FIFA Global Series Face-Off Gets Ready for its Second half-time

The community-focused Face-Off show that FIFA is hosting this month is just about to enter its second half. Today, on the 19th, the first four winners were able to leave their mark on the finals – and on the 26th, it’s time for the second half.

Bit more of a break than usually between two halves of a football match, but that doesn’t make the event itself any less fun. And fun it has been. Episode 1 concluded with four players winning big(ish). The four in question are Cory_B, FUTHeda, JDenman9 and Eachveraam17. JDenman9 definitely won the largest part of the 25k USD pot – he and his team walked away with over 20k, with his opponent Eashveraam getting a bit over 4k.

In addition to the overall winners, there were also several teams of players, led by an influencer each, that won some pretty cool merch. The teams that won are Teams Pieface, Matthdgamer, Zweback, and Bateson87. Even viewers won – those who met the eligibility criteria of having a Twitch account linked to their EA account and had an active FUT 21 Club pass were eligible to win either a rare players pack, or Ferenc Puskás Prime ICON Player Item. Not everybody won, but everyone who watched and met the criteria can be selected in the upcoming seven days and receive a prize.

The competition

The casual event was pretty fun, with plenty of interesting interactions and moments between the players – including completely off-topic stuff too. In fact, EA FIFA esports ran a poll asking fans what they thought should be chosen as the moment of the match – only two of the four options directly relate to gameplay, and let’s just say the winning moment is not one of those two.

A quick moment of Ole Ole between two of the players was easily one of the cutest moments we watched in the event. Twitter seems to agree… what do you think?

The continuation

Of course, it’s not all over yet. Even though episode one of the event has now concluded, there is still more to come. Specifically, the second half! On the 26th of March, fans and players alike are back for more. Once again, the second episode will be streamed live on both Twitch and YouTube. Naturally, a whole new lineup of pro players and influencers will play… and once again aim to win part of the second $25k prize pool.

Like in the first episode, regular, non-pro players will once again be featured as part of the event, getting a chance to play with their favorite FIFA personalities – and of course, getting to compete against them as well.

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