Every teams in VCT 2022 North America Stage 2 Become Clear

After the two open qualifiers, every team that will take part in VCT 2022 Stage 2 Challengers became clear. Twelve teams will fight each other through the end to earn two Masters slots and give decent chances for esports betting. Here are the teams:

The Guard

North America’s most popular organization in 2022 didn’t have to compete in the open qualifiers to be in Stage 2. Its successful run in Stage 1 allowed the team to hold its slot. After winning the tournament, The Guard couldn’t get what they desired in Masters 1. The young roster bid early farewell to the tournament and returned with an upset result.

OpTic Gaming

Every teams in VCT 2022 North America Stage 2 Become Clear

OpTic Gaming is coming to Stage 2 as the champion of VCT 2022 Masters Reykjavík where they surprise VALORANT betting followers. Besides this achievement providing them a huge confidence, the squad has been performing great recently. Like in Stage 1, OpTic Gaming will be one of the contenders for the championship in this Stage.


Cloud9 also earned a spot in Stage 2 thanks to getting third place back in VCT 2022 NA Stage 1. Finishing the Group Stage in the first place, the lineup wasn’t able to retain its performance during the playoffs. Even though they were one of the favorites, Cloud9 got eliminated in the lower-bracket final and missed the first international event in 2022.


We began to see XSET competing in top tier tournaments of North America. However, the team still couldn’t find the force it needed to lift a trophy. They’re decent, no doubt. But, they need a final push to become one of the greatest. After Stage 1, they didn’t make any roster changes. We will see how it’ll pay off.


They finally did it. After the consecutive disappointments in VALORANT Champions Tour. TSM managed to get into the main stage. The team made big alterations following the upsetting result in Stage 1’s qualifiers and it looks like that decision worked well for them.


We used to see NRG in such high-level events. They competed in last Stage, but couldn’t qualify for the playoffs. Now, the roster is aiming to obtain a better result following the pickup of Ethan from 100 Thieves.

Luminosity Gaming

The same as NRG, Luminosity found their way back to the main stage after competing in Stage 1. Despite featuring many talented players, the roster failed in the playoffs getting successive losses against The Guard and XSET. However, the team has always been a scary opponent in North America. And it’s likely that they’ll continue to be one.

FaZe Clan

FaZe Clan, one of the teams that went through a roster change after missing a chance to play in the first stage, finally earned a spot in the main stage. The organization, which could not participate in any international tournament in 2021, will try to break the devil’s leg this time.

100 Thieves

Every teams in VCT 2022 North America Stage 2 Become Clear

Despite participating in Stage 1, 100 Thieves went through a big change because of the results they got there. First they changed their entire staff, then they established a brand new roster. These changes paid off in the second open qualifiers and the team qualified for the main stage.

Evil Geniuses

VCT 2021 did not go well for Evil Geniuses. The team, which could not pass the open qualifiers last year, took part in Stage 1 this year. However, they just had to settle for that because they didn’t get any wins in the group stage. Despite losing their place in the league, they did not give up and managed to come from the open qualifiers.


Once called the king of North America and winning the first global tournament, Sentinels are far from their old days. Searching for its old days both as a result and in terms of performance, the team succeeded in making it to the main tournament at the last moment.

Ghost Gaming

Hard work finally paid off for Ghost Gaming. Although the organization competed on stage for a long time, it had not been able to make a presence in the VCT. Now it has managed to enter the giant’s league. Although it is very unlikely that they will win the tournament, they will definitely add a color to the league.

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