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The game of Blackjack is the most popular game in both online and land-based casinos outside of slots for a number of reasons. At its most basic level, Blackjack is easy to learn and easy to get started playing real games for real money. The game also has the highest RTP (Return to Player) of any casino game outside of slots. The average RTP in Blackjack is around 99.63% and, if one employs a system to guide you in deciding on the best possible move to make on each and every hand, then one is more likely to achieve something close to that level. In other words, using a basic Blackjack strategy is going to help you play better Blackjack in the long run and will more than likely also make you more money.

Basic Blackjack strategy Fact-Sheet:

  • Employing basic Blackjack strategy increases winning odds
  • Guide to making the best decision on every single hand
  • Can be learned by any player, regardless of skill or experience
  • Forms the basis for more advanced online Blackjack betting systems
  • Can also stand alone as a basic Blackjack strategy without additional aid

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Blackjack Strategy Basics

How to Start?

The basic Blackjack system is the foundation of all Blackjack strategies and systems and it is essential that one masters this simple basic Blackjack strategy in order to become a better (and more successful) all-round Blackjack player.  The idea behind basic Blackjack strategy is to provide the player with a guide to the optimal decision based on their two card total versus the dealers up card. It is interesting to note that basic Blackjack theory and the system itself has been developed over a number of years. The process was initiated a few decades ago by a programmer at IBM where thousands of computer simulations ultimately resulted in what we know today as the perfect or basic Blackjack strategy.

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The very essence of basic Blackjack strategy is so simple and clear, that anyone can learn it and adapt it to their Blackjack game. This is because all you are learning is what decision to make for each and every hand, as you are dealt the hand and as you are shown the dealers up card. Each and every one of these scenarios has its own relevant decision process. The system is also based on the fact that every Blackjack dealer is bound by certain rules and does not make any other decisions except to hit (draw) on 16 and stand on 17. Depending on the dealers up card (for example a 6), we can make a decision on our move based on the likelihood that the dealer will bust.

Basic Blackjack Strategy

 Step by Step

Basic Blackjack strategy

The full basic Blackjack strategy starts with just seven rules that need to be learnt and applied. This is the simple strategy and is the basis for almost all your Blackjack decision making. These seen rules are very easy to learn and, with practice, will become second nature. This short video demonstrates some of the basics in the strategy explained above:


  • Stand on 13 versus dealers up card of 2 or 3
  • Stand on 12 versus the dealers up card of 4, 5 or 6
  • Stand on 17 versus the dealers up card of 7 +
  • Double down on 11 versus the dealers up card of 10 or less
  • Double down on 10 versus the dealers up card of 9 or less
  • Always split eights
  • Always split Aces

 Basic Blackjack System

Advantages and disadvantages

There are very few disadvantages to learning and adopting basic Blackjack strategy. Knowing how to make the best decision possible for each and every hand that you are dealt is most certainly a distinct advantage over a player who does not know basic Blackjack strategy and is just winging it. Perhaps the only disadvantage to basic Blackjack theory is that it takes dedication and time to master, it is not something that can be applied in an instant like some basic positive progression tricks which can be used within a couple of minutes. The advantages to learning basic Blackjack strategy cannot be ignored. The strategy gives you all the possible options that may occur in any given Blackjack game since the strategy benefits from years of research and thousands of computer simulations that have played out every possible scenario.


  • Easy to learn and to adapt to your very day Blackjack game
  • Tried and tested over decades provides a near foolproof system
  • Ideal as a basis to adapt other more advanced Blackjack systems over


  • Requires a dedication to learning the basic strategy and the applying it with hours and hours of practice games
  • Not an instant system like popular positive progression tricks
  • Will not make you rich overnight


 Chances and Risks

Is The Basic Blackjack system for Me?

What are the chances and risks that are associated with basic Blackjack strategy? We can analyze the risks that may be associates with the basic Blackjack system as well as who the strategy is best suited to in the following three points:

Who is the strategy best suited for?

Quite simply, basic Blackjack strategy is best suited to anyone who wants to be a better Blackjack player.This is especially true of novice and intermediate Blackjack players but also just casual weekend or social Blackjack players who wish to improve their overall Blackjack game and get more enjoyment out of it. Basic Blackjack strategy can even be implemented by advanced players who may need some refreshing in their game and acts as an ideal base for building more advanced systems and strategies

  • 79% Beginner
  • 72% Advanced
  • 70% Pro

How high is the risk?

If basic Blackjack strategy is implemented properly and is applied consistently throughout a Blackjack game, then the risk is minimal and certainly is far less than playing Blackjack for real money without a proper basic Blackjack system in place! The chances of risk can definitely increase in certain situations however. This is especially true of the player did not take the time to learn the full basic Blackjack strategy properly and did not spend a good few hours practicing various possible scenarios by dealing out Blackjack hands over and over in order to perfect their game.

Are winnings guaranteed?

While nothing can ever really be guaranteed in a game where skill and chance both exist, applying a basic Blackjack strategy consistently throughout a Blackjack game, without deviation, will most certainly increase your odds of winning hands consistently. Blackjack is not like slots, you will not win thousands or even millions in a single hand, the game is based on patience and developing skills to win one hand at a time.

Basic Blackjack Strategy Online


Is The Basic Blackjack strategy Worth It?

Adopting basic Blackjack strategy into your existing Blackjack game is most definitely worth the effort. Once you have taken the time to learn the rules of basic Blackjack strategy and have practiced different hands based on the basic Blackjack strategy charts, you will notice a massive improvement in your Blackjack game. Also follow our basic tips when learning the basic Blackjack strategy:


  • Easy to use and suitable for beginners
  • A lot of different opportunities
  • Keep a basic Blackjack chart close by while you play practice Blackjack games, the more you do this the more you will remember combination results and it will eventually become second nature
  • When you are ready, do an online casino bonus comparison and find a casino offering a good bonus to help boost your initial bankroll


  • Study the game in detail
  • Search for basic Blackjack strategy charts online and deal as many hands as you can to learn different outcomes and what to do in each situation
  • Do an online casino comparison and find online casinos that offer practice mode Blackjack games for you to practice basic Blackjack strategy on
  • Consider the dealer’s cards as part of your decision making process.