty of Simplicity

Classic slots are simple to play and easy to understand. By deciding to play classic slots, you are opting for a type of game that doesn’t have many hidden surprises and is very easy to follow. Some may find this boring, but for others, this is the way slots should be.

For the most part, these slots only have three reels and between one and five pay lines. Compared to sometimes very complicated video slots, classic slots can be really relaxing. You won’t have to strain your eyes attempting to figure out if you’d hit on one of 50 available lines.

Sizzling Hot

Quasar Gaming offers Sizzling Hot in multiple variations

How They Work

In the olden days of brick & mortar casinos, there was no software running behind the scenes. The frequency of certain symbols was established by weighing them so to become heavier than the other symbols. Of course, classic slots online use Random Number Generator (RNG) to determine the outcome.

Slots rules are somewhat different. While you could choose to play dozens or even hundreds of lines on a video slot, your selection will be much more limited on classic slots. You will hardly find a game that has more than five pay lines and, in most instances, you will be playing between one and three.

For this reason, the minimum bet per line will usually be higher and you won’t get paid nearly
as often. With so few lines that can actually pay you, you can expect many empty spins before you eventually find a decent combination. If the reels do stop in favourable positions, however, you will be in the line for a truly big payday.

Software and Features

While the software running in the background is pretty much the same for all casino games (i.e. the RNG making sure the games are fair), in all other aspects classic slots are much simpler. You won’t find many special features or bonus games if you play classic slots online. A few bonus games that are offered are usually very simple and consist of free spins or special sticky symbols. Also, if you are the type of a player who enjoys playing progressive slots, then you probably won’t find what you are looking for with this game type.

Occasionally, manufacturers like iSoftBet will come up with solutions that combine the best from both worlds, offering their players old-school three-reel slots featuring some cool bonus games traditionally only found in video slots. These hybrid slots do extend the appeal of classic games dressed in new clothes as they appeal to different types of audiences simultaneously.

Other well known classic slots manufacturers include the industry leaders Playtech and Microgaming. These companies, although famous for their exciting video slots, don’t leave anything to chance and try to cater to all types of players.

Slot Game Features

  • Autoplay
  • Free spins
  • Multiplier
  • Bonus rounds
  • Progressiv
  • Mobile

Classic Slots and Strategy

As far as the slots strategy considerations go, classic slots are probably not the best choice. Because of the usually bigger minimum bet and way fewer pay lines, classic slots online can be very volatile. This is not to say that you can’t win with them, but it may take many more spins and you could end up draining your bankroll rather quickly.

Unlike video slots, these games are not meant to have you up and down for long periods of time. You will usually run through the money quickly until you hit that one big line, paying a considerable win. If you really want to play classic slots, the best strategy advice we can offer is to visit our casino bonus comparison page and find a decent bonus. You will most certainly need a nice boost to your bankroll to allow for more spins and more chances to hit big.

Best Classic Slots

Let us now move to the part that usually interests players the most. What are the best classic slots online? Although this is usually very individual, there are certainly some games that seem to be players’ favorites.

  • Sizzling Hot (5 reels)
  • Double & Triple Diamond Slots
  • Fantastic Seven
  • Lucky 7s

Many of these games can be found at various places online, but since some of these games are a bit outdated, it can be tricky finding them all in one place. Visit our online casino comparison guide to find out what casinos have which games on offer and figure out where your money will be best spent.

Casino comparison for video slots

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2. PlaceUp to £1500 welcome package
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3. Place200% Up To £50
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4. Place100% up to £100 + Extra Spins
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5. Place100% up to £200
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Go Classic or Not?

Players who already favour classic slots don’t have to ask themselves this question. For the rest, however, it may seem like these games don’t have that much to offer. It is true that classic slots are rather simple and will not provide you with as much fun but that is, at the same time, their allure. The best answer would be that these slots are not for everyone. Try them out for yourself and see if you like them. After all, having fun while playing should be your number one concern.