Mega Moolah Slot Review:

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  • Software Microgaming
  • Rolls 5
  • Paylines 25
  • Game Free Games No
  • Jackpot Game Yes
  • min. Stake 0 € per pay line
  • max. Stake 0 € per pay line
  • Coin Area 0 – 125

Mega Moolah Slot Review

Take a Mega-Jackpot trip to the African Savanah!

Mega Moolah progressive jackpot slot from Microgaming is more than likely the single most talked about progressive jackpot slot game in the history of online slots. The game was released in 2006 and has gone on to create more than a dozen instant millionaires in that time.

The game really caught the attention of progressive and video slot players everywhere when it made it into the Guinness Book of World Records for the highest payout in history when a British soldier won a whopping £13.3 / €17.9 Million of off just a single 75p bet! What’s more, he won that while playing the game on his mobile device. So it just goes to show, you can change your life overnight while just passing the time on your lunch break!

The game offers excitement in every way including the potential to win a massive payday off not just one but four total jackpots within the game! The game features awesome African safari sounds and graphics and is one of the most entertaining progressive games that Microgaming has ever produced. Besides aiming to bag one of the four mega-jackpots, players can also take down a smaller trophy with the non-progressive jackpot max total of 225,000 coins. That’s a pretty good day’s hunting we’d say!

  • Coins: € 0.01 – 0.05
  • Max. Coins: 0
  • Max Odds: 0
  • Jackpot 1: 225000 Coins
  • Jackpot 2: 0 Coins
  • Wild symbol: Yes
  • Scatter symbol: Yes
  • Gamble: No
  • Multiplier: Yes
  • Prog. Jackpot: Yes
  • Bonus Features: Free spins, scatter symbol and wild symbol

Mega Moolah Table 1

Mega Moolah –A thrilling African adventure

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Rules Of Mega Moolah Slot

Symbols, betting

Playing Mega Moolah Progressive slot is not only fun it’s also really easy to get into. Our in-depth guide will reveal every aspect of the game, showing you how to get the most out of your own Mega Moolah adventure! We take a look at the symbols used in the game, what their individual value is, how they work together and what you need to do to get to the all-important jackpot round!


Mega Moolah Lion

Lion Wild

Mega Moolah features some really cool African savannah-inspired symbols. Besides making the game more fun and exciting, each symbol has a specific meaning and function in the game, let’s take a look at each so you know what to look out for:

The lion is the wild symbol in Mega Moolah and can be used to substitute all other symbols with the exception of the scatter symbol to make easy winning combinations. The number of Lion Symbols on an active pay line will determine the number of coins you get:

  • Lion Wild (two same symbols)

The Lion wild symbol will get you 15 coins if you hit the symbol two times in the same line.

2x = 15 coins

  • Lion Wild (three same symbols)

With a count of three same Lion Wild symbols, you will get 125 coins.

3x = 125 coins

  • Lion Wild (four same symbols)

Four same symbols are quite rare. If you are lucky enough to hit the Lion Wild symbol four times in a row you will get 1500 coins.

4x = 1500 coins

  • Lion Wild (five same symbols)

For five same symbols, you will receive an enormous amount of 15000 coins!

5x = 15000 coins

Mega Moolah Monkey Scatter Symbol

Monkey Scatter

The Monkey is the game’s Scatter symbol and serves as the trigger for the bonus round. If you manage to get 3 or more Monkey Scatter Symbols you activate the 15 free spins bonus round in which all wins are also multiplied. The number of Monkey Scatter symbols that you land will determine the strength of the multiplier:

  • Monkey Scatter (two same symbols)

If you have the Monkey Scatter symbol two times your bet will double.

2x = 2-times

  • Monkey Scatter (three same symbols)

The same way for three Monkey scatters symbols. Your bet will triple.

3x = 3-times

  • Monkey Scatter (four same symbols)

Now it’s getting interesting. With four same symbols, you will receive your bet 20 times!

4x = 20-times

  • Monkey Scatter (five same symbols)

Even better is it if you have the Monkey Scatter symbol 5 times. Then you get your bet 100 times!

5x = 100-times

Mega Moolah Elephant Symbol


The Elephant symbol is worth a total of 750 coins if you manage to land 5 in a row on an active payline. The Elephant is also worth other amounts as follows:

  • Elephant (two same symbols)

The elephant two times in a row will make you 6 coins richer.

2x = 6 coins

  • Elephant (three same symbols)

With three elephants you will receive 50 coins.

3x = 50 coins

  • Elephant (four same symbols)

Now the coin winning is rising up. For four elephants you get 250 coins.

4x = 250 coins

  • Elephant (five same symbols)

A tremendous amount of 750 coins come along with five elephants.

5x = 750 coins

Mega Moolah Giraffe Symbol


The Giraffe symbol is worth a total of 500 coins if you manage to land 5 in a row on an active payline. The Giraffe is also worth other amounts as follows:

  • Giraffe (two same symbols)

Sorry, but two giraffes are not enough for any coin.

2x = 0 coins

  • Giraffe (three same symbols)

A little better are three giraffes. You get 30 coins.

3x = 30 coins

  • Giraffe (four same symbols)

Now it’s getting more interesting. 125 coins for four giraffes.

4x = 125 coins

  • Giraffe (five same symbols)

Even better are five giraffes. This will make you 500 coins richer.

5x = 500 coins

Mega Moolah Kudu Symbol


The Kudu symbol is worth a total of 250 coins if you manage to land 5 in a row on an active payline. The Kudu is also worth other amounts as follows:

  • Kudu (two same symbols)

Two kudus won’t get you any further. No coin for this symbol two times.

2x = 0 coins

  • Kudu (three same symbols)

A little bit better are three kudus. You get 10 coins.

3x = 10 coins

  • Kudu (four same symbols)

The winning for four kudus is 50 coins.

4x = 50 coins

  • Kudu (five same symbols)

If you are lucky enough to hit five kudus you receive 250 coins.

5x = 250 coins

Mega Moolah Zebra Symbol


The Zebra symbol is worth a total of 400 coins if you manage to land 5 in a row on an active payline. The Zebra is also worth other amounts as follows:

  • Zebra (two same symbols)

Unfortunately are two zebras not enough for a coin.

2x = 0 coins

  • Zebra (three same symbols)

Three zebras give you at least 20 coins.

3x = 20 coins

  • Zebra (four same symbols)

100 coins for four zebras. Nothing more and nothing less.

4x = 100 coins

  • Zebra (five same symbols)

The best what you can get with zebras is 400 coins for the amount of five.

5x = 400 coins

Mega Moolah Water Buffalo symbol

Water Buffalo

The Water Buffalo symbol is worth a total of 600 coins if you manage to land 5 in a row on an active payline. The Water Buffalo is also worth other amounts as follows:

  • Water Buffalo (two same symbols)

The water buffalo and another one give you 4 coins.

2x = 4 coins

  • Water Buffalo (three same symbols)

For three water buffalos, you get 40 coins.

3x = 40 coins

  • Water Buffalo (four same symbols)

Even better is your amount of coins with four water buffalos. A total of 150 coins.

4x = 150 coins

  • Water Buffalo (five same symbols)

I hope you won’t stand in front of five water buffalos in real life, but in Mega Moolah you get 600 coins for that.

5x = 600 coins

Mega Moolah King Symbol


The King symbol is worth a total of 100 coins if you manage to land 5 in a row on an active payline. The King is also worth other amounts as follows:

  • King (two same symbols)

Two kings and 0 coins. I think they won’t get along with each other.

2x = 0 coins

  • King (three same symbols)

Three kings mean 6 coins.

3x = 6 coins

  • King (four same symbols)

Even better with four kings. 30 coins for these symbols.

4x = 30 coins

  • King (five same symbols)

For one kingdom too much, for slot gaming perfect – five kings mean 100 coins.

5x = 100 coins

Mega Moolah The Queen Symbol


The Queen symbol is worth a total of 75 coins if you manage to land 5 in a row on an active payline. The Queen is also worth other amounts as follows:

  • Queen (two same symbols)

Also, the two queens pay no coins.

2x = 0 coins

  • Queen (three same symbols)

Three queens give you 4 coins.

3x = 4 coins

  • Queen (four same symbols)

A player with four queens receives 20 coins.

4x = 20 coins

  • Queen (five same symbols)

75 coins go to the gambler with five queens.

5x = 75 coins

Mega Moolah The Jack symbol


The Jack symbol is worth a total of 60 coins if you manage to land 5 in a row on an active payline. The Jack is also worth other amounts as follows:

  • Jack (two same symbols)

Two jacks are not enough for any coin.

2x = 0 coins

  • Jack (three same symbols)

For every Jack one coin. So with three jacks, you get 3 coins.

3x = 3 coins

  • Jack (four same symbols)

Even better with four jacks. 15 coins for this play.

4x = 15 coins

  • Jack (five same symbols)

The most you can get out of the jacks are 60 coins for five.

5x = 60 coins

Mega Moolah The Ace symbol


The Ace symbol is worth a total of 150 coins if you manage to land 5 in a row on an active payline. The Ace is also worth other amounts as follows:

  • Ace (two same symbols)

The Ace and another Ace totalize to 0 coins.

2x = 0 coins

  • Ace (three same symbols)

At least 8 coins for three aces.

3x = 8 coins

  • Ace (four same symbols)

An amount of 10 coins for every ace, if you hit them four times.

4x = 40 coins

  • Ace (five same symbols)

With enough luck you can gain 150 coins, but only if you hit the aces five times.

5x = 150 coins

Mega Moolah The Ten Symbol


The Ten symbols is worth a total of 40 coins if you manage to land 5 in a row on an active payline. The Ten is also worth other amounts as follows:

  • Ten (two same symbols)

The ten is not the best symbol in Mega Moolah. Sadly there is no single coin for two tens.

2x = 0 coins

  • Ten (three same symbols)

For three tens there are at least two coins.

3x = 2 coins

  • Ten (four same symbols)

Even with four coins, the winning is only 10 coins.

4x = 10 coins

  • Ten (five same symbols)

You shouldn’t be surprised by the amount for five tens. The prize for this combination is only 40 coins – better than nothing.

5x = 40 coins

The Betting

Mega Moolah slot is quite flexible when it comes to betting options and can easily accommodate just about any budget. Players can test the waters with a single pay line bet with just one coin of the lowest value of just £ 0.01 or push it up a bit to £ 0.05. Of course, to really get the full effect of Mega Moolah, it is best to play the game at full throttle, with all 25 pay lines engaged and max bet set at 125 coins.

Min. bet0.010 £ min. bet / payline
Max. bet0.050 £ max. bet / payline

The Paytable and Mega Moolah Slot Free Spins

Mega Moolah’s pay table reveals that the game’s top symbol is the Lion which doubles as the game’s wild symbol. The Lion on its own is worth up to 15, 000x the wager and also yields various winning amounts when combined with other symbols. In Mega Moolah, the scatter symbol is the monkey and 3 or more triggers the game’s free spins round which also adds a minimum 3x multiplier to scores. Getting the maximum scatters will also push the multiplier up by 100 – 400x. The maximum non-progressive jackpot payout is 225,000 coins while the 4 progressive jackpots offer the following minimums:

  • Mega Progressive – Starts at £1 million
  • Major Progressive – Starts at £10,000
  • Minor Progressive – Starts at £100
  • Mini Progressive – Starts at £10

Game Video

Check out this cool Mega Moolah video review which discusses a number of the game’s key features, many of which have been mentioned here. The video also talks about the world record for the biggest ever payout and also what you could expect from the game in terms of bonus rounds and what you need to do to hit one of the four big jackpots in the game that could change your life forever!

  • Slots Playing at Mega Moolah  To play Mega Moolah for yourself at one of our fantastic recommended online casinos, simply follow these steps:
  • Pick one of our recommended Mega Moolah Microgaming casinos (you can also check out our extensive reviews on the casinos as well as the bonus offers available)
  • Sign up with the casino to start playing Mega Moolah
  • Unfortunately, Mega Moolah cannot be played for free, which is not a problem
  • Simply sign up for an exclusive welcome bonus which can be unlocked with a very small deposit (some casinos also offer no deposit bonuses as well as free spins offers)

Animation And Graphics

Mega Moolah offers cool African wildlife themed graphics with awesome cartoon-like animal symbols. The game makes you really feel as though you’re really tracking big game through the African veld except that it’s a mega jackpot trophy that you’re after! The soundtrack is also fun and you can hear the animals roar and howl with every winning combination. The graphics are deliberately a bit kitschy which adds to the fun and takes some of the pressure off the big jackpot hunt!

The Payout Rate

Mega Moolah offers a payout rate of 94%-95% which represents an above-average performance for a progressive slot, this is one of the reasons why this game is so popular all over the world. The game also features a progressive jackpot hit frequency of around 46%-47% which is also quite good for a progressive jackpot game. Mega Moolah is classified as a low volatility game that offers a nice balance between huge jackpot payout potential and more consistent, smaller payouts throughout the game.

  • All information about Mega Moolah:
  • A very entertaining Slot
  • An above-average Payout Rate of 94-95%
  • Free spins give you the chance of winning an extra money

95%  Payout rate

Mobile Availability

Mega Moolah is available to play on most mobile devices and tablets covering all operating systems. The game is available to play via your mobile browser through one of our top recommended casinos. Depending on the quality of your mobile device, the game is every bit as good as the desktop version, in terms of graphics as well as general gameplay. The game is not available via mobile stores as an app and in fact, an official warning is listed on the Mega Moolah site regarding scam apps with the Mega Moolah logo, rather access the mobile game via one of our recommended casinos to be safe!

Mega Moolah mockup png


Great Opportunities to Win Big!

Mega Moolah slot is the most famous of all Microgaming progressive jackpot slots and for good reason. The game does not only provide one of the biggest potential paydays of any slot in history, it also offers a great all-round, very entertaining slot, one that offers great non-progressive jackpot wins as well. The game graphics are maybe slightly kitschy but we think that this adds to the charm of the game and, with an above-average payout rate, we’re sure you won’t mind too much anyway! We definitely recommend this game, whether via Flash or mobile at any one of our recommended online casinos!