FUT Esports lifted trophy at VRL Finals 2022

While VALORANT betting fans’ eyes were on the playoffs of major leagues such as EMEA and North America, the VRL Finals 2022 was a fierce battle. 7 teams took part in the tournament, and at the end of the group and elimination matches, Turkey’s representative FUT Esports won the trophy. Although the winner of this tournament did not qualify for any VCT event, he won a large amount of prize money.

What is VRL Finals?

VRL Finals is a system that debuted on the VALORANT stage as part of the VCT 2022 season. In this system, Europe is divided into a total of 8 regions and local leagues are organized outside of EMEA. The champions of these leagues face each other in the VRL Finals at the end of the Stage and the actual champion is crowned.

What is the prize pool of VRL Finals 2022?

FUT Esports lifted trophy at VRL Finals 2022

VRL Finals 2022 is not among the S Tier tournaments organized during the year. Therefore, the prize pool is lower than the big tournaments. However, it’s also too big to ignore for teams competing in local leagues. The prize pool for the Stage 2 event was €150,000. Champion FUT Esports received €50,000, while runner-up Vitality took home €35,000.

Group Stage

Due to the cancellation of the CIS league for various reasons, 7 teams took part in the VRL Finals 2022. Therefore, the tournament started with 4 teams in Group A and 3 teams in Group B. As soon as the tournament started, surprise results came. TENSTAR and Excel, the favorites of many, surprised everyone with their losses in Group A. Both teams failed to get out of the groups and Case Esports and Vitality took the top 2 spots.

In Group B, the expected of esports betting followers happened. FUT Esports, representing the Turkish league, easily defeated both of their opponents and made it to the playoffs. The other team to advance to the next round was Angry Titans.


The first round matchups in the Playoffs were Angry Titans vs Case Esports and FUT Esports vs Vitality. The matches saw Case Esports and Vitality advance to the next round, while FUT and Angry Titans were relegated to the Lower-Bracket.

FUT Esports’ perfect run started here. They first beat Angry Titans, albeit with difficulty. Then, they crushed Case Esports with a 3-0 result and became Vitality’s final opponent for revenge.

The Grand Final was the perfect comeback story. After stealing the first map from their opponent, Vitality couldn’t maintain their lead. FUT Esports showed tremendous character and took the series from 2-0 to 3-2 to claim the championship. MrFaliN, FUT’s in-game leader, left his mark on the tournament.

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