Vary Your Bets Strategy Slots:

Best Tips & Tricks for this System

Although this is not one of the mainstream systems for playing slots, varying your bets strategy can be quite effective and can increase the level of enjoyment as long as you combine it with the bankroll management strategy. Varying your bets when playing will enable you to occasionally play spins that are outside of your bankroll because you offset these bets by sometimes playing significantly lower than you would if you followed strict and straightforward bankroll management rules. This system is a bit of touch and goes in that it doesn’t have clearly defined rules so you will have to use your best judgment, combined with tips from this article, to make it work.

Vary Your Bets Strategy Slots Quick Guide

  • This strategy lets you occasionally play higher than you should in theory.
  • Higher bets are offset by smaller denomination wagers thrown in for the balance.
  • Varying your bets gives you a chance to win big.
  • The strategy, if applied correctly, shouldn’t have a negative impact on your bankroll.

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Vary Your Bets Strategy Slots Fundamentals

The basic idea behind the vary your bets system is to combine your bet sizes in such a manner as to give you at least a few spins in every hundred or so rounds during which you could really strike gold. To offset this and still stay within the limits of your bankroll, you naturally have to also play significantly lower bets which basically can’t pay a big amount even if you hit a strong combo.

This strategy is not only about winnings, either. By constantly varying the size of your wager, you will feel more involved with the game and will experience a much bigger thrill while playing online slots.

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Vary Your Bets Strategy Slots by Example

Up & Down the Pay-table

To explain the vary your bets strategy let us take an example of a well known and very popular Cleopatra slot. This is a 20-line slot with a minimum bet of 1 credit and a maximum of 30 credits per line. This means that you could be wagering anywhere between 1 and 500 credits on a single spin. Translated into money, one spin could cost you anything from £0.05 (playing a single line on the minimum bet) to £500 if you played all the lines on the maximum bet.

Say you had £500 to play with. Adhering to sound betting rules, you should probably not bet more than £1 per spin. That way you would give yourself 500 spins straight up, which usually provides for a lot of play and numerous opportunities to win. However, it also limits the amount of money you can win as you will never play above the £1 per spin.

This strategy does rely on luck to a certain extent, but that’s what makes it fun. With £500, you could start betting much lower, say £0.40 per spin for a few dozen spins, and then increase your bet to £4 per spin. Let’s take a look at how the numbers stack up.

  • For 100 spins with varying bets: 50 x £0.40 + 15 x £4 + 35 x £1 = £115
  • For 100 spins straight up: 100 x £1 = £100

The number of spins you want to play for any given bet increase is not set in stone so you can test different bet sizes and try your luck. The above example demonstrates an approach to vary your bets strategy which is not slightly more expensive than the straight-up approach. However, you give yourself 15 chances on every 100 spins to trigger the bonus feature or hit a big pay line playing four times higher than usual.

Of course, you can introduce some of your own tricks for this system, perhaps even playing a few spins on a much higher bet. The important thing is to always try and stay close to a total amount for 100 spins not too far outside more traditional bankroll management.

The Cleopatra slot is just one example is you can use this strategy for pretty much any slot of your choosing. To find the games to your liking check out our online casino comparison guide to see what’s being offered these days.


  • Figure out your total bankroll amount and determine the average bet per spin.
  • Devise a varying betting system with total bets per 100 spins not too far outside traditional bankroll management rules.
  • In every 100 spins, play some spins on a bet significantly higher than your usual amount.
  • Offset these big bets by playing a few dozen spins on a smaller denomination.

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Pros & Cons of Vary Your Bets System

What’s the Upside?

The advantages of varying your bets system may not be that clear-cut, but they certainly exist. First of all, most people play slots for the thrill and possibility of a big score. This strategy is devised in such a way to give you more shots at that big payday while not stretching your bankroll too thin. Unlike some other slots strategies, which try to help you preserve your money and slowly build your roll, this one is aimed at helping you win more in a shorter time span.

Another very clear advantage of this approach is the fact that it gets you more involved with the actual gameplay. Your playing experience will, therefore, be much more enjoyable and satisfying as opposed to hitting the auto-play button or mindlessly clicking the spin button over and over again. It will feel more like you are actually playing the game, not just waiting for the results.

But this direct involvement of the player may also be a downside. This system will require a player to keep exact track of his bets and change the amounts accordingly. For some, this may seem like too much of a hassle. Certain players enjoy simply looking at the reels spin and fall as they may.

There is also the fact that you will need to come up with a betting system. Tips from this article should help you a great deal in doing this, but in the end, you will have to find a system that you are the most comfortable with based on your bankroll and propensity for risk-taking.


  • Increases possibility of a big score
  • Still maintains a reasonable bankroll management
  • Gets a player more involved with the game


  • Direct involvement is required, which some players may not like.
  • You will have to devise your own betting system
  • A lot of self-control is required to apply this strategy correctly

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Chances & Risks

What to Expect With This System?

For whom is that strategy suitable?

This strategy is geared towards more experienced players since it requires a player to not only devise their own pattern of bets but also stick to it closely. Less experienced players will be tempted to play too many spins on the higher denomination and this can be very costly for the bankroll. The whole point of this approach is varying your bets often to stay in the game for a long time but also give yourself a few extra chances for that big payday.

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How high is the risk?

If you do the numbers right, this strategy is no riskier than the traditional bankroll management system which uses the 500 x bets rule. It may be observed as a counterpart of the setting your win limits strategy as it goes in the opposite direction.

The moment when this strategy becomes risky is when the player throws away the caution and starts introducing more spins on the higher denomination or increasing the denomination. If your initial 15 spins turn into 25, you are already way off base and should take a step back to return to the right track.

Are wins guaranteed?

As we keep pointing out, there are no hidden tricks that can guarantee you will win playing online slots. This strategy is no different in that regard, as it only gives you a better chance to win more, but it doesn’t increase the odds of winning.

There are some additional tips that can help you along the way. One of them is to always seek out good bonus offers. The importance of bonuses for slots players cannot be overstated and that’s why we have such a detailed casino bonus comparison section. This is an invaluable resource that everyone should use freely and extensively.

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Is Vary Your Bets Strategy Slots Worth It?

As mentioned in the introduction, this is one of those strategies that players either love or hate. It is not something that can actually swing the odds in your favour in any way so it has more to do with the type of player you are.

Those who enjoy the thrill of chasing a big win but don’t have a big bankroll will probably find this system appealing. For those with a more straightforward approach, this strategy may seem like too much hassle for very little gain. Ultimately, the choice is yours to make, but this system can be a nice way to break the routine and these tips & tricks will let you try something new while playing the same games you play every day.


  • Vary your bets strategy is an excellent choice for thrill-seekers with smaller bankrolls.


  • Stay within the bankroll management rules while chasing a big win.
  • Move through different bet denominations and try to hit a jackpot or trigger a bonus feature while playing on the high end of the spectrum.
  • Tailor your betting patterns in such a way as to avoid putting your bankroll at risk.