MSI 2022 Found Its Champion

The intense strife is over. MSI 2022, the first international tournament of League of Legends in 2022, has come to an end. The event that contained the champions from all over the world and great LoL betting opportunities, was won by the LPL/China representative, Royal Never Give Up. The grand final of the tournament was the scene of great moments. Here is the summary of the MSI 2022 Playoffs.


After the Group and Rumble Stage passed, it was time for the playoffs. The 4 teams that were successful in the Rumble Stage, Royal Never Give Up, T1, G2 Esports, and Evil Geniuses, took their places in the playoffs. The first series of the playoffs was played between the North American representative Evil Geniuses and the Chinese representative Royal Never Give Up.

As esports betting fans expected, the first series was pretty one-sided. Although Evil Geniuses tried to resist, these attempts were insufficient against their tough opponent. Finishing the first match very dominantly, RNG beat their opponent with a score of 3-0 even though they had a little difficulty in other matches and made their mark in the final.

MSI 2022 Found Its Champion

The other series was between T1 and G2 Esports. G2 Esports surprised everyone by beating T1 on the Rumble Stage. However, the South Korean representative did not allow such a surprise to happen this time. Many were expecting a somewhat close series due to the matches in the last stage, but T1 almost dominated their opponent. The team, which became the champion in its own region without losing a match, defeated G2 3-0 and sent it home. Faker once again became a favorite of the fans with the different champions he played.

Grand Final

Coming to the Grand Finale, the favorite was T1. Thanks to their performance throughout the season, they had become everyone’s first choice. However, thoughts changed soon after the first encounter. RNG were able to overwhelmingly beat their opponent in a 33-minute game.

Revenge was not delayed. T1 have come to Summoner’s Rift to show that this series will not end so easily. The South Korean team, which established a magnificent superiority in the bot lane, reflected that superiority in all corridors. After winning the early game, closing the match was easy for T1 and brought the series to 1-1.

It was RNG’s turn to bring the skills to the stage. The third game in the series witnessed RNG’s one-sided play. The team that won all their lanes responded to all the resistance of T1 and won the match at the end of 28 minutes.

MSI 2022 Found Its ChampionMS

T1 played a do-or-die match in the fourth match of the great series. Faker picked his famous LeBlanc and led his team to victory. The match lasted for 30 minutes and T1 managed to dominate both the tower count and the kills taken.

Everyone’s eyes were on the final game. Both teams were planning to get the reward of their good performances this season in this last match. The stage sequence was in RNG. Unlike the previous match, the Chinese team took the stage with full determination. The whole team performed very well, especially the ADC GALA. And they finally managed to defeat T1. RNG succeeded in becoming the champion of MSI 2022 with a score of 3-2.

With this result, RNG won the $75,000 prize. T1 had to settle for $50,000.

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