Great Blue Slot Review:

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  • Software Playtech
  • Rolls 5
  • Paylines 25
  • Game Free Games No
  • Jackpot Game Yes
  • min. Stak e0 € per pay line
  • max. Stak e0 € per pay line
  • Coin Area 1 – 10

Great Blue Slot Review

Underwater themed video slot at its best

Playtech is renowned for creating innovative and interesting themed slots and this beautiful aquatic-themed slot is certainly no different. Great Blue slot, as the name suggests, celebrates both the vastness and the splendour of life under the seas in a stunning and fun 5 reel and 25 pay-line video slot. Our in-depth Great Blue review will guide you through all the special features and bonus rounds that this slot has to offer.

Playtech has added their aquatic magic to every aspect of the game with all game icons bubbling and moving with the currents. This themed 5 reel video slot will certainly appeal to fans of underwater adventures and aquatic-themed games. Game symbols include all the little creatures one would expect to come across on an underwater adventure and they include a seahorse, a starfish, a shark, a killer whale and various other aquatic creatures, designed not only to entertain you but also make you lots of big shiny clams too!

  • Coins: € 0.01 – 5
  • Max. Coins: 0
  • Max Odds: 0
  • Jackpot 1: 10000 Coins
  • Jackpot 2: 0 Coins
  • Wild symbol: Yes
  • Scatter symbol: Yes
  • Gamble: No
  • Multiplier: Yes
  • Prog. Jackpot: No
  • Bonus Features: Free spins and scatters symbols

Great blue video slot

Great Blue Video Slot-A cool underwater themed adventure

Great Blue paylines

Great Blue pay lines-Activate up to 25 pay lines

slot win

Great Blue win on activated pay lines

Best Casinos To Play Great Blue Slot Online

If Great Blue piques your interest in the life aquatic, especially after taking a look at our wonderful in action game screenshots, then we have just the right Great Blue casino offerings for you. Choose one of our top 5 recommended casinos, each one has been hand-picked based on a number of critically important factors including our all-important user votes.

User votes are provided by real players just like you who have voted on a number of important online casino factors including customer service, great bonus offers, fast payouts and a safe and secure playing experience. We only consider online casinos that our real-world players have voted yes too. We then add this to our own in-house team of highly experienced online casino experts to offer you nothing but the very best online casinos to choose from.

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Rules Of Great Blue Slot

Symbols, betting

In the following sections, we examine the Great Blue video slot in much more detail, covering all of the most important aspects including the all-important game symbols and their function or meaning and their respective value in the game. We also take a closer look at other important and key casino features and options including paytable details, bonus rounds and how they are triggered, mobile availability of this particular slot and much more.

We also give our own thoughts and expert opinions about the game and include an interesting and informative video, illustrating the gameplay as it happens. The result is an in-depth analysis that will allow you to make a far more informed decision on whether to try Great Blue for yourself or to give it a miss altogether. You can also play the game for free at any one of our recommended online casinos listed on this page. This will allow you to try the game at absolutely no risk to your own bankroll.



Great Blue Killer Whale
Killer whale

Perhaps appropriately enough, the Wild Symbol in Great Blue slot is a killer whale, one of the most magnificent creatures inhabiting the deep oceans and a true symbol of wild freedom. The killer whale wild symbol can be substituted for any other symbol to make killer winning combos! The killer whale wild also doubles wins that he is a part of and the only symbol that he can’t substitute for in the game is the games Scatter Symbol.

  • The shark and the sea turtle (three same symbols)

2x = 10 coins

  • The shark and the sea turtle (three same symbols)

3x = 250 coins

  • The shark and the sea turtle (four same symbols)

4x = 2500 coins

  • The shark and the sea turtle (five same symbols)

5x = 10.000 coins


Great Blue Pink Shell

Pink shell

The beautiful and rare pearl in the pink shell is the games Scatter Symbol and getting three or more of these to show up across the reels will trigger the bonus game. The pearl scatter symbol does more than just that however and this cool and beautiful symbol will also net you 500 coins if you land 5 of them in a row across a single pay line. Getting two or more scatters anywhere on the 5 reels will also earn you free spins, up to 33 depending on the number of scatters you happen to get. The scatters also come with a multiplier which can climb as high as 15 times the winning total.

  • The shark and the sea turtle (three same symbols)

2x = 2 coins

  • The shark and the sea turtle (three same symbols)

3x = 5 coins

  • The shark and the sea turtle (four same symbols)

4x = 20 coins

  • The shark and the sea turtle (five same symbols)

5x = 500 coins


Great-Blue The Happy Yellow Fish

The happy yellow fish

The happy yellow fish swims around the ocean and every now and then will reward you with up to 800 coins if you manage to net five of them in a single spin and across a single pay line. What’s more, if you land a wild within the winning combo you get double the rewards of up to 800 coins for getting five in a row (five of a kind) or two hundred coins for getting four in a row and forty coins for getting three in a row.

  • The happy yellow fish (three same symbols)

3x = 20 coins

  • The happy yellow fish (four same symbols)

4x = 100 coins

  • The happy yellow fish (five same symbols)

5x = 400 coins


Great Blue The Shark  Great Blue The Sea Turtle

The shark and the sea turtle

On the Great Blue paytable, the shark and the sea turtle are grouped together, we’re not sure how the turtle feels about it but we do know that both of these symbols will reward you with up to 750 coins for getting five of a kind, and if a wild is in the mix you can expect double rewards of up to 1500 coins.

  • The shark and the sea turtle (three same symbols)

2x = 2 coins

  • The shark and the sea turtle (three same symbols)

3x = 25 coins

  • The shark and the sea turtle (four same symbols)

4x = 125 coins

  • The shark and the sea turtle (five same symbols)

5x = 750 coins


Great Blue The Seahorse  Great Blue The Starfish

The seahorse and the starfish

The seahorse and the starfish are also grouped together in a much more amicable and mutually agreeable existence. You will be happy to know that these two comfortable bedfellows will give you up to 250 coins for a five of a kind combo and up to 500 when a wild is part of the winning combination.

  • The seahorse and the starfish (three same symbols)

3x = 15 coins

  • The seahorse and the starfish (four same symbols)

4x = 75 coins

  • The seahorse and the starfish (five same symbols)

5x = 250 coins


Great Blue A  Great Blue K

The ace and the king

The ace and the king symbols are at the top of the pool of the lesser paying minor playing card symbols and will both reward you with 150 coins for a five of a kind and double that to 300 coins when the game’s wild symbol comes to the rescue.

  • The ace and the king (three same symbols)

3x = 10 coins

  • The ace and the king (four same symbols)

4x = 50 coins

  • The ace and the king (five same symbols)

5x = 150 coins


Great Blue Q  Great Blue J  Great Blue 10

The queen, jack and ten

Once again in Great Blue symbols are grouped together and this time it is the queen, jack and ten playing card symbols. Any one of these three symbols is worth 100 coins for a five of a kind combo and 200 coins if you get a wild to complete the picture.

  • The queen, jack and ten (three same symbols)

3x = 5 coins

  • The queen, jack and ten (four same symbols)

4x = 25 coins

  • The queen, jack and ten (five same symbols)

5x = 100 coins


Great Blue 9


Last but not least, the final game symbol in Great Blue is the nine playing card symbol which is worth 100 coins if you get a five of a kind combo. The wild symbol will also double this combo and you can get a maximum possible total of 200 coins.

  • Nine (two same symbols)

2x = 2 coins

  • Nine (three same symbols)

3x = 5 coins

  • Nine (four same symbols)

4x = 25 coins

  • Nine (five same symbols)

5x = 100 coins

The Betting

Great Blue offers very flexible betting options which will suit any playing budget and allow the maximum amount of fun and entertainment too. This is not a progressive game so there is no need to play the game on a max bet to get the full-featured version and the maximum jackpot of 10,000 coins. The smallest coin value in the game is 0.1 ranging up to a maximum of 5.00. The minimum amount of coins per line is one going up to the maximum of ten. This makes the minimum bet 0.01 and the maximum bet 1250 coins. This fantastic Playtech video slot will suit a wide range of players but is particularly well suited to players who enjoy a medium to low volatility slot with small and steady payouts.

Min. bet5 £ min. bet / payline
Max. bet10.00 £ max. bet / payline

The Paytable and Great Blue Slot Free Spins

The Great Blue paytable instruction offers great insight into how the game is structured with groups of equal value symbols making it easier to reference during the game. For your convenience, we have listed all the game symbols here along with their value and wild symbol combination value. The bonus game is also clearly indicated and consists of a scatter symbol-triggered free spins bonus round with up to 15x multipliers on winning scores. The free spins round can also be re-triggered an infinite amount of times.

Game Video

Check out this fun and informative video which shows all the action in the game that you too can expect to find when you play Great Blue online at one of our recommended casinos. In the video, you can see how the free spins bonus round works as well as how free spins are awarded and the possible wins that they can produce. The video also gives a very clear indication of how the action and gameplay work as well as the quality of sound and animation.

  • Ready to dive in and play Great blue free spins online? Simply follow these easy steps:
  •  Choose a Great Blue casino from our top 5 list or visit our in-depth casino reviews page to get more info
  •  Once you are sure of your selection, simply click through to the casino’s homepage via our safe and secure links
  •  Sign up with the casino and add all required data, this process rarely takes longer than five minutes to complete
  •  Remember that you can play Great Blue for free to see how you like it
  •  If the game suits you and you feel ready then simply deposit some money to play for real money
  •  Get a cool deposit bonus when you make your first deposit, remember to visit our bonus review page to see what options are currently available

Animation And Graphics

Great Blue is a fun non-realistic (in a good way) type of video slot that offers fun character icons and a cool underwater background that is subtly animated. The soundtrack is the perfect accompaniment of underwater sounds and cool fun music. While the graphics may not blow everyone out of the water, we think they suit the game perfectly and are a lot of fun.

The Payout Rate

Slots Return to Player (RTP) is a very important aspect of the game and it tells you what you can realistically expect to get out of the game, the higher the RTP percentage the better. In the case of Great Blue, the return to the player is 94.3% which is a bit on the low side. This is not necessarily a bad thing as the game is also a frequent payer and will best suit players looking for a fun game that is also a nice little earner.

  • The most important information about Great Blue:
  •  A very good looking Video Slot
  •  A bit low Payout Rate of 94.3%
  • Free spins allow you to win money without a risk involved

94% Payout rate

  • Nine

2 Nine = 2 Coins
3 Nine = 5 Coins
4 Nine = 25 Coins
5 Nine = 100 Coins

  • The Shark and The Sea Turtle

2 Shark or The Sea Turtle = 5 Coins
3 Shark or The Sea Turtle = 25 Coins
4 Shark or The Sea Turtle = 125 Coins
5 Shark or The Sea Turtle = 750 Coins

  • The Happy Yellow Fish

3 Happy Yellow Fish = 20 Coins
4 Happy Yellow Fish = 100 Coins
5 Happy Yellow Fish =400 Coins

  • The Seahorse and the Starfish

3 Seahorse or The Starfish = 15 Coins
4 Seahorse or The Starfish = 75 Coins
5 Seahorse or The Starfish = 250 Coins

  • The Ace and The King

3 Ace or The King = 10 Coins
4 Ace or The King = 50 Coins
5 Ace or The King = 150 Coins

  • The Queen, Jack and Ten

3 Queen, Jack or Ten = 5 Coins
4 Queen, Jack or Ten = 25 Coins
5 Queen, Jack or Ten = 100 Coins

  • The Killer Whale

2 Killer Whale = 10 Coins
3 Killer Whale = 250 Coins
4 Killer Whale = 2500 Coins
5 Killer Whale = 10.000 Coins

  • Pink Shell

2 Pink Shell = 2 Coins
3 Pink Shell = 5 Coins
4 Pink Shell = 20 Coins
5 Pink Shell = 500 Coins

Mobile Availability

Great Blue video slot is available on mobile and looks great on the majority of newer generation mobile smartphones and tablet devices. The easiest way to play this slot on mobile is through one of our casinos offering the game on mobile. Playtech is well-known for its mobile gaming technology and Great Blue loose and passes like a dream.

great blue mockup


Impressive Graphics and Gameplay

While Great Blue is not the best-looking video slot that Playtech has ever produced and the Return to Player rate is quite a bit lower than most other video slots in the same class, we still think that Great Blue is a lot of fun and certainly worth a few spins at one of our recommended casinos. The gameplay is quite simple and there are some great opportunities to walk away (or swim away) with some nice chunks of underwater treasure! The game also features a great gamble mode for that extra bit of fun and excitement. The gamble feature is simple and all you have to do is choose between red and black, get it right and double your money, get it wrong and lose it all! This game is fun and will appeal to fans of the more classic sort of video slots look as well as fans of underwater themes.