Trend Strategy Roulette:

Best Tips & Tricks for This System

Trend strategy is one of the lesser-known roulette betting systems but, like most others, it revolves around even money bets (Red or Black, Odd or Event, etc.). Trend betting system is all about catching streaks to help you win more money than you would have you played without a plan. However, it is not just about winning; it is also about knowing when to quit as there is no such a thing as an endless winning streak. This article aims to teach you the ins and outs of this particular strategy and share with you some important tips to help you come out ahead.

Trend Strategy Fact-Sheet:

  • Simple, easy to use strategy for both beginners and experienced players
  • Focuses on even money bets
  • Limits losses and helps with bankroll management
  • A good system for more risk-averse players

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Good 8/10

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Trend Strategy Basics

How to Start?

As mentioned in the introduction, the Trend strategy is all about recognizing streaks and patterns and riding them all the way to victory. Every streak starts with two in a row. It doesn’t matter if it is two red numbers or two even numbers, you need to have two of the same in a sequence for a streak to begin.

Once you’ve recognized the streak, you can start betting placing your first bet on the Black in this scenario. You will keep betting the same colour until you lose. Once that happens, you need to stop and wait for a new streak to begin.

Trend Strategy Roulette


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Trend Strategy

Step by Step

Here’s a simple and easy to follow the example for understanding the Trend system.

You begin by waiting for the ball to drop into any two black numbers. Once this happens, you can start betting the desired amount, called a unit. Let’s say your unit is $5.

  • Bet $5 on Black and win (+$5)
  • Bet $5 on Black and win (+$5)
  • Bet $5 on Black and win (+$5)
  • Bet $5 on Black and lose (-$5)
  • Stop and wait for another streak to begin (Red or Black)

In the above example, we can see that the total win from this particular streak is $10, which is a decent return after only four spins. Should you start by losing your bet immediately, you need to refer to the last step and stop betting, waiting once again for the streak to occur.

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The trend strategy will work even better in casinos that have the “En Prison” rule, as explained in our roulette rules as it will give you an extra shot at spinning or taking back half of your bet. This is one of those extra tips and tricks that can help you reduce the house edge just a bit further.

Martingale Strategy How To Win



  • Start betting once the streak begins
  • Bet the same amount on every spin for as long as the streak continues
  • As soon as you lose, stop betting
  • Wait for the new streak to begin


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Advantages and Disadvantages of the Trend System

First and foremost, the Trend strategy is very simple to follow and it is very hard to get confused. You simply stick to trends and if you play online roulette you will have all important stats available to you at all times.

This strategy also limits your losses, as you always bet a fixed amount of units, without using the mathematical progression inherent to so many other roulette strategy systems. One of the best tips anyone can give you about gambling is to always keep your cool and this system will help you do exactly that, as you will never go over your head.

Disadvantages Strategy Roulette

On the other hand, the strategy doesn’t eliminate the casino’s edge, so you still have a slight losing expectation over a large sample. It can also be a bit dull, as you will have to wait for streaks to begin before placing a bet. On a bad day, you could spend more time waiting than actually playing.

Finally, while this strategy contains tricks to preserve your bankroll and stop you from losing your head, it also limits your potential winnings even if you have a very lucky streak (unlike reverse martingale for example, so it may not be the best choice for thrill-seekers.


  • Easy to follow a strategy
  • Limits losses and preserves your bankroll
  • Helps you keep your cool


  • Doesn’t eliminate the casino’s edge
  • Can be dull at times
  • Limits your potential winnings when you catch a lucky streak

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Chances and Risks

Is Trend for Me?

Who is suitable for the strategy?

The Trend strategy is suitable for beginner players because of its simplicity and the inbuilt bankroll protection that comes with it. There are really no hidden tricks about this system: what you see is what you get, and novice players will be able to appreciate that. On the other hand, more experienced players can still occasionally use Trend betting as a part of their routine at the table because, with little luck and patience, it can net you a decent daily profit.

  • 91% Beginner
  • 83% Advanced
  • 85% Pro

How high is the risk?

The risk involved with this strategy is really minimum as there is no mathematical progression involved, so if you start with 30 or 40 betting units, you are very unlikely to go broke. It can still happen on a particularly bad day, but for the most part, your losses will be controlled and limited. Of course, your potential winnings will be limited as well, so it goes both ways. If you are looking for a big roulette win, this may not be your favourite. In the event you need a boost to your initial bankroll, make sure to check our Casino Bonus Comparison page.

Are winnings guaranteed?

Unfortunately, there is no roulette strategy that can guarantee you will walk away from a winner, and the Trend system is no different in that regard. It will help you limit your losses and give you a shot at a decent win when you pick a few lucky streaks, but the casino will still have an advantage and this strategy will not turn you into a certain winner.

That said, of all strategies out there, this one is probably the most conservative and it is a great pick for people unwilling to risk too much but still, want to test their luck. If you are looking for a place to test this new strategy, do head over to our Online Casino Comparison page to find the best places for online roulette players.

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Is the Trend System Worth It?

Like with all other strategies, the most important question players have is: is it worth it? Does it make sense to spend a few hours at the roulette table applying this strategy?

The answer to this question is not one-sided. The Trend system is not likely to bring a big win on any particular day, but due to its conservative nature, you should be netting more winning than losing days. The wins will be moderate, losses will not be excessive, so if you enjoy playing roulette and prefer to walk out with a small profit more often than not, this strategy will be worth it for you.


  • Simple and easy to follow a strategy
  • Revolves around the idea of streaks
  • Uses conservative approach to bankroll management
  • No mathematical progression
  • Limits both potential wins and potential losses
  • Should provide you with a lot of small winning days


  • Before playing with real money sign up with an online casino that offers a practice or demo mode
  • Make sure that the casino offers a good welcome bonus that you can use to boost your bankroll