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To the uninitiated, the game of Blackjack may seem like a random game of chance, like slots but this is far from the truth. While Blackjack does have an element of luck involved, the game is essentially a game based on numbers. These numbers govern the entire game including every player’s two-card combination versus the dealer’s single face-up card, the amount that one should bet per hand, the number of decks in the game, card counting systems and so on. The Fibonacci strategy for blackjack can help you mitigate the role played by luck and give you the needed structure. Seeing how much mathematics and numbers are involved in this seemingly simple casino card game, it really shouldn’t come as any surprise that certain mathematical theories can be successfully applied to the game of Blackjack. One of the most prominent of these theories is of course the Fibonacci sequence. The Fibonacci sequence is a very old 13th-century mathematical sequence of numbers and relationships formulated by a mathematician known as Leonardo Pisa, aka Fibonacci.

Important strategy facts about the Fibonacci system

  • Ancient mathematical formula that can be applied to Blackjack
  • Simple logical system
  • Easy to learn and apply
  • Guide to determining betting behaviour in a game of Blackjack

Fibonacci betting system Basics

The Fibonacci betting strategy is quite a simple and straightforward concept to understand and apply in practice. The system is ideal for all levels of Blackjack players but may be especially beneficial to beginners and casual weekend Blackjack players. To begin to understand how the Fibonacci sequence could be applied to formulating an effective Blackjack betting strategy we first need to know and understand exactly what the Fibonacci sequence is. The Fibonacci sequence is essentially a series of numbers in which each number in the sequence is the sum of the previous two numbers.

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If the sequence of numbers begins with the addition of the first two numbers 0 and 1 we would then begin the sequence with 1 (0+1=1). We would follow this with the addition of 1 and 1 to get 2, we add 2 and 1 to get 3 and so on. Written out the Fibonacci number sequence reads as follows:0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34 (cont)

Fibonacci Advantages Blackjack

Fibonacci Strategy Blackjack advantages

 The Fibonacci Strategy for Blackjack

In practice

Now that we have a basic understanding of what Fibonacci is and how the Fibonacci number sequence is derived, we can start to look at how to apply this system to our Blackjack betting strategy. To begin the payer would bet a single unit, this unit would be whatever the betting unit is decided upon, for example, the house minimum would be a good place to start. This beginning is very similar to other progression betting strategies such as the 1-3-2-6 betting strategy. The difference occurs after the initial bet as in the Fibonacci betting system, the payer bets units in an equivalent size to the next number in the Fibonacci sequence. The bet increases according to the next number in the Fibonacci sequence only if the bet is won. If the bet is not won the player stays with the basic unit until the bet is won and the player can progress through the sequence. Again, this is in line with other Blackjack progression betting systems. The Fibonacci Blackjack betting system may be easier to understand in a table:

First hand Bet: 1 unit Result: win
Second hand Bet 1 unit Result: win
Third hand Bet 2 units Result: win
Fourth hand Bet 3 unitsResult: win
Fifth hand Bet 5 units Result: win

Obviously, the above chart is only showing a winning sequence for the purposes of demonstrating how the sequence would work in practice. If you lose a bet you would revert back to the first unit. The Fibonacci betting strategy is easy to implement as long as you understand how the sequence is derived, you will always know what the next bet size in the sequence would be, subject to the outcome of the previous hand of course. This short video helps to explain the Fibonacci number system when used as a useful guide to betting in a number of casino games including Blackjack:

Fibonacci Sequence Blackjack

Fibonacci Strategy sequence Blackjack


  • The Fibonacci mathematical number sequence can be used to guide betting progressions
  • As long as you understand how the Fibonacci sequence is derived you will know what the next amount to bet will be in the sequence (assuming you have a winning streak)
  • Revert back to a single unit bet on a losing hand, similar to other progression betting systems

 Advantages and disadvantages of the Fibonacci Strategy for Blackjack

The first advantage worth noting about the Fibonacci betting strategie is that it is a positive progression system. This means that you only raise your bets on winning hands and keep your bets to the minimum unit amount on losing hands. This also makes it ideal for a long term application as betting the minimum amount unit until the streak turns helps to sustain a bankroll over a long period of play. Another distinct advantage that the Fibonacci betting system has over other positive progression systems is that betting units are increased incrementally. Other positive progression systems require bets to be doubled on successive wins which increase the risk of losing a large amount. The way the Fibonacci number system is structured means that players never have to run the risk of doubling their bets and, what’s more, a profit from each winning hand is held back while only a portion is put on the next wager. This goes a long way in ensuring that players walk away from the table with a profit to show. Using the Fibonacci betting strategie also means that a player can really maximize on winning streaks which all positive progression systems are designed to do. The Fibonacci betting system however does this in a way that will maximize wins based on the structure of the betting sequence. There are of course a few disadvantages as well that need to be considered. One of the biggest drawbacks to the Fibonacci betting system is the fact that it requires a fairly long cycle in order for it to be effective. The Fibonacci betting sequence needs a winning streak of at least five hands before it can begin to show meaningful profits. This is largely down to the slow betting progression, which is more gradual than other positive progression betting systems. With the Fibonacci betting system, a player starts with one unit but also follows this up with just one unit. If the player is successful after two hands the bet goes up to three units and if that bet is successful then it can move up to five units. Most of the time you will not reach a five winning hand streak in Blackjack.

Screenshot 66

Chances and risks

In using the Fibonacci betting strategy

We have seen how the advantages and disadvantages look for the Fibonacci betting system in Blackjack and there are most certainly more positives than there are negatives with this particular strategy. Let’s take a look at what the possible chances and risks are with this particular system as well as who best would benefit from its use.

Who is suitable for the strategy?

The Fibonacci betting strategy is best suited to all levels of playing experience from beginner right through to advanced players. The system is great for novice Blackjack players as it is very easy to understand and very easy to apply in a real Blackjack strategy game. A clear advantage in this game is the ease of use in terms of having to memorize information; as long as you understand how the Fibonacci sequence works you will know what your next betting amount should be. There are no other complicated aspects and the system can also be successfully employed by casual weekend Blackjack players with success.

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How high is the risk?

The risk that is involved with the Fibonacci betting system is substantially lower than it is with other positive progression betting systems. This is because of the way that the Fibonacci number sequence is structured. Other positive progression betting systems often require players to double their bets on every winning hand while the Fibonacci betting system applies a more gradual and realistic betting sequence to a winning streak. There is less risk of losing your entire wager (or bankroll) with this system.

Are winnings guaranteed?

The short answer to this question is yes and no. on one hand when a player is using the Fibonacci betting system and hits a sustained winning streak then yes, wins will most certainly be guaranteed. Not only are wins guaranteed in this particular scenario, they will also be much higher than they would be with other positive progression betting systems. The chances of loss are also minimized since only a portion of the previous win is used to finance the next hand. On the other hand, a losing streak will see the player going back to the minimum unit possible and being forced to stick with this bet size until the next winning streak hits.


Is the Fibonacci betting system worth it?

In its essence the Fibonacci betting system is superior to almost every other positive progression betting system available. This is because the number sequence is not only gradual but also structured to avoid the risk of doubling any bets on winning had s or streaks. On the downside the Fibonacci betting system requires a long winning streak in order for it to be effective which may not happen for quite a while. We would however still recommend this system if used in conjunction with another, more advanced system such as card counting.


  • The system is based on a positive progression
  • In comparison to other progression betting system, it is safer
  • If you are in a winning streak it is great for maximizing your profits


  • Do an online casino comparison and find an online casino that allows you to play online Blackjack games in practice/demo mode
  • Learn the Fibonacci number sequence as well as the way the next number in the sequence is achieved. Knowing this as second nature will help to make decisions faster in a real money Blackjack game
  • Use the Fibonacci betting system in conjunction with a card counting system, this way you will have a better idea of when long winning stakes are due and can take full advantage of them
  • Do an online casino bonus comparison and find one that offers a good welcome bonus so you can get a bigger bankroll to start with