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  • Software NetEnt;
  • Rolls 5;
  • Paylines 10;
  • Free Games No;
  • Jackpot Game No;
  • min. Stake 0.01 € per payline;
  • max. Stake 1 € per payline;
  • Coin Area1 – 10;

Our Rating
Good 8/10

Starburst Slot Review

Take A Trip Back To The Eighties!

Starburst is a star studded 5 reel video slot that is bringing back the glitz and glam of the height of the disco era of the late 70’s and early 80’s! Relive those golden years of the disco era with this dazzling and bejewelled spectacular video slot from NetEnt, kings of the themed video slot! The game is packed with cool features including re-spins, stacked symbols, win-both-ways and the cool Starburst Wild feature. Anyone who lived through the glamour of the 70’s and 80’s and even new kids on the block who just love all things shiny (and precious) will love playing Starburst. The game features 5 blinging reels and an easy 10 paylines. Everywhere you look on the screen something is shining or sparkling making this the perfect slot title for lovers of glitter, glamour and the sparkle in life! The game is a dazzling tribute to opulence and features a variety of precious gems as game symbols mixed in with a few classic slots symbols including 7’s and bar symbols. With a maximum win of 50,000 coins and a coin size and range that is easy on the bankroll, Starburst is a whole lot of fun that all levels of slots player can enjoy, all the way from low rollers to high rollers and bedazzled slots fans everywhere!

  • Coins: € 0.01 – 1
  • Max. Coins: 10
  • Max Odds: 0
  • Jackpot 1: 0 Coins
  • Jackpot 2: 0 Coins
  • Wild symbol: Yes
  • Scatter symbol: No
  • Gamble: No
  • Multiplier: No
  • Prog. Jackpot: No
  • Bonus Features: Starburst Wilds & Free Re-spins





Rules of Starburst Slot

Symbols, betting

Before signing up with one of our top 5 recommended Starburst casinos, check out our in depth Starburst review which details every crucial aspect of the game so that you have all the right knowledge at your fingertips. Find out how to play Starburst online for free as well as what all the game symbols mean and how you can stand a chance to win the main game jackpot. Watch our cool video all about Starburst slots and find out if your bankroll is suitable for this exciting and glamorous video slot.



Starburst Wild Symbol

This colourful star is the games Wild Symbol and is also known as the Starburst Wild Icon. The main reason why this special game symbol has two different names is because this symbol serves two basic functions. As a normal Wild Symbol, the star can be substituted for all other symbols in the game (Starburst does not have a Scatter Symbol). This means that making great winning combinations are super-easy. The Wild Symbol appears exclusively on reels 2, 3 and 4. In its other guise as the Starburst Wild Icon, the symbol can spread out over an entire reel which will trigger the games Wild Re-spins round. The expanded reel stays in place while the other reels re-spin for a total of 3 re-spins.


Red Gem Symbol

The Red Gem is one of the games lower paying symbols and getting three red gems in a row is worth 7 coins while getting four in a row is worth 15 coins. The highest payout for this symbol if you get five of them in a row is 40 coins.

Red Gem (three same symbols)

Starburst-Red-Gem-esports-bettingStarburst-Red-Gem-esports-bettingStarburst-Red-Gem-esports-betting 3x = 7 coins

Red Gem (four same symbols)

Starburst-Red-Gem-esports-bettingStarburst-Red-Gem-esports-bettingStarburst-Red-Gem-esports-bettingStarburst-Red-Gem-esports-betting 4x = 15 coins

Red Gem (five same symbols)

Starburst-Red-Gem-esports-bettingStarburst-Red-Gem-esports-bettingStarburst-Red-Gem-esports-bettingStarburst-Red-Gem-esports-bettingStarburst-Red-Gem-esports-betting 5x = 40 coins


Purple Gem Symbol

The Purple Gem, together with the Blue Gem are the two lowest paying gems of all. The purple Gem pays out 5 coins for getting three of them in a row or 10 coins for getting four in a row. The top coin payout for this gem for getting five in a row is 25 coins.

Purple Gem (three same symbols)

Starburst-Purple-Gem-esports-bettingStarburst-Purple-Gem-esports-bettingStarburst-Purple-Gem-esports-betting 3x = 5 coins

Purple Gem (four same symbols)

Starburst-Purple-Gem-esports-bettingStarburst-Purple-Gem-esports-bettingStarburst-Purple-Gem-esports-bettingStarburst-Purple-Gem-esports-betting 4x = 10 coins

Purple Gem (five same symbols)

Starburst-Purple-Gem-esports-bettingStarburst-Purple-Gem-esports-bettingStarburst-Purple-Gem-esports-bettingStarburst-Purple-Gem-esports-bettingStarburst-Purple-Gem-esports-betting 5x = 25 coins


Green Gem Symbol

The Green Gem is the games fourth highest paying gem and will give you 8 coins for getting three in a row. Getting four Green Gems in a row will reward you with 20 coins and the maximum for five Green Gems in a row is 50 coins.

Green Gem (three same symbols)

Starburst-Green-Gem-esports-bettingStarburst-Green-Gem-esports-bettingStarburst-Green-Gem-esports-betting   3x = 8 coins

Green Gem (four same symbols)

Starburst-Green-Gem-esports-bettingStarburst-Green-Gem-esports-bettingStarburst-Green-Gem-esports-bettingStarburst-Green-Gem-esports-betting   4x = 20 coins

Green Gem (five same symbols)

Starburst-Green-Gem-esports-bettingStarburst-Green-Gem-esports-bettingStarburst-Green-Gem-esports-bettingStarburst-Green-Gem-esports-bettingStarburst-Green-Gem-esports-betting   5x = 50 coins


Blue Gem Symbol

The Blue Gem, together with the Purple Gem are the two lowest-paying gems of all. The Blue Gem pays out 5 coins for three of them in a row or 10 coins for four in a row. The top coin payout for this gem for getting five in a row is 25 coins.

Blue Gem (three same symbols)

Starburst-Blue-Gem-esports-bettingStarburst-Blue-Gem-esports-bettingStarburst-Blue-Gem-esports-betting 3x = 5 coins

Blue Gem (four same symbols)

Starburst-Blue-Gem-esports-bettingStarburst-Blue-Gem-esports-bettingStarburst-Blue-Gem-esports-bettingStarburst-Blue-Gem-esports-betting 4x = 10 coins

Blue Gem (five same symbols)

Starburst-Blue-Gem-esports-bettingStarburst-Blue-Gem-esports-bettingStarburst-Blue-Gem-esports-bettingStarburst-Blue-Gem-esports-bettingStarburst-Blue-Gem-esports-betting 5x = 25 coins


Yellow Gem Symbol

The Yellow Gem is the highest paying of all of Starburst slots gem collection and pays 10 coins for getting three in a row while getting four in a row will pay out 25 coins and 60 coins for getting five of them in a row.

Yellow Gem (three same symbols)

Starburst-Yellow-Gem-esports-bettingStarburst-Yellow-Gem-esports-bettingStarburst-Yellow-Gem-esports-betting 3x = 10 coins

Yellow Gem (four same symbols)

Starburst-Yellow-Gem-esports-bettingStarburst-Yellow-Gem-esports-bettingStarburst-Yellow-Gem-esports-bettingStarburst-Yellow-Gem-esports-betting 4x = 25 coins

Yellow Gem (five same symbols)

Starburst-Yellow-Gem-esports-bettingStarburst-Yellow-Gem-esports-bettingStarburst-Yellow-Gem-esports-bettingStarburst-Yellow-Gem-esports-bettingStarburst-Yellow-Gem-esports-betting 5x = 60 coins


BAR Symbol

The BAR symbol is the highest paying symbol in the game and offers fifty coins for getting three in a row. Getting four coins in a row will pay out a much higher 200 coins while getting the full five will offer up 250 coins.

Bar (three same symbols)

Starburst-Bar-esports-bettingStarburst-Bar-esports-bettingStarburst-Bar-esports-betting 3x = 50 coins

Bar (four same symbols)

Starburst-Bar-esports-bettingStarburst-Bar-esports-bettingStarburst-Bar-esports-bettingStarburst-Bar-esports-betting 4x = 200 coins

Bar (five same symbols)

Starburst-Bar-esports-bettingStarburst-Bar-esports-bettingStarburst-Bar-esports-bettingStarburst-Bar-esports-bettingStarburst-Bar-esports-betting 5x = 250 coins


Seven Symbol

The seven symbol is the games second highest paying symbol and will give you 25 coins for getting three and 60 coins for getting four in a row. The maximum that this classic symbol will give you is 120 coins for the full five.

Seven (three same symbols)

Starburst-Seven-esports-bettingStarburst-Seven-esports-bettingStarburst-Seven-esports-betting 3x = 25 coins

Seven (four same symbols)

Starburst-Seven-esports-bettingStarburst-Seven-esports-bettingStarburst-Seven-esports-bettingStarburst-Seven-esports-betting 4x = 60 coins

Seven (five same symbols)

Starburst-Seven-esports-bettingStarburst-Seven-esports-bettingStarburst-Seven-esports-bettingStarburst-Seven-esports-bettingStarburst-Seven-esports-betting 5x = 120 coins

The betting

Starburst offers 10 active paylines and while this may seem quite low at first glance, the game does have a surprise or two up its sleeve. Starburst has the rather unique added benefit of paying in both directions. While most slots will only payout from left to right, Starburst will payout left to right and right to left, making more paying combinations possible. With the coin values ranging from 0.01 up to 1.00, Starburst will give you a minimum wager of just 0.01 per line or 1.00 per line for a maximum bet of 100.

Min. Be t0.01 £ min. bet / payline

Max. Bet 1.00 £ max. bet / payline

The paytable and Starburst Free Spins

The paytable in Starburst is quite a simple affair as the game has no scatter symbol and no real bonus round to speak of. The pay table reflects the relative value of each of the symbols explained here and their maximum value for getting a full five across a payline. The pay table also shows all the different ways in which the game considers payline combinations to be along with relevant Starburst instructions for various aspects of the game. The only bonus round is triggered by the Starburst Wild Symbol for a maximum of 3 re-spins with a 1x multiplier.

Game Video

Watch our short and highly informative video which very clearly demonstrates all the glitz and glam and fun that you can have when playing Starburst video slot and how to play Starburst online! The video demonstrated the major attractions that one can expect to find when playing Starburst online along with possible symbol combinations and other Starburst instructions as well as a closer look at the gameplay, sounds and graphics that accompany this exciting game. The video also gives a nice visual accompaniment to the major topics that we have discussed in this in-depth Starburst video slots breakdown and review.

Play Starburst slots now at one of our top 5 recommended casinos. Here is how:


  • Pick one of our top 5 recommended casinos that appeals to you the most, these are the best casinos that we recommend, with the best bonus offers to play Starburst online;
  •  For even more information remember to check out our in-depth review of these and other online casinos before making your final selection;
  •  Once you have selected the online casino that best suits your needs, simply click through to the casinos homepage via our safe and secure links;
  •  Sign up with the Starburst casino and take advantage of free offers such as a no deposit bonus or free spins;
  •  Click on Starburst instructions to learn how to play the game for free;
  •  If you like the game, add some real cash to your account and take advantage of the fantastic sign up casino bonus offer that the casino has to offer to play Starburst and other slots for real money;

Animation and Graphics

Net Entertainment has once again done a brilliant job in producing a simple and very exciting and fun slot with an awesome theme. The theme of Starburst is literally bursting with glitter, glitz and glam and jewels by the thousands! The soundtrack presents some cosmic sounds and grooves that perfectly compliment this simple 5 reel video slot. While the lack of bonus rounds and features may be disappointing to some, we are sure that fans of all things bling will absolutely love the look and feel of this slot. The fact that the game pays both from left to right and right to left should also make up for the lack of additional bonus features.

Starburst Slot Payout Rate

Starburst offers an RTP (Return to Player) of 96.1% which is pretty good for such a simple and unassuming slot machine. The house edge is also quite reasonable and comes in around 6.1%. The slot is classified as a low to medium volatility slot which means that you can expect regular payouts, albeit rather small ones when compared to some of the bigger progressive jackpot slots. This does suit certain players who prefer to play online slots that pay out on a more regular basis and who are not interested in taking big chances on high volatility slots that could take ages to pay out. The maximum payout win is 50,000 coins for this video slot.

The most important information about Starburst

  •  A rather simple slot;
  •  A very solid Payout Rate of 96.1%;
  •  A regular payout is likely;

96% Pay out rate

Purple and Blue Gem


5 Coins


10 Coins


25 Coins

Red Gem


7 Coins


15 Coins


40 Coins

Green Gem


8 Coins


20 Coins


50 Coins

Yellow Gem


10 Coins


25 Coins


60 Coins



25 Coins


60 Coins


120 Coins



50 Coins


200 Coins


250 Coins

Starburst: Mobile Availability

Starburst is one of the games that are available on NetEnt’s renowned mobile platform NetEnt Touch. This means that the game is optimized for most new generation mobile devices including most tablets. The graphics are on par (if not better) than the online/desktop version and offers smooth and glitch-free gameplay. Nowadays games are becoming more open to different mobile operating systems thanks to the significant advances in mobile browser technology. The game can be accessed via mobile browser via one of our top recommended casinos.

Starburst review



Loads Of Thrills, Colour and Action

NetEnt has managed to produce a quality slot with great graphics and sound and an extremely attractive theme and look and feel. The game offers a couple of unique features including the pay-from-both ways feature, allowing easier and faster combinations to be achieved. The Starburst Wild bonus feature does add a nice touch with re-spins and multipliers although it does not do enough to mask the fact that there is no real bonus round in this game and there are no actual Starburst free spins to speak of. The game also does not feature a scatter symbol and may be a bit too simple for some online slots fans. We recommend the game to those players looking for something fast and simple without too many distractions or complicated features to consider. The game will also appeal to players who enjoy an exciting and colourful game with loads of fun on offer.