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If you’re into Valorant betting, then you probably want the best Valorant odds. With the spike in popularity of the Valorant game, there are more betting options than before. More bookmakers are now offering odds on various sites.

1 Draw 2
The Esports Club Challenger Series 9
01/10/2022 06:30
NAOS Esports
South Built Esports
Champions Tour Game Changers Asia Pacific: Elite
01/10/2022 07:00
Bren Esports Victress
X10 Sapphire
Champions Tour Game Changers Asia Pacific: Elite
01/10/2022 07:00
Team SMG
Rising Hope
VALORANT East: United - Stage 3 - Monthly Cup
01/10/2022 12:00
DSYRE Elevate
VALORANT East: United - Stage 3 - Monthly Cup
01/10/2022 14:30
Zero Tenacity
NOM Junior
Game Changers EMEA: Series III
01/10/2022 16:00
G2 Gozen
Natus Vincere Celestials
Game Changers Brazil - Series 2
01/10/2022 16:00
Team Liquid Brazil
a culpa e das estrelas
Game Changers Brazil - Series 2
01/10/2022 16:00
B4 Angels
ODDIK Bright
The Esports Club Challenger Series 9
02/10/2022 06:30
Alter Ego
No Namers
The Esports Club Challenger Series 9
02/10/2022 06:30
Fancy United Esports

Understanding The Betting Odds For Valorant

Valorant betting odds are the simplest to understand and bet. To understand the Valorant betting odds, you first need to understand the Valorant game.

Valorant is a team-based game where you play as a squad of five players. It’s similar to CSGO and Overwatch, but it has its own unique mechanics and design. You can choose from three different classes, which will give you access to different weapons and abilities. Each class also has their own special abilities that are unlocked when you level up. The game was released on February 20th for PC and PS4.

You can choose the winner or bet on the main match. The final match outcome determines whether you win or lose. However, you can dive deeper and test your knowledge of the game by betting on individual maps and predicting the winner. For example, you can bet against a team on the map but choose it to win the overall match.

Where to find the best odds for the specific game

There are several sites offering some of the best esports odds to consider when playing Valorant. This can be attributed to the growing popularity of the game. When choosing esports betting sites, you want to choose one with the best odds and feature a user-friendly website.

Below are some of the best bookmakers to seriously consider.

GG.Bet: GGBet is one of the best sites with the highest odds on the market. It also comes with a user-friendly website that is pretty easy to navigate.

Betway: Betway is another equally great site with high Valorant odds. In addition, Betway covers several esports games giving you more betting options.

Bet365: Bet365 is another excellent site that guarantees safety, easy navigation and great odds. You don’t have to worry about personal data when using these sites.

Luckbox: Luckbox is quite impressive and one of the best sites for live betting and streaming. It boasts a simplistic live betting feature for gamblers.

 LootBet: Lootbet is another excellent site with great bonuses and loyalty programs. You can hit your milestones and achieve great bonuses as you earn more points.

An introduction to Valorant odds

Markets with the highest odds

There are multiple markets to consider when choosing the highest odds in Valorant. From a straight match-winner to love bets, there are options for you. Here are some great markets to give you great odds.

Match-winner: This is a simple and straightforward market that gets a win at the end of the match. You just need to pick a match-winner and relax. There is no worrying about the game format like B01, BO3 &BO5.

Map winner: The map winner is also simple where you bet on the winner of the map. It doesn’t matter how many maps are on the match. You just need to choose a team and select the specific map you think they will win.

First Blood: Which team do you think will draw the first blood? Choose the likely team and bet on it.

Spike Plant: This is another excellent market available on some bookies. It is a market where you place bets if Attackers plant spikes for the next round.

Live bets: The live market is another exciting option and one with some of the highest odds. The market allows you to predict and bet on events that might take place in the near future. For example, you can bet that a defender will defuse a spike.

Why odds differ among bookmakers

Odds can differ among bookmakers depending on what each bookmaker thinks. However, the difference is quite minimal. For example, when there is a strong favorite to win the match, the odds are very small and with very minimal variations between bookmakers.

However, when two skilled teams are competing, you can find a slightly bigger difference. It is always recommended you bet with bookmakers offering higher odds. Overall, most bookmakers will offer Valorant betting odds that are almost similar with slight differences.

Why odds change in time at the same bookmaker

Odds can change over time due to team changes, injuries among other factors. The odds might increase or reduce depending on the specific factors. However, odds remain locked if you’ve already placed your bets.