Double Street Quad Strategy & System

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While being quite a mouthful to say, the Double Street Quad strategy for Roulette betting is also a very interesting take on the popular hunt for the perfect Roulette betting system. The Double Street Quad system offers a number of advantages over more basic even money type betting systems such as the D’Alembert strategy or some trend betting strategies that focus on basic outside betting. The Double Street Quad strategy is also favoured by many experienced Roulette players who swear by its inherent budget-friendly and low-risk properties. According to many practitioners of the Double Street Quad System for Roulette betting, the system allows players on a tight playing budget the opportunity to preserve previous gains made at the table.

Key Double Street Quad Strategy facts:

  • More advanced than basic even money betting systems
  • Covers a number of inside betting options
  • Offers players on a tight budget a few good betting options
  • Relatively low risk

Double Street Quad Strategy Basics

The Double Street Quad strategy allows Roulette players who want to venture into the inside grid on the Roulette table a few interesting betting options. Using the system will allow the following inside bet coverage to occur:

  • 2 x double street bets
  • 1 x corner bet
  • 1 x straight-up bet

This combination effectively covers seventeen numbers. Players can then places chips according to this structure:

  • 2 chips on each of the double street bets 4 chips in total)
  • 1 chip on the corner bet
  • 1 chip on the straight-up bet

The double street bets are the equivalent of two-line bets, covering a total of twelve numbers. Another way to divide it is to look at it as four rows of three numbers each. The double street bet chips are placed on adjacent rows and payout at 5:1. Each bet then totals six chips in outlay with a possible profit of four units. The corner bet covers four numbers and the chip for this bet is placed in the middle of a four-block square. The win for a corner bet is 8:1 and considering the 6 chip outlay, your net gain will be two units (8-6=2). The straight-up bet is a single number bet and these payout at 35:1, using the same 6 chip outlay/profit ratio, you’re looking at a net profit of 29 units (35-6=9).

Double Street Quad Strategy Example2

The Double Street Quad strategy by example

To apply the Double Street Quad strategy to a real-life table situation, let’s assume the player does the following: The player chooses his straight-up bet number 32 and places a chip directly on the number. He then places his 1 chip corner bet on the numbers 30, 29, 27 and 26. He then covers the two double street bets covering the numbers 16-21 on one bet and the numbers 4-9 with two chips a piece on each bet. Once the Roulette wheel spins anything can happen and the player could either lose all 6 units or have one or more bets come in. Watch this video on the Double Street Quad strategy to get a different perspective on this interesting system:


  • Bets are placed on various inside options
  • 2 units per line bet totalling 4 units
  • 1 unit for the corner bet
  • 1 unit for the straight-up bet
  • A total of 6 units is wagered for each spin

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Advantages and disadvantages of the Double Street Quad system

The advantages of this particular system include allowing basic exploration of the inside roulette grid which many players find somewhat intimidating. The system also offers a variety of options all rolled into one single strategy and the initial outlay of 6 units is fairly small for a potentially big win, particularly if the straight-up bet comes in at 35:1. The fact that there are basically four areas of the inside grid covered increases the chances of at least one of them paying off.

Double Street Quad Strategy Example


Naturally, there are also a few obvious disadvantages to this system. There is a good chance that none of the best wins at all in which case you have to re-bet 6 units again. If you do not have a strong bankroll this type of strategy could prove costly over a long game. The system takes time and patience to develop and should rather be thought of as an investment in a long term plan. This makes it not ideal for players looking to either score a big inside grid win or play the risker but simpler outside betting games which are offered by betting systems such as the Martingale betting system.

Screenshot 86

Chances and risks of the Double Street Quad strategy

The Double Street Quad strategy is a very interesting approach to getting more into the often intimidating inside grid of the Roulette table but is this a good system for everyone and what are the risks that are inherent in the system? Let’s examine these questions in the following way:

Who is suitable for the strategy?

While the name alone may seem a bit intimidating or overly complicated, the actual structure of the system is fairly straightforward. The system is easy enough to learn and implement so from that point of view we would say that this strategy could potentially suit all types of Roulette players and all levels of experience. The only potential issue would be that each bet requires a minimum outlay of 6 units on each spin and this may not be realistic for novice players who are just starting out with Roulette betting.

  • 73% Beginner
  • 80% Advanced
  • 88% Pro

How high is the risk?

When compared to some of the other Roulette betting systems that we have covered, the risk is far lower. This is mainly because the Double Street Quad strategy is neither a negative progression betting strategy nor is it a positive progression betting strategy. The system focuses on covering the inside grid of the Roulette table and therefore there is no increase in the basic 6 unit bet. The potential for risk will increase however none of the bets per spin actually win and repeated bets of 6 units could add up.

Are winnings guaranteed?

As we have said before, there are no real guaranteed wins in Roulette (or any other gambling game). One can say that, based on the coverage of the Roulette table, the chances of winning are much higher than if one were to only place a single bet. Some players place a single straight-up bet expecting it to win when it only has alone in thirty-six chance of doing so. Betting on a number of different types of inside bets increases the chance of winning exponentially.


Is the Double Street Quad strategy worth it?

We definitely think that the Double Street Quad strategy for Roulette betting is worth trying at least once. If for nothing else, the system is a great way to get into the more complex and exciting world of inside Roulette betting. The system covers quite a lot of real estate and will also give new players an insight into the different types of inside bets that are possible. Once player understands the Double Street Quad strategy, they can also modify it to suit different goals. Read more tips and tricks here about the Double Street Quad strategy.


  • The reward in comparison to the risk is enormously good
  • You can use this strategy effectively even as a beginner
  • You have a clear structure for the betting system


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