DreamHack Masters Europe Picks

Quarterfinals of DreamHack Masters Europe have already been played and to be honest, we did not see any surprises here. For the upcoming matches, we put in place a solid betting slip for the upcoming DreamHack Masters Europe matches that you should not miss out on.


Mousesports vs GODSENT – Total Maps Played – Over 2.5 @ 1.85
FURIA vs Astralis – Astralis to win @ 1.55


Mousesports vs GODSENT

We believe that this match will be hectic. Both teams are looking really good right now and they are on a winning streak. Out of their last 5, mousesports won all 5 while GODSENT won two in a row. It is also important to mention that both teams tend to lose one map in the series. Out of the last 10 matches these two teams played, 6 of them saw a deciding map played.

When it comes to map pool, GODSENT and mousesports will get a comfortable pick for themselves. After banning Overpass, the German-based CS:GO franchise is left with Inferno which is an excellent pick for them. On the other hand, Nuke is by far the best pick for GODSENT in this one.

From our point of view, it is pointless to discuss any other maps since our bet revolves around the first two maps. To summarize, GODSENT and mousesports are in excellent form right now and they are comfortably winning their picks. Betting on all three maps to be played is a no-brainer.

DreamHack Masters Europe

FURIA vs Astralis

Astralis and FURIA will battle it out for their spot in the grand final of DreamHack Masters Europe. We believe that this match is going to be one-sided and here is why. Despite winning 5 in a row, we believe that the only reason why FURIA won all 5 of their last matches is because of luck. They had 3 series going to a deciding map. On the other hand, Astralis won 3 in a row with style(they did not drop a single map).

As for the map pool. We are not going to see Mirage nor Dust 2. However, Astralis will for sure go for that Inferno pick as they did in their last three bouts. Danish CS:GO squad will go for that Inferno pick once again while FURIA will not mind playing on Inferno either. When it comes to their pick, Brazilians should look for their opportunities on Nuke which will play out in Astralis’ way as well.

On paper, this match seems like a real nailbiter, but we do not believe that this is going to be like that. Now that gla1ve is back as an in-game leader, Astralis once again has that structure and map control. FURIA is way too aggressive and Lukas will have no problems adjusting his teammates to this. All in all, placing a bet on Astralis is definitely a way to go in this match.

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