LCK Week 1 – Weekend Predictions

To Korea finally, once again taking out the 2020 League of Legends World Championship, the LCK is back at the top as the most competitive region in the world. Being the first week of the LCK, results will provide a good indication towards the standings of the various teams for the Spring season and remaining 2021.


KT Rolsters vs. Liiv Sandbox

Both the KR Rolsters and Liiv Sandbox are currently down 0-1 going into their second game. Liiv Sandbox are a promising new team despite falling slightly behind Nongshim Red Force in the 2020 KeSPA Cup and earlier game this week. KT on the other hand, while a midtier team, were completely outclassed by Gen.G in their first game. However, given KT’s more experienced line-up, they are slightly favoured heading into the match.

Prediction: KT Rolsters 62% l Liiv Sandbox 38%

Dragon X vs. Hanwha Life

The two teams are heading into 2021 with significant roster changes from nearly half their members being newly signed at the end of 2020. DragonX took down Afreeca Freecs, a great sign considering they took a major risk in signing two academy members and one CK player to their starting roster. Hanwha Life too swapped out most of their roster in November of 2020, bringing in big names like Chovy and Deft. The team managed to place top 4 in the 2020 KeSPA Cup, a significant achievement for a team that has struggled to find ground since its creation in 2018.

Prediction: DragonX 53% l Hanwha Life 47%

LCK Chanpionship



Nongshim Red Force vs. DWG KIA

While Nongshim Red Force are a new team, they are considered by many to be to be the underdogs of the 2021 LCK Spring Split. The team looks extremely promising having placed second in the 2020 KeSPA Cup and taking out a win in their first match in the LCK against Liiv Sandbox. However, they will certainly have a tough time in the upcoming match considering they are against DWG KIA, the reigning 2020 League of Legends World Champions. DWG KIA, formerly Damwon Gaming, continue to display their strength past worlds, also claiming first in the 2020 KeSPA Cup.

Prediction: Nongshim Red Force 28% l Damwon Gaming 72%

Afreeca Freecs vs. Fredit Brion

Afreeca Freecs had stagnated as a mid-tier in the LCK for years, however, their decision to sign Bang in late 2020 may turn the team’s fortunes. While they narrowly lost the first Bo3 this year against Dragon X, they managed to take a single match and look much better overall. Fredit Brion, one of the new faces in the LCK, struggled heavily in the 2020 Kespa Cup with a last place finish.

Predictions: Afreeca Freecs 68% l Fredit Brion 32%

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