LoL Odds

An Introduction to League of Legends Odds


The League of Legends esports ecosystem is constantly evolving, and you need to stay up-to-date. Keeping up to date with team news and roster updates is imperative for success throughout the season. There are surprise results in any given week; therefore, it is important to track lol odds.

You must track and monitor results to gain the most value in lol betting.

1 Draw 2
LEC 2024 Winter Season
13/12/2023 14:00
G2 eSports
LCK 2024 Spring
22/12/2023 09:00
LCS 2024 Spring
18/01/2024 12:00
NRG eSports

Understanding League of Legends Betting Odds

League of Legends betting can be difficult to track throughout the entire season. This is because of the numerous changes. Like any game, the best way to bet is to understand the game first. Just like any esports betting odds, there have been dramatic changes over the years.

The League of Legends is a team-based game played with over 140 champions from across the world. There are plenty of bets you can place of LOL at most sportsbooks online. LoL betting can be done on teams, tournaments, players and even specific events within the game. You need to keep up-to-date with all the teams to better anticipate the right picks for every weekend.

However, League of Legends is a temperamental game where minor changes can hugely affect results. For example, a negative atmosphere can be an indicator of bad results.

Where to find the best odds League of Legends

There are several best esports betting sites where you can find the best League of Legend betting odds. The first thing I recommend is checking lines. Make sure you have a clear understanding of how sports betting lines work.

Betting on League of Legends is relatively new, and you’ll find most bookmakers offering great bonuses to entice new customers. So, which betting sites offer the best odds for League of Legends?

Betway: Betway is the number one choice with numerous bonuses and promotions. You can get a welcome bonus of up to $200. The site also offers rewards programs for loyal customers. There are also several live streaming options that give you great odds.

GGBet: GGbet is another excellent site with some of the highest odds. In addition, the site offers a variety of esports games. GGbet also offers a 100% deposit bonus. It is a top esports bookmaker with great odds.

Bet365: Bet365 also ranks high as one of the best betting sites for LOL. It is a user-friendly site with a wide range of esports betting games. The site also offers new customers excellent welcome bonuses based on their first deposit.

Luckbox: Luckbox offers a League of Legends risk-free refund promotion. The promotion allows a new customer to receive a bonus refund in case their bet loses. It is a weekly promotion that can save you a lot in case you lose. There is also a 100% deposit boost, among several other features.

League of Legend Markets with the highest odds

Unlike most esports games, predicting an outright winner in the LOL is not easy. This is because of the sheer quality of teams and tournament magnitude. You can choose and bet on the Chinese team to prevail. You can also bet on JD gaming who have posted excellent results over the season.

A look at the experienced roster can give you a clear hint on the right team to back. For example, GE sports are among the favorites to win the tournament due to their impressive records and experience. Apart from betting on the outright winner, players can also on the first play-in stage that involves 12 teams divided into four groups.

Why League of Legends Odds Differ Among Bookmakers

League of Legends odds differ from one bookmaker to another. Esports betting is new, and different sportsbooks approach them differently. The bookmakers are always learning the LOL and using the new information to set lines.

However, the differences are always minimal, with most bookmakers having the same trend. Some bookmakers can have better odds with the sole aim of drawing new bettors.

Why League of Legends odds change in time at the same bookmaker

Betting odds in LOL can change over time, similar to traditional sports. There are several reasons why odds can change. For example, any change in the game where a team is favored affects the odds. It is recommended you place bets early enough before any big changes in the odds.

As time goes, sportsbooks learn and familiarize themselves with LOL, and any new information can lead to a change of odds. Luckily, if you’d already placed bets, the odds remain locked.