Fortnite Odds

An introduction to Fortnite odds


Fortnite betting is becoming more popular. Many bookies offer Fortnite odds, which is why you must find the best of the best. Odds differ depending on the bookmaker. Here’s everything you need to know about Fortnite odds.

Understanding the Betting Odds for Fortnite

The odds for Fortnite are simple to understand, but you should know the different types of odds available.

There are three main types of odds:

Decimal odds

Decimal odds are also referred to as European odds. They’re the most common type of odds in the UK.

We recommend decimal odds for new bettors because they make calculating winning probabilities and seeing your potential profits easy. You can calculate decimal odds by dividing the percentage chance by 100.

American odds on Fortnite

American odds are denoted by a plus or minus sign in front of the odd. Underdogs are represented by plus signs, while favorites are represented by minus signs (+725 and -325)

Fractional odds

As the name implies, fractional odds are traditional odds expressed as a fraction. For example, if the odds are 9/3, you can make a $9 profit on a $4 bet.

Where to Find the Best Odds for Fortnite

There are several sites where you can bet on Fortnite today. Because each of these sites offers different odds, it’s critical to compare them before placing a bet. is one of the best Fortnite betting sites. They have great odds and a large selection of bet types. You can also find some good bonuses at


Betway is another excellent site for Fortnite betting. They provide a wide range of esports markets, including Fortnite and some attractive bonuses.


This website is well-known for its generous odds. They have a straightforward layout and the best odds in town. Overall, Luckbox is one of the best Fortnite betting sites.

This website ensures the safety and security of all of its customers. They also have some of the best odds in the industry, so be sure to check them out if you want to bet on Fortnite.

Market with the Highest Odds

Match winner

The market with the highest odds is typically the match-winner. It has the highest odds because the outcome of a match is more difficult to predict than other markets, such as how many kills a specific player will receive.

Map winner

The map winner is another market with high odds. Bookmakers provide better odds in this market because predicting which team will win a specific map is far more complex.

First Blood

The first blood market has high odds because it is difficult to predict which team will be the first to kill—That’s why bookmakers provide favorable odds in this market.

Combination bets

You can place combination bets besides individual market bets. You can place a bet on two or more outcomes in the same market. As a result, the odds are usually lower than if you bet on each outcome. Combination is an excellent way to increase your potential profits.

Prop bets

Prop bets are another type of bet available in Fortnite. These are bets on specific outcomes that may or may not be related to the match. As a result, prop bets typically have much higher odds than other markets.

Why Odds Changes in Time at The Same Bookmaker

One of the most frequently asked questions is why the odds change at the exact bookmaker. Changes in odds can be because of a variety of factors, including:

Lower player popularity

When esports betting first became popular, not many people bet on Fortnite. As a result, bookmakers set higher odds for each market. This, however, has shifted. As Fortnite has grown in popularity among bettors, bookmakers must provide the best odds possible to compete.

Higher player popularity

The inverse is also true. If an esports star becomes extremely popular, their odds will probably fall because bookmakers are usually more confident in predicting the outcome of a match when one player is likely to win over the other.

A shift in the betting market: If many bettors place bets on a specific outcome, the odds may fall. Similarly, if there are fewer bettors in a particular market, the odds tend to rise.

Why Odds Differ Among Bookmakers

The odds for a specific market can also differ between bookmakers. Each bookmaker will have their own opinion on who is most likely to win a match. As a result, they will set different odds for each market.