Top Female Twitch streamers you may not know

When it comes to women streaming on Twitch, there is quite a split – a significant number make their following by wearing as little as the Twitch rules will allow and exclusively catering to rather ‘thirsty’ male audiences – while the rest tries to impress by actually displaying skill, wit and humour. The name synonymous with female Twitch streamers is of course Pokimane – but she’s hardly the only top female Twitch streamer out there.

We complied a list of the most popular female Twitch streamers with less than a million followers – and a few other remarkable lady streamers!

1. xChocoBars

Top Twitch female streamers

Janet Rose streams videos with voiceover – mostly of League of Legends, but also a few other games like Minecraft. She has roughly 800k followers, and is partnered with Japan Crate to review their products each month. Having previously pursued a degree in education, she is now a full-time streamer.

2. DizzyKitten

Top Twitch female streamers

Popular for her PUBG streams as well as some other games she streams, DizzyKitten has about 650k followers. She’s active regularly and has been since 2013, earning her a loyal fanbase. She usually streams for 5 hours a day, 5 days a week – that’s a lot more than most other streamers, making her an appealing option for those with a lot of free time!

3. LegendaryLea

Top Twitch female streamers

Lea May Currier has about 647k followers – she streams a variety of games including popular titles like World of Warcraft and Overwatch. She’s best known for Hearthstone though, which remains her main game to play. Unlike a lot of streamers that focus on competitive gameplay, she also occasionally streams games like Sims 4, so for those looking for variety, she is a solid choice.

4. Annemunition

Top Twitch female streamers

This American streamer is notably active in charity work and activism. She explicitly speaks out against bias, sexism and similar issues. Having raised huge amounts of money despite ‘only’ having about 650k followers, Annemunition is a fantastic choice for anyone wanting to find a new talented streamer to watch. She streams various shooter games, among other things.

5. Jessica Blevins

Top Twitch female streamers

While her husband is by far more well-known, Ninja’s wife Jessica Blevins is also a talented and active streamer. She has about 467k followers and like he used to, streams a fair amount of Halo. In addition to that, she also plays games like Dead Space and Fall Guys, as well as a number of variety streams. She also manages Twitch TV Ninja on the side.

6. Djarii

Top Twitch female streamers

Sophia White has been streaming since 2014. The Englishwoman plays a lot of World of Warcraft, but also quite a variety of other titles. In addition to her 372k followers on Twitch and YouTube, she is also very popular and active on Instagram, where she posts a lot of content about makeup – she is a self-taught make-up artist as well as a streamer.

7. AlexiaRaye

Top Twitch female streamers

With about 395k subscribers, Alexia Raye is remarkable in many ways – after getting a degree in biochemistry, she got a lot of popularity on Vine, before moving on to YouTube and Twitch. She isn’t an exclusive gaming streamer, but does play popular games like Stardew Valley as well as the occasional streams on things like style and fashion.

Honourable Mention – ChicaLive

Top Twitch female streamers

If you are looking for a Latina streamer, you can’t go wrong with Chica. With 1.8M followers, 24-year old Maria Lopez is a top female streamer. She mostly streams online multiplayer shooters like Fornite – and she’s even participated in various online tournaments, proving her skill. She’s also part of TSM.

Honourable Mention – SweetAnita

Top Twitch female streamers

It’s not easy making it as a streamer – doubly so for those living with a disability. SweetAnita, who keeps almost all of her info private, has Tourettes. Her streams aren’t always for the faint of heart, but her 1.6M followers clearly enjoy them. She’s had a colourful upbringing, living on farms, and continues to keep a huge number of pets – more than 35!

This is our list – whether you know some of these streamers already or not, all of them are worth a look. Whatever kind of content or games you are looking for, you are likely to find a streamer to suit your preferences on this list!

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