VALORANT Champions 2022 – Location, Date, Participants

The biggest VALORANT tournament of the year is just days away. After the VCT 2022 Stage 1, Stage 2 and Last Chance Qualifier, all the teams that will take part in VALORANT Champions 2022 have been announced. In addition, Riot Games is sharing new news about the event every day. In this article, esports betting fans find all the information about the highly anticipated event.

What is VALORANT Champions 2022?

We are used to Riot Games’ end-of-season World Champions events thanks to League of Legends. After using this tactic for years, they decided to bring it to VALORANT. Following the leagues played throughout the season, teams that pass the necessary stages qualify for VALORANT’s World Championship VALORANT Champions 2022 at the end of the season.

Where is VALORORANT Champions 2022?

The location of the tournament changes every year. This year, Istanbul, Turkey will host the competition. Volkswagen Arena, where esports organizations have been organized before, will be the main building. The Final of the Turkish League of Legends League was previously organized here.

When is VALORANT Champions 2022?

VALORANT Champions 2022 - Location, Date, Participants

VALORANT Champions Tour tournaments in all regions of the world have ended. First Stage 1 and Stage 2, and finally the Last Chance Qualifiers, we have a full calendar. With the recent announcement by Riot Games, Champions 2022 is scheduled for August 31st – September 18th. The group stage will begin with the first day of the tournament. From September 9th, the playoff process will begin.

Which teams participate in VALORANT Champions 2022?

In Riot’s competitive arena for the FPS game, teams from all over the world had a chance to participate in the biggest tournament of the season. Even China, which hasn’t had a platform for a long time, will send its own representative to this tournament. The teams that qualified for the Event are as follows:

  • OpTic Gaming – North America
  • XSET – North America
  • 100 Thieves – North America
  • FunPlus Phoenix – EMEA (Europe)
  • Fnatic – EMEA (Europe)
  • Team Liquid – EMEA (Europe)
  • Paper Rex – APAC (Singapore/Malaysia)
  • XERXIA Esports – APAC (Thailand)
  • BOOM Esports – APAC (Indonesia)
  • DRX – Korea
  • Zeta Division – Japan
  • Leviatán – Latin America (Argentina)
  • LOUD – Latin America (Brazil)
  • FURIA Esports – Latin America (Brazil)
  • KRU Esports – Latin America (Argentina)
  • Edward Gaming – East Asia (China)

Who can win the tournament?

There are several teams that have enough power to lift the trophy at the end. Additionally, predicting the winner in VALORANT betting is so tough because the game itself features a lot of back and forth. Mental game is crucial in the game and a few moment could cause a team to lose the whole game. However, there are upfronts. LOUD, who couldn’t get what they wanted at Stage 2 Masters, Fnatic, who came to the tournament with a strong full roster, FunPlus Phoenix, the defending champion, and Paper Rex, which is getting better with each passing organization. On the other hand, Edward Gaming, which everyone is curious about, and OpTic, which we are used to seeing in the finals, can also win the tournament.

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