VALORANT Guide: How to Warm Up Before a Ranked Match

Like every traditional sports branch, warming up is so important in esports. The effects of performing after making muscles ready and waking the body up can’t be denied. What’s more, it isn’t weird for most professional esports players to have warming up routines. So, what can you do before grinding as a casual VALORANT betting user or player? Let’s dig into it.

Wake up, Neo.

Good morning agent, you’re lucky to be awake and find a chance to play your favorite game one more day, but don’t hurry. Looking through a window and getting oxygen, having a good breakfast, then grabbing a coffee will be much better for you. Time to grind.

To Do List

There are multiple third-party softwares designed for players to improve and limber up. Those are well-designed and helpful softwares, but thanks to VALORANT’s practice range, you don’t need them so much. Therefore, we’re going to build our method based on this.

VALORANT Guide: How to Warm Up Before a Ranked Match

Medium Level Bots

We’re going to spend most of our time hunting bots, and medium level bots will be our wingmen during this period. Even though we just started the day, there is no need to decrease the difficulty to the lowest: starting your warm-up with the hardest bots is also against the reality of sport. So, we start the day with hunting medium level bots three times in a row.

Spike Defusing

This training is one of the parts I love in practice range. Thanks to its design and the punishment of hard level bots when you make a mistake, Spike defusing plays a huge role in my routine. This part will help us on crosshair placement alongside peeking while we’re still trying to wake up. My suggestion to you is to complete every try of yours fast, because that way, it’ll be more beneficial. You should continue this section until you defuse the bomb 4 times in a row.

Hi Again Bots!

We defused the bomb and saved the world from this trouble, now we’re going back to hunt the bots for revenge, as medium grade bots have missed us anyway. While our hands started to heat up slowly, we’re going to test ourselves on medium level bots once more. It’s time to increase the difficulty right after that: we move forward to hard level bots to amplify our mouse control. Let’s test our magnificent wrist movements here twice.

VALORANT Guide: How to Warm Up Before a Ranked Match

Getting Used to Movements

Now, we can feel our hands are warmed, in fact, tired a bit. After visiting the hard bots, taking a 2-3 minutes break will be better; remember, the purpose of warming isn’t making you tired and cause low performance, it’s to prepare you to perform better. We’re heading into the moving bots when the break is over. VALORANT’s movement system is quite different from other tactical FPS games, and it takes some time getting used to it, but the game’s practice range has been designed to help the players on this. After working with these bots for 2 minutes, we can leave the practice range.

PS: You should aim for the head in every training level.


Reaching the last step of our warming up, following all the work we made in the practice range, it’s time to enter the deathmatch to continue our schedule. You can leave the game’s sounds on in the first deathmatch to adapt to footsteps, but you have to play your second deathmatch without any sound. Not being able to hear any steps will push you to use your reflexes and will help your flick shots to hit in place, too. While the sound is off, you have to move fast to use counter-strafe.

You are ready for grinding in the ranked mode after nearly thirty minutes of limbering up. Sure, a ranked game contains more dynamics than warming up, but believe me, doing these things is better than going into ranked games right after you wake up. Good luck!

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