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Playing online bingo is primarily about luck. Of all casino games out there, bingo is the one that players can influence the least. You are given your bingo cards randomly and even if you could pick them, there is no way to tell what numbers will be drawn and in what order. In that sense, there isn’t much one can do to help his chances of beating the game. However, there are tips and tricks for every game out there and online bingo is no different. Although scarce, bingo strategies do exist and, if implemented properly, these can help you get ahead of the competition. One such strategy is to play as many cards system. Simply put, the more cards you have in front of you, the better are the odds of one of those cards becoming a winner.

Play as Many Cards Strategy Takeaways

  • Playing many bingo cards online is possible because the system keeps track of numbers for you.
  • Buying more cards than other players in the game increases your odds of hitting the bingo first.
  • Finding just the right number is essential: if you buy too many cards, it becomes a losing proposition.
  • Try to find games with extra funds added to the prize pool to take advantage of this system.
  • Using this strategy will help you win more often and you will enjoy the games much more.

Strategy Basics of the Bingo Play As Many Cards Strategy

Play as Many Cards Strategy: It’s OK to Go Nuts Sometimes

Players coming from the live bingo environment will probably tell you that buying a bunch of cards will not improve your chances of winning as much as you would hope because you won’t be able to keep track of all the numbers across a dozen or more cards. With online bingo, this is not a concern. As explained in our online bingo rules, the casino system will make sure you never miss a number – even if you decide to keep track of the numbers manually. If one of your cards hits the bingo, you will be notified and the game will stop. Hence, there is no downside to playing as many cards as you can afford.

Play as Many Cards Strategy Basics

There isn’t that much to say about playing as many cards system for online bingo. You should simply buy as many books as you are comfortable playing from the monetary perspective. Since bingo games are usually not that expensive, buying multiple cards should not break your bank and it will definitely increase your odds of winning in any particular bingo round. Most casinos are described in our online casino comparison section and offering bingo will let you buy as many cards as you like. This means that the only limiting factor is your willingness to risk. The thing with most online bingo games is that they will not make you rich, so the risk-reward ratio is a bit skewed. These games are played primarily for fun and as a pastime but they are still much more enjoyable when you actually win.

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Play as Many Cards Strategy

Explained by Example

Let us now put this strategy in some real-life framework and explain how and why it can actually work to your advantage. Regardless of what type of online bingo a player decides to play, those balls will keep coming out until there is a winner. While there are some interim prizes, depending on the variation, the main score will go to the one person that manages to fill up their bingo card. For purposes of this example, we will consider a game with you and nine other players. Before the start of the game, each player buys two bingo cards. All players have an equal chance of 10% to win, e.g. any single bingo card has a 5% winning chance. To make the calculation simpler, let’s say you now go ahead and buy ten more cards. All of a sudden, there are thirty cards in play, meaning that winning chances for a single bingo card have been reduced to 3.33%. Those players with two cards thus have 6.66% odds to win, while your odds have increased to a whooping 12×3.33% = 39.96%. Of course, this example is a bit of an exaggeration, but it serves to demonstrate the point. You play bingo against other players in the game and that’s why playing as many cards strategy can give you an upper hand. Of course, you always have to make a careful calculation about how much you are investing and how much you stand to win. Let’s keep going with this example and imagine that the winner will take home £100 and every card costs £50. Here’s how the math breaks down: -You have 40% chances of winning, which means that every time you play, you will win £20. -You spent £12 on cards, so your average take per game is £20 – £12 = £8, which is great. This, of course, describes an ideal situation. However, as more people buy extra cards or the prize pool gets smaller, your odds will decrease. You want to stay ahead of the curve and only apply the playa many cards system when it is feasible to do so.


  • Buy more cards than other players in the game.
  • Try to figure out your odds of winning with these extra cards.
  • Make sure that your investment is feasible, i.e. you need to stay profitable.
  • Don’t get carried away and buy so many cards that it becomes a losing proposition.
  • Always remember to manage your money properly

 Play as Many Cards Strategy Bingo

Advantages & Disadvantages

One of the clearest advantages of playing as many cards strategy is that you will be winning way more often than the others. If you have many cards at the start of each game, it stands to reason you will be in a better spot than the rest of the players to clear the board and claim the main prize. Additionally, it will be much more exciting to play this way, as there will be more things to keep an eye on and to get your blood pumping as you wait for that final number across several cards. Disadvantages, on the other hand, reside with the fact that you may be investing significantly more money than the others and still coming up short. The thing is, your advantage in the game is calculated long term, while anything can happen over the course of a few dozen games. When balls are not falling your way, this can be particularly frustrating and somewhat expensive, although online bingo is not likely to make you broke. You could also be missing out on jackpot games as you’re spending more money on regular games. If you need more advice on how to stay calm and composed through prolonged losing stretches, check out our bingo tips & tricks section.


Chances & Risks

Estimating Strategy Effectiveness

For whom is the Play as Many Cards Strategy Bingo suitable?

The play as many cards strategy is most suitable for experienced players who know exactly what they are doing. Novice players will often get in over their heads, buying far too many cards in comparison to possible wins. Since some bingos also offer special progressive jackpots for filling up your card before a certain ball, this can be an extra incentive for inexperienced players to go crazy and buy too many cards. However, even new players can take advantage of this system if they use the tips and tricks provided in this article and make sure they know exactly what they are doing at all times. Another possible strategy newcomers can jump into is the ‘play in rooms with fewer people’ method.

  • 52% Beginner
  • 78% Advanced
  • 93% Pros

How high is the risk?

The risk and online bingo don’t really go together. Most bingo cards are sold rather cheap, so even if a player goes really wild, they don’t expose themselves to any big problems. If you check out our William Hill Casino review, for example, you will notice that although this is one of the biggest UK gambling operators, their online bingo games are really small and clearly geared towards fun players. Whatever you do, one thing is nearly certain, online bingo will not make you or break you.

Are wins guaranteed?

This play as many cards system does not guarantee you will win every time you play but, as explained earlier, it is easy to see how it will increase your chances significantly. If you are patient and stay on the lookout for games where other players don’t utilize this system and where there are some extra funds added to the prize pool, you could do nicely. These games with extra funds are not that uncommon so you just need to keep your eyes peeled for them.


Is Play as Many Cards Strategy Bingo Worth It?

Online bingo, although it is very different from other games offered in casinos, can be a very exciting and addictive activity. It is the favourite pastime of many and it is only natural that people are always on the lookout for systems and strategies to help them win more often. This play as many cards system can work like a charm in the online environment because you do not have to manually keep track of the drawn numbers. It is an exciting and fun way to play bingo and it will help you win more often. Of course, it will also require more money invested. This could be offset by our bonus hunting strategy. Furthermore, this problem can be somewhat alleviated by visiting our casino bonus comparison page and finding a nice bonus to boost your bankroll and let you buy a lot of cards basically completely free.


  • The play as many cards strategy is perfect for the online environment as you don’t have to keep track of the numbers manually.
  • Casino bonuses can boost your bankroll, making this system even more effective.


  • Calculate your odds and figure out the number of cards that gives you the best chances.
  • Make sure not to get carried away and buy too many cards.