LPL Champion Will Attend MSI 2022 Remotely

Even though the effects of COVID-19 are beginning to wane around the world, it is still effective. The pandemic, which has been affecting travels, organizations and sports events at first hand since its emergence, will also affect MSI 2022 that will be held in the coming days. According to the latest statement released by Riot Games, the champion of the Chinese professional League of Legends league LPL will not be able to participate in the first international tournament of the season as in-person.

The pandemic restrictions imposed by China as a country are stricter than many countries in Europe. And that directly impacts the League of Legends scene and LoL betting. Due to the limitations imposed by the country’s administration, the LPL champion will participate in MSI 2022 remotely. Riot said in its statement:

LPL Champion Will Attend MSI 2022 Remotely

Riot Games shared a statement

“After extensive diligence performed by our technology, events, and competitive operations teams, we are able to allow the qualifying LPL team to compete remotely from China,” Aletaha said in today’s release. “The team will play from either their team training facility or from the LPL Arena in Shanghai, in accordance with local health and safety protocols.”

Although technology has advanced a lot nowadays, every team participating from outside the LAN environment encounters a delay when connecting to the servers. Riot Games will try to create the best possible tournament experience for the LPL representative, using all the technology at its disposal in accordance with the circumstances.

LPL Champion Will Attend MSI 2022 Remotely

“To keep the competition fair, we will be using a network latency tool to maintain a ping as close to 35ms as possible for all teams throughout the competition. This same tool was used to maintain ping between China and Korea for the LPL vs. LCK Showdown during the 2020 Mid-Season Cup. To ensure the competitive integrity of the competition, all MSI teams will be able to practice and scrim at this ping, and we will deploy referee support and monitoring throughout the tournament in both Korea and China.” Riot Games said.

MSI 2022

This year’s MSI tournament will take place in South Korea between May 10-29 and will offer great esports betting chances. The prize pool of the event, in which the champions of 11 different regions will compete against each other, is $250,000. On the other hand, 8 of the 11 teams that will participate in the tournament have been announced. Other teams will be revealed after the finals that will be played on April 23. Here are the teams:

  • G2 Esports (LEC)
  • T1 (LCK)
  • PSG Talon (PCS)
  • Saigon Buffalo (VCS)
  • Team Aze (LLA)
  • Istanbul Wildcats (TCL)
  • DetonatioN FocusMe (LJL)
  • (LPL)
  • (LCS)
  • (CBLOL)
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