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If you are looking for a Blackjack system that is a bit easier to understand and implement than a more complex system like card counting, then perhaps you should explore the Paroli strategy for blackjack. This system has been around for a long time and many Blackjack players have used it with success. You can find plenty of Blackjack games to use this system on when you do a basic online casino comparison of the games offered. The system is thought to have been invented in France by a mathematician named Blaise Pascal, who also happens to be the original inventor of the Roulette wheel! In its simplest form, the Paroli betting system is essentially a positive progression betting system and devotees of the system swear by it for its simplicity and potential to make huge profits.

Important facts about Paroli strategy

  • The very old system – tried and trusted
  • Easy to learn and implement
  • Invented by Blaise Pascal – the father of the Roulette wheel
  • Positive progression betting system
  • Great for beginners to advanced players

Paroli Strategy for Blackjack Basics

As we have mentioned, the Paroli strategy is classified as a positive progression betting system which simply means that for every winning bet you increase your wager by a specific amount. In the case of Paroli, the system works in a cycle that begins with a single unit wager. There is no fixed rule as to the value of the single wager, you can choose to go with whatever the table minimum is or an amount that you are most comfortable with.

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The way that this system works is very simple, that is why it is so popular, particularly with novice Blackjack players as well as more experienced players who prefer one of the simpler blackjack betting systems and strategies that are available. In its most basic form, the player will start with a single unit and, if the bet wins, will increase the bet by double. This positive progression will continue in doubles to a certain point at which time the cycle will revert back to the original bet.

Paroli Strategy For Blackjack

Paroli Blackjack system basics

The Paroli Strategy

In practice

We understand that the Paroli strategy is a simple positive progression betting system that increases bets by double on each successive winning hand, but at what point does the cycle change? The trick with the Paroli System is that the positive progression only continues for three consecutive winning hands at which point the cycle reverts back to the original bet of one unit. The reason for this is quite simple if one was to continue doubling bets on each consecutive hand eventually you would have a losing result, this is simply the law of averages. The result would be catastrophic and you could potentially lose a great deal of money if there isn’t a limit put in place. Here is a more visual sort of example of the Paroli strategy for blackjack:

  • First hand – Bet 1 unit – Result: win (the single unit can be a value that you determine)
  • Second hand – Bet 2 units – Result: win
  • Third hand – Bet 4 units – Result: win
  • Fourth hand – Bet 1 unit to return the progression to the beginning

This short video explains the Paroli system in a very clear way and also demonstrates how the system can be applied to different casino games:


  • The Paroli strategy for blackjack is a positive progression betting system
  • Start with a single betting unit and determine a size (amount) that you’re comfortable with
  • Double your bet on winning hands
  • Revert back to the beginning of the cycle after three consecutive winning hands

Advantage and disadvantages

Of the Paroli method

As with many of the older and simpler betting systems, there are quite a few flaws that often outweigh the positives that one can gain from using them. On the positive side, the Paroli method is simple and easy to learn. In fact, learning the Paroli system literally only takes a few seconds to process and apply. This is ideal for beginner players who have not really adapted any other basic Blackjack strategies into their game yet. However, while the system is ideal for beginners, it is too simple to be an effective Blackjack strategy on its own. The fact is that a normal Blackjack game is not as predictable as this system wishes it was. Yes, it is possible to win three hands (or more) in a row but it is also just as likely that you will lose just as many and more in a row. There are no built-in tips and tricks in the Paroli method to help you deal with a long losing streak save to keep betting single units until the tide turns. The Paroli Blackjack strategy also does nothing to affect the house edge in your favour (reduce the house edge) and has no actual mathematical benefits (despite its mathematical origins). The only way this method could help you in practice is if you had to use it in your arsenal of tips and tricks to help you decide on how much to bet during an online Blackjack game.


Screenshot 78

Paroli Strategy for Blackjack Chances and Risks

On the surface, the Paroli method seems to make sense and is a good system for beginners to start with. The reasons for this are that the system is simple and easy to understand. New players can introduce the system into their game after just a few minutes of study. The system is however too simple for any real results in Blackjack. Let’s take a look at the chances and risks of the system in the following three main points:


Paroli Blackjack Risks

Paroli Blackjack system risks and rewards

Who is most suitable for the strategy?

As previously mentioned, the Paroli betting system is designed to be used by any player of any level of experience. That being said, the truth of the matter is that the system is just too simple for experienced players to achieve the results that they are expecting. The system is best left to beginners who will benefit from a simpler and less intimidating introduction to Blackjack betting systems. Slightly more advanced players can take a look at something like the Kelly Criterion Blackjack betting system for something more advanced and ultimately useful in a real game.

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How high is the risk?

The risk in using the Paroli system is worth noting as there are more negatives to consider than there are positives. The Paroli system is similar to other older betting systems like the Parlay system and can be thought of as a pyramid in which bets are repeatedly stacked at ever-increasing amounts. The problem ultimately is that in this system of a three-bet cycle, you will either win a fairly small amount if all goes well and you manage a winning streak of three bets or you will lose the profits that you made on your first two hands if all does not go according to plan.

Are winnings guaranteed?

The question of whether or not winnings are guaranteed using this system can best be answered in the following way. If you are only considering the very short term of three bets per cycle, then yes, the wins are potentially guaranteed because the context would only apply to winning streaks. The wins are going to be small since the cycle is short. The issue of winnings changes when the cycles are lengthened or when there is a prolonged losing streak, in this case, wins, are most certainly not guaranteed.


Is the Paroli Blackjack betting system worth it?

For beginner players the system does have merits, it is easy to learn and easy to apply. The system also does not take months or years to learn, new players eager to start playing Blackjack can jump right in with the system. The Paroli system uses positive progression betting which is different to a negative progression system like the Martingale system where the player double bets after a losing hand. In that way, Paroli is somewhat superior. However, the system requires a very rigid betting system to be applied to a game where absolute predictions are impossible to make. Successful Blackjack players will combine different methods including card counting as well as increasing bets according to how rich the deck is or poor it may be for that matter. We wouldn’t recommend this system to intermediate or advanced Blackjack players, it would be wiser to invest in a good card counting system or similar advanced Blackjack betting method.


  • The strategy is very easy to understand
  • You don’t need a high amount of capital
  • It has fewer risks compared to other strategies


  • Start with a small bet as your first unit, perhaps the table minimum would be a good place to start
  • Take your time, especially if you are new. There are many decisions to make, hit, stand, and split and so on. The Paroli method will at least take the decision making out of knowing how much to bet each time.
  • Don’t panic if you hit a losing streak, maintain the minimum and apply the cycle once winning hands start coming in.