Nobody Tweets More About Esports Than Japan!

In a report recently released by Twitter, the company listed the countries that are most active in tweeting on certain trend topics – including esports. Twitter released a list of the top 10 esports countries – at least going purely by tweets.

Interestingly enough, the list is actually somewhat similar to the list of countries most active in esports – with a few minor (and one major) exception. While its hardly surprising that the top three spots go to Japan, the US and South Korea, the rest of the top ten countries doesn’t quite look as you might expect.

A list of giants

That Brazil ranks number four in the list of countries that most often tweets about esports makes sense – the country is huge, has a strongly growing esports scene and is overall quite active on social media as well. Following Brazil, however, things look a bit different. Thailand, the Philippines and India make up spots 5 through 7. India is once again hardly a surprise – the country is a huge force in esports, even though it is still playing catch up to the esports giants of its region.

The Philippines and Thailand also have a strong national interest in esports, however they lack the international presence in competitive esports that most of the other countries on the list have. Not that there aren’t pros competing in various games – however not nearly as many as there are Indian players, for example.

Nobody tweets more about esports than Japan

There are of course some notable exceptions, such as Philippine team BREN esports winning the M2 WC, and their countrymen’s TNC Predator team winning the Dota 2 Asia Predator shield last year, however both Thailand and the Philippines lag behind much of the Asian region when it comes to esports presence.

Rounding out the end of the list are three European countries – the UK, France and Spain respectively. These entries aren’t all that surprising either – especially the UK is very engaged with esports (and Twitter). Other European countries like Germany, Italy and the like didn’t make it onto the top ten list of countries tweeting about esports, despite each having a strong national interest in pro gaming and associated industries such as esports betting.

Gaming, gaming, gone

If you’re wondering which game was tweeted about most – esports or no, Genshin Impact firmly took the top spot here. Not far behind though, are some more competition-focused titles – the second most tweeted about game in the world was Apex Legends. Fortnite also continues to make the top ten list, continuing its streak since the debut of the Battle Royale mode. While its popularity is somewhat declining, it’s still being talked about – and on Twitter, enough to take spot 7 on the top ten list. Other popular esports titles include Valorant and Garena Free Fire for example, though neither made the top ten the way Fortnite and Apex did.

Of course, non-esports titles are on this list too – for example, Final Fantasy, Animal Crossing and Minecraft. No surprises there – the most popular games are also being talked about! What do you think – does the list of the countries that tweet the most about esports surprise you? Did your country make it on the list, and do you think it should have?

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