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Though not quite in the same ball park as other Blackjack betting strategies and systems, Blackjack tournaments have grown in popularity over the years and now include online Blackjack tournaments so taking a look at Blackjack tournament strategy is worthwhile. Blackjack tournaments were first introduced in 1978 by the Sahara Casino in Las Vegas as a way to create more interest in the game of Blackjack. Blackjack tournaments take the conventional structure of Blackjack and tweak it slightly in order to create a new angle on the most played casino game in the world. While conventional Blackjack pits the players against the dealer (the house), Blackjack tournaments take things a step further by not only pitting players against the dealer, but also against each other!

The most important Blackjack tournament strategy facts:

  • Players compete against each other as well as the dealer
  • Tournaments are multi-table events
  • Winning is based on overall number of chips won
  • Complete understanding of basic Blackjack strategy is crucial
  • Tournaments work on a knock out basis


Additional Strategies


Blackjack tournament

Strategy basics

Blackjack tournaments, whether land-based or online, are very exciting and are ideal for true Blackjack enthusiasts as well as serious Blackjack players. The tournaments are designed as knock outs and pit players against each other as well as against the house (dealer). Generally, Blackjack tournaments are based on chip counts, each participant is given a certain amount of chips at the beginning of the tournament (equal amounts) and the winners are those with the most/highest chip count at the end of the tournament. The beginning of a Blackjack tournament will typically see a number of tables being slowly whittled down to just a single final table as players are eliminated one after the other. Generally, the tournament will determine how players are eliminated from the competition, either after a certain number of hands has been dealt or when a player’s entire chip stack has been depleted. Players who make it to the end of the tournament are awarded prizes based on the number of chips they have left. The key here is essential to attempt to survive as long as possible and to make it to the end of the tournament with as many chips as possible. This is where determining and implementing a Blackjack tournament strategy comes into play. This includes knowing how many chips to bet and when to bet more and when to bet less. A good knowledge of basic blackjack strategy is also a key factor.


Blackjack tournament strategy

Explained by example

Blackjack tournament strategy is all about controlling the size of your bet and knowing when to bet big and when to bet small. The first part of your Blackjack tournament strategy is to make conservative bets at the beginning of the tournament while you get your bearings. Once you have played a few rounds you will begin to develop a better idea of where you are in the tournament in relation to other players. One you have determined that, you will be able to bet accordingly. One of the most important factors that will determine your success or failure at a Blackjack tournament is how well you know and understand basic Blackjack strategy.

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This short and very informative video clearly illustrates all the important tips and tricks that are most useful for a solid Blackjack tournament strategy:


  • Familiarize yourself with a basic Blackjack strategy, consult basic Blackjack strategy charts to understand how to bet and when
  • Using a progressive betting system will help you accumulate chips faster if used in the right way.
  • Pay attention to the button: the player who is last to act on the last round has the biggest advantage as they can get a better idea of what each of their opponents is going to do.
  • In tournament Blackjack you don’t have to win all the chips, you just have to win more than your opponent!

Online Blackjack tournament strategy

Advantages and disadvantages

The advantages to adopting a solid Blackjack tournament system far outweigh any possible disadvantages that might be associated with it, in fact it is more of a disadvantage to you if you do not employ a good Blackjack tournament strategy before going in to a Blackjack tournament. Utilizing a good Blackjack tournament strategy will help you to determine when to make bigger bets and when to slow it down and make more conservative bets. Part of your Blackjack tournament strategy should also incorporate a basic progressive betting system which will help you to accumulate chips faster, another advantage. Disadvantages occur mostly when the tournament strategy itself is flawed. In other words, you do not have a good grasp of basic Blackjack strategy and you do not understand how to bet in a way that will see you progress through the tournament.


Chances and risks of Blackjack

Tournament system

Within the Blackjack tournament context, the proper implementation of a proper strategy will increase chances of winning and significantly decrease risks of exiting the tournament earlier. We can apply the three basic questions to determine if the Blackjack tournament strategy would work for you:

Who is this strategy suited for:

The simple answer to that question is everyone. Every player, regardless of whether they are a novice Blackjack player, intermediate or expert can benefit and use the system to their advantage. Of course new players to the tournament format, even very experienced Blackjack players will not do so well without the use of a Blackjack tournament strategy. Using the strategy will help you to accumulate chips faster and also help determine when to change betting sizes.


How high is the risk?

Naturally with a game like Blackjack online there is always going to be some risk involved, even and perhaps especially in a tournament situation. The Blackjack tournament system will actually help to reduce the risk factor quite a bit by simply introducing elements that make the decision making process somewhat easier and various elements within the tournament environment more manageable and somewhat more predictable thanks to basic Blackjack strategy that uses a specific predetermined answers for virtually every possible outcome in a normal and of blackjack.

Are winnings guaranteed?

While winnings at a Blackjack tournament are not guaranteed per se, using Blackjack tournament strategy will most certainly increase the chances of winning exponentially. Using proper Blackjack strategy coupled with a progressive betting plan will help the player make better decisions that ultimately result in more wins more often throughout the tournament, right up until the final stages.


Is Blackjack tournament strategy worth it?

Employing a  strategy in a Blackjack tournament is most certainly worth it as the strategy will help to determine when it is best to start making bigger bets and when it is more prudent to make smaller bets. Not only does using a Blackjack tournament strategy help with determining bet sizes it can also help you to make the right decision for each and every hand that you are dealt. In other words, a good system will incorporate a good basic Blackjack strategy. A basic Blackjack strategy is like a blueprint and tells you how you should react to any given hand, that is: hit or stand, split or double down. Here are some more tips and tricks that can help you in tournament situation:


  • Easy to use and suitable for beginners
  • Choose a good positive progression betting system to help you accumulate chips faster
  • No advanced techniques necessary


  • Study the game in detail
  • Get some good basic Blackjack strategy charts and memorise them before the tournament
  • The last chair at the table has the advantage as he can see what each opponent does in terms of betting decisions
  • Make sure that you understand thoroughly the basic Blackjack betting system before attempting to enter any Blackjack tournaments, live or online.