LEC 2022 Summer Season Week 2 Results

The LEC 2022 Summer 2022 season continued with the second week of matches. Following the opening super week, week 2 saw a total of 10 games. As always, all series were best-of-one, with Excel and G2 Esports leading the week with four wins apiece. Here is a recap of the matches for LoL betting followers:

SK Gaming vs Astralis

Unlike previous seasons, Astralis had a good start to LEC 2022 Summer. The team started to reap the rewards of their changed mentality and roster in the first week, taking on SK Gaming in the first match of the second week. The match was neck and neck until around the 15th minute. Global missions were exchanged and players got stronger. However, Astralis kicked into high gear after that, as they should. They won consecutive scrimmages and took the remaining quests to win the match in the 30th minute. Astralis’ mid laner Dajor finished the match with a score of 4/0/10.

Excel vs Vitality

In one of the highlights of week two, Excel managed to defeat Vitality. Even though Excel dominated the early game, Vitality were able to turn the match around, but it was Excel that put the finishing touches on the match. The match ended in the 36th minute with Nukeduck’s 3/0/9.

Rogue vs Misfits

LEC 2022 Summer Season Week 2 Results

The Misfits continue to fall short of last season’s performance. Rogue, on the other hand, showed no mercy to their opponent who started the season poorly. Controlling the 37-minute battle from start to finish, Rogue won the match with the good performance of their bottom lane duo.

Team BDS vs G2 Esports

The surprise result for esports betting of the week came from the G2 match. Team BDS, one of the relatively weakest teams in the league, managed to get a victory against last season’s champion G2 after 36 minutes of play. xmatty carried his team with 9/2/1.

LEC 2022 Summer Season Week 2 Results

MAD Lions vs Fnatic

MAD Lions seem to have recovered with results in the first two weeks. In a close early game, UNF0RGIVEN made the difference with his Zeri. Towards the end of the game, it was hard to stop him and he led his team to victory with a score of 6/0/3.

SK Gaming vs Misfits

SK Gaming ended the week with two losses. They had a pretty bad performance against Misfits. Misfits didn’t turn down the gift and took a crushing win after 31 minutes of play.

MAD Lions vs Excel

In a match concerning the top of the league, Excel crushed their opponent. No one expected such a one-sided game. However, all Excel’s players gave their best performance and won the match with a score of 18-1. 

Rogue vs Astralis

Astralis had a near-perfect early game but failed to win the match. Waiting patiently for the late game comp to get stronger, Rogue were able to turn the match in their favor when the time came and took the win in the 37th minute.

Fnatic vs Team BDS

It was the longest match of the week and lasted 55 minutes. The advantage changed hands throughout the match, but Fnatic managed to win in the end. They extended their gold advantage late in the match and won the match with Upset’s 6/2/5 performance.

Vitality vs G2 Esports

Team Vitality are unable to dominate with their “dream team”. They have already lost 3 out of 5 games, including a loss to G2 Esports. G2 Esports managed to get their fourth win by winning the match that lasted 32 minutes.

LEC 2022 Summer 2022 matches will continue next weekend.

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