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Ever since the game of Roulette was first introduced to the world over two hundred years ago, players have been trying to come up with different systems to try and beat the house as well as conquer the very random nature of a Roulette wheel and ball combination. From the slightly outrageous negative progression betting systems of Martingale and, to a lesser extent, the D’Alembert strategy, through to the more sensible positive progression betting systems found in methods like Paroli, all with the single goal of overcoming the wheel. Now we introduce to you another, albeit lesser well-known Roulette strategy simply called Follow the Leader strategy for Roulette betting. This betting system distinguishes itself somewhat from both the negative progression betting systems and the positive progression betting systems mentioned above in that it is neither of them. Follow the Leader is more focused on dealing with outside bet odds of which colour (black or red) or number (odds and evens) will come up and what you should do next.

Most important Roulette Follow the Leader strategy facts:

  • This is not a negative or positive progression betting system
  • The basic concept that is easy to understand and apply to a real game
  • Used in conjunction with outside betting on red/black or odds/evens
  • Can be used in conjunction with other betting strategies or systems

Follow the Roulette Leader strategy Basics

One of the key principles behind the logic of the Follow the leader system is the theory of trends that occur in Roulette with regards to either red or black or odd and even numbers coming up for long sequences or streaks at a time. In this way the Follow the Leader strategy is similar to other trend betting systems. The idea behind the strategy is to predict what the next colour or number will be and act on it. In its simplest and most basic application, the Follow the Leader strategy dictates that, if the Roulette ball lands on red after a spin, then we must bet on red for the next spin. Put in another way, Following the Leader means following the Roulette ball on the wheel.


Follow the Leader Strategy Roulette

Follow the Leader system on Roulette

Explained further by example

The Follow the Leader strategy is not a progression betting method in and of itself. It is more of a guide to choosing the next bet and does not deal with how much that next bet should be, that decision is left up to the player. Some Roulette players do combine the Follow the Leader strategy with other betting systems, either positive or negative progression systems, depending on their preferences. The Follow the Leader system works with even money (1:1 or 50/50) bets and a typical sequence would look something like this:

  • Red was the result of the last bet so you start with a 1 unit bet on red
  • Redwings again
  • Bet 1 unit on red again
  • The result of the next spin is that black comes in so you lose
  • Double your bet (if you choose) and place it on black (2 units on black)
  • The result of the next spin is black comes in so you win the 1 unit you lost previously plus 1 unit restart
  • Repeat the process again with another 1 unit bet on black
  • In the event that the ball lands on green, place your units on the opposite colour to the one you were currently betting on (if red, bet black, and vice versa).

As you can see from the above scenario the concept is quite simple to employ. Watch the following video which also deals with the Follow the Leader system in a real Roulette game. While the video is in German, one can easily follow along with the player’s actions:


  • The Follow the Leader strategy uses even money or outside bets
  • Although the system is not in and of itself a betting progression system, most players use one in conjunction with it
  • The system follows the Roulette ball, hence the name ‘Follow the Leader’
  • If the ball lands on red then bet on red for the next round, if it lands on black then switch to black for the next round

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Advantages and disadvantages of the Follow the Leader system for Roulette

Like any of the Roulette betting systems and strategies that we have examined thus far, all offer advantages and disadvantages. The Follow the Leader system utilizes the same principles as trend betting and this can sometimes pay off if one manages to hit on a sustained streak for long enough to make a profit. The system is very simple and will be easy for even the most novice of Roulette player to simply incorporate into their next game.

Roulette Strategies

There are of course disadvantages to the system and most of them have to do with the long game. While it is true that in the short term one is able to recover lost bets when using this system, this plan will eventually fail I the string of results do not go in your favour and your bets start to climb to the table limit and beyond! Therefore it is safe to say that this system is best used for short plays at the table and should not be considered as a reliable method for serious play.

Screenshot 90

Chances and risks

With the Follow the Leader on Roulette

We have just examined all of the possible advantages and disadvantages of using the Follow the Leader strategy. Now let’s have a look at the risks in greater detail as well as who the strategy is best suited for in the following three questions:

Who is the System Suited For?

The Follow the Leader strategy is very simple and is probably one of the simplest Roulette betting strategies you will ever likely come across. The strategy is therefore well-suited to novice players as well as casual Roulette players who wish to experiment with different Roulette betting systems. The system only works well with a short Roulette game and is therefore not well suited for more advanced or serious Roulette players.

Screenshot 91

How high is the risk?

In the short term, the system is fairly low risk. One of the main reasons for this is that Follow the Leader is not, in and of itself, a progression betting system – positive or negative. The system simply guides the player in choosing the next bet. However, the risk does increase significantly when the betting cycle starts to grow and more and losing bets start to accumulate. In chasing the winning bet players can easily hit or exceed the table limit and lose their entire stake.

Are winnings guaranteed?

Again, if the Follow the Leader strategy is used over a fairly short game, then winnings are far more likely, although to say that winnings are guaranteed is definitely a stretch at the very least. The longer the game goes on the more likely it is that the player will lose their stake and this risk is doubled if they are also employing a progression betting system


For a short game or playing just for fun, one can find some worth in the Follow the Leader strategy. The system is very easy to learn and there is virtually no learning curve at all, simply follow the Roulette ball and bet accordingly. We would not recommend the system for serious Roulette players however as there are far better systems worth considering and the risk of soaring betting stakes over long strings of opposite hits is too much. If you do choose to use this system, however, then check out our cool tips and tricks for your next game.


  • The strategy uses the appearances of trends in roulette
  • In its basic variation, it is easy to use and implement, but it can get more complex in combination with other strategies
  • You should use the strategy only for short term bettings


  • Start off with the smallest possible bet size for your betting unit, try the table minimum for starters
  • We offer an in-depth online casino comparison page along with a casino bonus comparison section that can help you find the ideal online Roulette casino to play at
  • Choose demo or practice mode games to refine and perfect your betting strategies