Week 4 LCK Saturday/Sunday Match Prediction

As the weeks go on in the LCK, there is increased insight into the strength of various teams. There are a number of teams that are clearly stronger than the rest, namely; DWG KIA, Hanwha Life Esports and DRX. The games this coming weekend hold great LoL betting potential, with two games highly favoured towards a specific team, and a coinflip game to exploit different book maker odds.


T1 vs. Fredit BRION

T1 have had a rocky start to the 2021 spring split, currently down 3-4 in the midst of Week 4. While the lineup is filled with potential, they have failed to perform due to narrow wins yet clear losses against other mid and top tier teams. It is expected T1 will ramp up as the weeks progress, as the top individual top tier talent continue to synergize with each other. Fredit BRION are also off to a slow start, losing to most of their competition, and currently stand 2-5 on the leaderboards. However, Fredit BRION were able to surprisingly take down both DWG KIA and KT Rolsters, two extremely strong LCK teams with deep legacies. While T1 are favoured to win the match up, Fredit BRION are wildcards due to their ability to pull miracle wins against top tier teams.

Prediction: T1 73% l Fredit BRION 27%

KT Rolsters vs. Afreeca Freecs

This match will be a coin flip between KT Rolsters and Afreeca Freecs, two solid teams in the LCK. The two are currently neck and neck, 3-4 on the leaderboards, with their consistent performances to date, making it too close to call. Afreeca Freecs have already matched, and dropped games against both DRX and DWG KIA, while KT were able to take down DRX. The outcome of this match will be critical in determining who will most likely place amongst the league’s best teams. The suggested bet between the two would be whoever bookmakers provide better odds, in this case, KT Rolsters.

Prediction: KT Rolsters 50% l Afreeca Freecs 50%


Hanwha Life Esports vs. Liiv Sandbox

Hanwha Life Esports are currently one of the most dominant teams in the LCK, 5-2. This is despite a large number of roster changes and bringing in some less proven members. While many of their games have been hard fought, Hanwha Life Esports are undoubtably one of the top teams that will continue to improve as the split progresses. Liiv Sandbox on the other hand are currently at the bottom of the leaderboards, their only victory against Afreeca Freecs earlier in Week 2.

Prediction: Hanwha Life Esports 82% l Liiv Sandbox 18%


Less than half way into the Spring Split, one of the most anticipated games has arrived, a battle between two of the LCK’s strongest teams. The two share an especially strong rivalry following 2020 which saw DWG KIA taking out wins in both the Spring Regular Season and Playoffs, and DRX closely following behind in second place for both instances. The two teams look extremely good, aside from DWG KIA’s unexpected stumble against Fredit BRION. Considering the history between the two teams, and their recent performances, DWG KIA have the slight advantage in both capability and mental.

Prediction: DWG KIA 59% l DRX 41%

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