How to Become a Better Streamer

Have you asked yourself: what is needed to “become a better streamer”?

Streaming platforms (Twitch, YouTube LIVE, Facebook Gaming) have grown in the last few years… And you want to grow with them.

Then it’s time to talk about the qualities (not luck) that differentiate good from bad streamers.

What Makes a Good Streamer

First and foremost, what is to be a “good streamer”?

Some say…


After all, spectators already enjoy watching gameplay, because it feels as if they were playing the game. It’s just about adding your spice. So, think of what entertains YOU.

What do you enjoy doing or watching? Do that and stream it.


First of all, creating and sticking to a schedule will help you organize your entire daily routine, making sure you don’t skip the time you go LIVE nor the rest of your activities.

A schedule also helps your viewers to keep up with your content and it pressures you to not quit after you’ve committed to them.


After all, streaming isn’t always a playful activity. And as with everything in life, things can go wrong. And believe me, viewers can enjoy some mad moments compilations, but they won’t enjoy as much when you go mad on LIVE. Especially if the anger is expressed at them.

How to become a better streamer

What Other Streamers are Doing [Examples]

Omnipresent Content

Cross-pollination doesn’t just apply to insects and wind. In this case, you can notice the best streamers build an audience on more than one platform. They grow in different, therefore, bank on multiple of them.

After all, it’s offline content (Social media posts or YouTube videos) that drive viewers to online transmissions, and not the other way around.

Consistent Branding

Both on the inside and outside out of your channel.

While a great video/audio setup helps you produce more professional content, you should first invest some money or time into a consistent, attractive branding design for your persona and channel. Think of the logo and color palette that your audience will know you for.


Many tools facilitate the process but they often work the same:

Someone gets points for performing different actions that you want them to take. Accumulating points works as accumulating probabilities of winning the incentive you plan to “give-away.”

Do they want in-game currency, merchandise, or gift cards?

Can you afford it? Then go for it!

Gleam Twitch Giveaway

Engage/Connect More with your Viewers 

If the interaction with your viewers is considered the most important part of streaming, then you have to make sure to do all of the following, as many times as possible:

  • Welcome new viewers and call them by their name/username
  • Acknowledge subscriptions and donations
  • Read your chat and answer individual comments/questions
  • Ask questions back to them
  • Compete or play with/against your viewers
  • Commentate: Verbalise what you’re thinking while playing/streaming
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