Dead or Alive Slot Review 2022

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Dead or Alive Slot Review

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Dead or Alive slot is a game designed for those of us who enjoyed the old Western movies. Set in the world of cowboys, sheriffs and outlaws, the entire vibe of this game will take you back a few hundred years through history into a much simpler time when the bald European explorers dared make the first steps into the American west.

The slot is designed as a 5 Reel video slot with 9 paylines, with the best paying symbols all motivated by the wild west iconic images such as sheriff’s star, a cowboy’s gun, spurred boots and hats. There is no progressive jackpots in this one, so you will be playing straight up, spin by spin, hoping to catch the bonus feature, which we will discuss in more detail in this Dead or Alive review.

The big wins in Dead or Alive come from either getting lots of Wild symbols in normal spins or finally triggering the Free Spins feature which awards players 12 to 29 Free Spins with all wins doubled. What is more, Wild symbols become sticky during the Free Spins, meaning they will keep their place throughout the spins, which can lead to potentially huge paydays.

  • Coins: € 0 – 0
  • Max. Coins: 0
  • Max Odds: 0
  • Jackpot 1: 1500 Coins
  • Jackpot 2: 0 Coins
  • Wildsymbol: Yes
  • Scattersymbol: Yes
  • Gamble: No
  • Multiplier: No
  • Prog. Jackpot: No
  • Bonus Features: Free spins and scatter symbol


Play 9 paylines across 5 reels and four levels
Play 9 paylines across 5 reels and four levels


Wild Symbols replace all others
Wild Symbols replace all others


The Dead or Alive Paytable
The Dead or Alive Paytable

Best Casinos To Play Dead Slot or Alive Online

Dead or Alive is a NetEnt slot as we already mentioned, meaning you will want to play it at NetEnt casinos. We have compiled for you a list of five casinos where you can play Dead or Alive slot right now, with a simple registration and deposit that will take a few minutes at worst.

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Rules Of Dead or Alive Slot

Symbols and Betting

You can choose to bet anywhere between £0.01 to £0.50 per line on each of the nine lines. Additionally, you can play Dead or Alive on one of the four bet levels, making the maximum bet per spin £18 in total. The paytable remains the same whatever you bet, with no extra wins for those who make bigger bets, as the coins are simply multiplied with the paytable. Detailed Dead or Alive slot instructions when it comes to symbol values can be found below.

Ten     Ten

As usual with video slots, numbered symbols pay the least and are the most common. The Ten symbol in Dead or Alive pays 2 coins for three Test, 10 coins for four Tens and 25 coins for five Tens. The Ten symbol does not trigger any Bonuses or Free Games.

3x = 2 coins

4x = 10 coins

5x = 25 coins

Jack     Jack

The next on the paytable is the J, or Jack. 3 Jacks pay 2 coins, 4 Jacks pay 10 coins and 5 Jacks pay 40 coins. The Jack symbol does not trigger any Bonuses or Free Games.

3x = 2 coins

4x = 10 coins

5x = 40 coins

Queen     Queen

The Q or Queen symbol is next up in Dead or Alive, paying 4 coins for three Queens, 12 coins for four Queens and 50 coins for five Queens. The Queen symbol does not trigger any Bonuses or Free Games.

3x = 4 coins

4x = 12 coins

5x = 50 coins

King     King

The King is next in value in this slot. You will be awarded 5 coins if you get three Kings on one payline, 15 coins for four Kings on a payline and 75 coins for five kings on an active payline. The King symbol does not trigger any Bonuses or Free Games.

3x = 5 coins

4x = 15 coins

5x = 75 coins

Ace     Ace

The Ace is the strongest number symbol in the game, paying more than all other numbers. Three Aces on an active payline will pay 10 coins, four Aces will pay 20 coins, while five Aces on any payline that you are playing will pay 100 coins, for quite a win. The Ace symbol does not trigger any Bonuses or Free Games.

3x = 10 coins

4x = 20 coins

5x = 100 coins

Glasses     Glasses

The first symbol inspired by the cowboy’s way of life in the game is a two glasses of scotch, the favorite drink of the cowboys. If you can connect three Glasses on an active payline, the game will pay you 10 coins. Collect four Glasses and get 50 coins, or 200 coins for five Glasses on one active payline. The Glass of Scotch symbol does not trigger any Bonuses or Free Games.

3x = 10 coins

4x = 50 coins

5x = 200 coins

The cowboy boots     The cowboy boots

The cowboy boots are representative of every cowboy out there and were worn by many in the wild west. The spurred boots are next up on the paytable, paying 12 coins for a combination of three, 60 coins for four and 300 coins for five on a payline. The Boots symbol does not trigger any Bonuses or Free Games.

3x = 12 coins

4x = 60 coins

5x = 300 coins

The hat     The hat

If you say cowboy I say hat. Another common part of the cowboy’s apparel was certainly the hat, worn to protect from heat and add some style at the same time. Three Hats pay 15 coins, four Hats pay 75 coins and five Hats on an active payline will pay 400 coins in total. The Hat symbol does not trigger any Bonuses or Free Games.

3x = 15 coins

4x = 75 coins

5x = 400 coins

The penultimate     The penultimate

The penultimate symbol in value in the game of Dead or Alive is the holstered cowboy gun, Revolver. Revolvers were carried by the good guys and the bad alike in wild west and a good revolver was a symbol of status in America of the time. Three Revolvers will pay you 20 coins, four will pay 100, while five Revolvers on an active payline pay 750 coins for a major win. The Revolver symbol does not trigger any Bonuses or Free Games.

3x = 20 coins

4x = 100 coins

5x = 750 coins

The strongest     The strongest

The strongest normal symbol, just like it was in the wild west is the Sheriff’s Star. Sheriff was the main man in town, to be feared and respected back in the old west. Three Stars on a payline will pay you 20 coins, four will pay 125 while five Sheriff’s stars will pay an astounding 1.000 coins at once. The Sheriff’s Star symbol does not trigger any Bonuses or Free Games.

3x = 20 coins

4x = 125 coins

5x = 1000 coins

The outlaw     The outlaw

The only people who ever stood up to the sheriff in the old west were the Outlaws. This is why the Outlaw Wanted symbol is the wild symbol in this game as every outlaw of the west had a few wild cards to play. The Outlaw symbol replaces all other symbols in the game, except the Scatter, giving you a chance to connect multiple paylines at once. If you can connect multiple Wilds at once, you will be paid 25 coins for three, 150 coins for four and 1.500 coins for a line of five wilds. In the Free Spins, the Wild symbol becomes sticky, holding in place for the duration of the Free Spins.

3x = 25 coins

4x = 150 coins

5x = 1500 coins

The Scatter     The Scatter

The Scatter symbol in the game of Dead or Alive is represented by two revolvers and three bullets. The wild west was famous for gunfights, made even more common in the Hollywood representation of things and these revolvers represent the two opposing sides, the law and the outlaws fighting to death. Scatters don’t need to be on an active payline to pay. Two Scatters anywhere on the board pay 2 times total bet. Three Scatters pay 4times total bet, four pay 25 times total bet, while five scatters on the board will pay the game’s biggest single win of 2.500 time the total bet.

Additionally, the Scatter symbol activates the Free Spins feature. You will be awarded 12 Free Spins whenever three or more Scatters appear, and for the duration of these spins all Wilds will become sticky, staying in place and paying during the remaining spins. If you can get one Wild on every reel, you will be awarded 5 additional Free Spins. With all the wins doubled and the Wilds being sticky in the Free Spins, the Free Spin feature can be extremely lucrative and is probably your main objective when playing Dead or Alive.

2x = 2x bet

3x = 4x bet

4x = 25x bet
5x = 2500x bet

The Betting

There are 9 paylines in Dead or Alive and players can choose to bet anywhere between £0.01 and £0.50 per payline. You can also play on four different levels of the game, making the maximum total bet per spin £18, which is relatively low for video slots, but very sufficient for most players, apart from high rollers.

  • Min. bet0.01 £ min. bet / payline
  • Max. bet18 £ max. bet / payline
Empty spins do happen in Dead or Alive
Empty spins do happen in Dead or Alive


Multiple paylines can pay at once
Multiple paylines can pay at once


Play all paylines for best chance at a win
Play all paylines for best chance at a win

The most important information about Aliens

  •  A very different Video Slot in a positive way
  •  A very solid Payout Rate of 96.4%
  •  Multipliers can increase your chance of winning.

The Paytable and Dead or Alive Slot Free Spins

Like most video slots, Dead or Alive has includes a number of symbols, with the lower half consisting of letters and numbers 10, J, Q, K and A and the top half being made up of wild west motivated symbols. Here are a few important tips to remember about the paytable:

  •  Wild west symbols pay best
  •  Wanted Poster is Wild
  •  Three or more scatters trigger free spins
  •  Wilds are sticky in the free spins

The biggest hope of every Dead or Alive player is to trigger Dead or Alive free spins. They are started when three or more scatter symbols appear on the board and these are the rules:

  •  You can win 12 to 29 Free Spins
  •  The Free Spins wins are doubled
  •  Wilds are sticky during the Free Spins
  •  Free Spins can be re-triggered

Game Video

Still finding it confusing to understand just how Dead or Alive works? That’s alright, we are here to help. The video below will explain exactly how to play the game size up your bets and understand the paytable. If you are just curious, watch the video for detailed Dead or Alive instructions, with no strings attached:

If you want to try Dead or Alive for free first, here is what to do:

  •  Pick a Dead or Alive Casino
  •  Download the app or visit the Casino
  •  Locate Dead or Alive in the software
  •  Choose Practice Money instead of Real Money

Animation And Graphics

Dead or Alive is somewhat of a rustic slot, yet not one lacking in solid graphics. Being a NetEnt slot, you could expect the graphics to be pretty solid, as graphical design is certainly one of NetEnt’s strong sides. The graphics in Dead or Alive are fairly simplistic, yet modern and smooth. You can be sure that the graphical elements of this game will not disappoint you.

As far as the animation goes, there are no advanced animations in the game, but the spins are fast and smooth and the animations related to expanding wilds and Free Spins are quite well made. On top of this, the audio part of things makes the game very enjoyable to play with fun background music and sounds of old west accompanying your every spin and each win you get. Our Dead or Alive review proved that graphically, the game can be awarded quite a few points.


Attractive design of wild west motivated symbols
Attractive design of wild west motivated symbols


Sticky Wilds are the biggest winners
Sticky Wilds are the biggest winners


Multiple maximum paying lines possible in Free Spins
Multiple maximum paying lines possible in Free Spins

The Payout Rate

Dead or Alive features a 96.8% payout rate which is reasonably high for a video slot. In fact, this is among the higher payout rates in the industry. You can expect to get this amount back over the long run, but in the short run the variance may go either way and with the number this close to 100 you will have quite a few winning streaks where you may end up winning a ton.

Such high payout rate makes the slot very lucrative to play and with all the features involved and so many ways to win cash, you just know you will have a fantastic experience playing Dead or Alive from the comfort of your home.

Dead or Alive slot summarized

  •  An exciting Video Slot
  •  High Payout Rate of 96.8%
  •  Free spins and scatter symbol


2 Coins
10 Coins
25 Coins


2 Coins
10 Coins
40 Coins


4 Coins
12 Coins
50 Coins


5 Coins
15 Coins
75 Coins


10 Coins
20 Coins
100 Coins


10 Coins
50 Coins
200 Coins

The Cowboy Boots

12 Coins
60 Coins
300 Coins

The Hat

15 Coins
75 Coins
400 Coins

The Penultimate

20 Coins
100 Coins
750 Coins

The Strongest

20 Coins
125 Coins
1000 Coins

The Outlaw

25 Coins
150 Coins
1500 Coins

The Scatter

2x bet
4x bet
25x bet
2500x bet

Mobile Availability

NetEnt casinos are famous for providing quite a high number of games on mobile platforms, and Dead or Alive is one of their most popular games. This means you will be able to play Dead or Alive online from your mobile devices at quite a few casinos.

Whether you choose to run Dead or Alive slot on your desktop computer, laptop or a mobile device, you can expect a very enjoyable and smooth experience with solid graphics, great payouts and simple gameplay.



Smooth and Simple, Yet Very Lucrative

Dead or Alive is one of the finest slot machines on the internet, and one that NetEnt is very proud of. On top of being very simple to play and graphically pleasing, the game is actually very fun to play and can award the players in more than a few ways, featuring a very high payout rate and numerous ways of winning money.

We recommend giving Dead or Alive a shot if you haven’t done so already as the game is guaranteed to be an enjoyable experience for just about any player. The fun wild west theme of the game is something anyone can enjoy and relate to in one way or another when they play Dead or Alive online.

If you need are still unclear on the Dead or Alive instructions, go back and watch our Dead or Alive review video and learn how to play before picking one of the many Dead or Alive casinos.