Everything you need to know about MSI 2022

2022’s first international League of Legends tournament is near. MSI 2022 is preparing to host 11 champions from all around the world. You can find everything related to the event from this article. Don’t miss those to have a better experience in League of Legends betting. Let’s dive into the details.

League of Legends’ traditional international tournament will be held in South Korea this year. With that, a global event will be visited this country years later. The tournament will start on May 10, while it ends on May 29 with the Grand Final.. Normally, 12 teams would compete in the occasion. However, as a result of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the LCL champion will not be able to come here.

MSI 2022 will start with the group stage where each group, except Group C, contains four teams. Due to having a missing slot, Group C will feature three teams this year. Here’s the view of the phase that offers great esports betting opportunities.

Group A:

  • DetonatioN FocusMe (Japan)
  • Saigon Buffalo (Vietnam)
  • T1 (Korea)
  • Team Aze (LATAM)

Group B:

  • Istanbul Wildcats (Turkey)
  • PSG Talon (Taiwan-PCS)
  • Red Canids (Brazil)
  • Royal Never Give Up (China)

Group C:

  • Evil Geniuses (North America)
  • G2 Esports (Europe)
  • ORDER (Okyanusya)

The group stage was determined by the seedings the teams had. In addition, the matches in Group A and Group B will be played in Double Round-Robin format, while Group C will be played as Quadruple Round-Robin. Additionally, all games will be a best-of-one.

Immediately after the group stage, the second Stage, the Rumble, will begin. The teams that finish their groups in the first 2 places will qualify to compete here by going to the next round. The best 6 teams of the groups will meet each other twice in the Rumble stage, and these matches will also be best-of-one. The top four teams will advance to the Knockout, the final stage of the tournament.

No team can afford to lose in the Knockout phase. Because the matches will be played as a Single Elimination-Bracket. However, unlike the previous stages, the matches will be played as best-of-five.

MSI 2022 will be played on Patch 12.8 with a prize pool of $250,000. All participating teams will get their share of the pool in decreasing order.

Even though the occasion will feature 11 champions, there are some teams that are prominent and contenders for the trophy.


Everything you need to know about MSI 2022

The best organization in League of Legends history is returning to the international stage stronger than ever. Finishing LCK 2022 Spring without taking a single loss, T1 also won the playoffs only losing one match in a best-of-five series. Their roster is insane and the Demon King Faker is coming to take the throne again.


China has always been assertive when it comes to the global scene. Especially in recent years where China has become a better region than South Korea. However, RNG aren’t the best team coming into the tournament this time. But still, they are one of the strongest. Barely winning LPL 2022 Spring with a 3-2 result in the Grand Final, RNG will try to catch a miracle against T1.

G2 Esports

Everything you need to know about MSI 2022

G2 Esports came here with an incredible lower-bracket run at LEC 2022 Playoffs. The fresh, young squad of the European giant managed to beat their opponents and claimed the trophy, even though they didn’t perform greatly in the regular season. G2 Esports entered the tournament from Pool 1, but they’re the weakest team of it. Them winning MSI 2022 would shock all League of Legends fans.

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