LCK Betting Guide | How to bet on LCK 2022

The video game League of Legends always has something to share in the esports scene. If you’re not familiar with the MOBA rules, we’ll give you a hint on how they work. First of all, two teams of five players fight against each other in a strategic match. Secondly, each player gets to pick a “champion” or character from the vast rooster. Thirdly, on each half of the map, there’s a significant infrastructure that each team needs to protect.

Like a “King” in chess, the “Nexus” is the main objective to earn a victory. At the same time, you always need to protect the same building. Indeed, depending on the team’s performance, players can win and earn points or a trophy. Anything is possible before the Nexus crumbles, and even the “low level” teams might win if they play well. Therefore, making any LoL Betting opportunities is bot entertaining and nerve-racking.

Through this article, you’ll learn all you need to know to begin your LCK Betting journey. As a result, you’ll even have the opportunity to earn cash without too much effort.

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What is the League of Legends Champions Korea (LCK)?

To start on the right foot, it is recommendable that you learn how this specific tournament works. Hence, you’ll know when it becomes more exciting to make a good bet on LCK 2022.

Even though in this particular tournament, you’ll only find Korean teams, anyone has the potential to use esports betting sites for the matches. In other words, you do not need to live in this country to begin any bet. Everyone has the freedom to make one.

When it comes to the format itself, all the teams form a single “big” group to fight each other for points. All of the matches are “best of three” (BO3). Additionally, after the “Group Stage” is over (March 20th), the top six teams qualify for the “Playoffs.” If any team fails to reach this position, they leave the tournament for good.

Participating Teams

In this season, you’ll find these professional teams:

  • Brion Esports
  • DAMWON Gaming
  • DRX
  • Freecs
  • Gen.G
  • Hanwha Life Esports
  • KT Rolster
  • Nongshim RedForce
  • SANDBOX Gaming
  • T1

As you might already know, everyone officially has the potential to reach the top place and become the best team for Korea. Still, like any other sport out there, you’ll find some groups with better players than others. When the results appear and people accumulate victories, the LCK odds change. Overall, when everyone discovers the top teams, they’ll surely bet for the favorable esports odds.

LCK Betting Tips

Since you already understand the technicalities of this tournament, the next thing to do is learn how to start with any LCK Betting. To help you in that matter, we’ll give you some tips on using the Internet properly. Most noteworthy, it is always recommendable that you begin this journey for its fun.

Outstanding the LCK Trajectory

Even though the LCK Tournament has already begun, there’s enough time to learn about LCK odds. Therefore, you’ll know how to make the best out of these numbers. First of all, if you study the late results, you’ll notice that we already have two big teams. At the moment, both T1 and Gen.G Esports have a noticeable lead against the rest of the participants. Hence, you might consider either team if you want to increase your winning odds.

Moreover, if you study the current “Group Stage” table, you’ll learn that other teams have better results than the rest. For example, DAMWON Gaming, KT Rolster, DRX, and Nongshim Redforce have the same victories and losses. In return, they have better results than the last four teams.

Like any other professional tournament, there’s still time to shape things up in the table and change the ultimate results.

Best esports Betting Sites

At the moment, you can find multiple websites that appear randomly between ads on the Internet. But, between it all, you’ll find that places like 22bet, Luckbox, bet365, Neobet, or Fezbet give you better options. Within each of these places, you’ll get tons of bonuses when you create an account, and all have the opportunity to bet for esports events.

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Where to Find the LCK Odds?

When you find the best betting site for you and earn the different bonuses, the next thing to do is look for events. You’ll find all the upcoming matches when you see “League of Legends” and the “LCK Spring” tournament. Most noteworthy, through the website, you’ll discover that each game gives a different number for each team.

These numbers represent the LCK odds, and when the number is usually higher, you’ll earn tons of rewards if you bet for that team. At the same time, it is always risky because that same option usually has the lowest chance to earn a victory. Therefore, it all depends on taking the risk and hoping for a positive outcome.

If you want to understand a little bit more about these numbers, let’s check them out. For example, you’ll see two numbers in the match between T1 (1.10) and Hanwha Life Esports (6.50). As you already know, T1 is one of the favorite teams and a possible contender to win it all. Still, if you bet on the team, you’ll earn practically nothing back.

General Betting Tips

  • Find the Perfect LCK betting site: Try all the options, stick to that place with no region restrictions, and give you the right bonuses.
  • Watch the games: If you’re new to the game, do not worry. Between matches, the commentating team usually gives you hints of what is “good.” After a while, you’ll learn which professional players make the right calls and play better.
  • Study the Winning/Losses Tendencies: Check and follow those teams that keep winning and understand why the “bad” players are losing. The more you know, the better.
  • Have fun: Give it a try and learn of all the victories and losses. After a while, you’ll learn to follow your heart (or mind) and make the right calls.

Remember to play maturely, and best of luck!