LEC 2022 Spring Week 7 Predictions

While the normal season of LEC 2022 Spring is coming closer to the end, things are heating up in the playoff race. Teams are going into the upcoming week, which will feature eight series, with high hopes. Let’s dive into the matchups of the week.

Mad Lions – Excel Esports

This season hasn’t been going well for last year’s champion Mad Lions. The team already took eight losses in six weeks which wasn’t expected by anyone. Its opponent, Excel, is in better shape with its new roster, standing on the fifth place. Even though Excel looks more in form, Mad Lions will take the win here.

Team BDS – Astralis

In the matchup that the two worst teams of the LEC 2022 Spring will meet each other, Astralis will lose its chance to qualify for the playoffs if it loses the game. But still, BDS is one step ahead in terms of game quality.

LEC 2022 Spring Week 7 Predictions

Vitality – SK Gaming

Despite creating a roster that is full of superstars, Vitality is in a difficult situation in the playoffs race. Taking six wins in six weeks, the team has to take over SK Gaming to strengthen its position. With the clutch players it has, Vitality is closer to victory in this series.

Rogue – Fnatic

This is the match of the week, where the top two teams of LEC 2022 Spring will clash. Rogue already secured its spot in the playoffs thanks to its flawless first half performance, while Fnatic sits in second place with nine victories. If you’re into LoL betting, you need to stay away from this showdown since both teams have an equal chance to win.

Misfits Gaming – G2 Esports

This year’s surprise squad, Misfits Gaming, is coming into the series with five win-streaks.The team increased its performance in recent weeks, which gives it enough confidence against G2 Esports. Even though G2 has some talented names, Misfits will likely upset its rival.

Vitality – Misfits Gaming

On the second day of LEC 2022 Spring Season Week 7, Vitality will meet with Misfits in the opening match. I expect the same result as the first half of the season, where Vitality beat Misfits, since Vitality’s gameplay is a great counter for its competitor.

LEC 2022 Spring Week 7 Predictions

SK Gaming – Astralis

When you look at the overall performance of both teams, SK Gaming is the highly favored one for this matchup. Besides, there is no other plan but beating Astralis if SK wants to take part in the playoffs.

Rogue – Excel

Pretty one-sided series. Rogue is way more superior than opponents in any way and it won’t allow any surprises. Even if Excel tries its best, it won’t be enough to take down Rogue in my opinion.

Team BDS – G2 Esports

This is the best series for LEC betting. BDS, one of the teams that has the worst record in the league, is on one side, European powerhouse G2 Esports on the other. If you’re looking for a match to bet on, G2 should be your pick.

MAD Lions – Fnatic

The last series of the week means a lot for MAD Lions. If MAD loses this one, its chance to make it through the playoffs will reduce drastically. This is a do or die situation for the lions and I think the roster will manage to beat Fnatic.

LEC 2022 Spring Season Week 7 will start on February 25.

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