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If you’re not already familiar with esports then the idea of esports betting might seem a little strange. In fact, esports betting is becoming increasingly mainstream, with a growing number of online bookies giving punters the chance to bet on esports. Esports is competitive video gaming, where teams of players compete against each other in a professional setting. Spectators can watch the contests live at a venue or, more commonly, on a live stream.

In this article, we’ll look at esports betting bonus for you. You’ll find out that esports betting is very accessible and that spotting a good betting bonus is a pretty straightforward thing to do. Read on to discover much more about esports betting bonus!

What is Esports Betting?

Before we go any further in our discussion about esports betting offers it is worth outlining a few facts about esports betting and what it entails. If you are already familiar with sports betting then the chances are good that you will already have a good idea about how esports betting works. Betting on esports follows exactly the same template as betting on real sports, and many of the same bet types can be used.

For example, most esports contests consist of tournaments or leagues that are made up of matches between two teams. You can place outright bets where you try to predict the overall winner of the tournament or league. You can also place simple bets on which team you think will win a particular match, and you can usually combine several of these bets onto one slip by using something called an accumulator.

Esports in-play betting can be thrilling and fast-moving

There is also a great variety of other markets. Bookies will offer handicap betting markets on esports matches, and these work in the same that handicap markets on sports like football work. You are essentially trying to predict whether or not a team can win by a certain number of points when you place this type of bet. You might also get to bet on how many kills a player will make or what total score of maps won a team manages to rack up.

You might also fancy doing a spot of live or in-play betting at an esports betting site. We wouldn’t recommend this type of betting to novices, as it requires both a thorough knowledge of the esports games on which you are betting as well as betting expertise and a mind that can process information at speed. Live betting is where you bet on a match while it is taking place, and attempt to make accurate predictions about events such as who will win the next map, or how many kills a player will make.

Where can you bet on esports?

You can bet on esports in most of the same places where you can bet on mainstream sports. A growing number of bookmakers have identified that esports betting is fast becoming very popular indeed. Bookies like Bet365 and Betway are now offering an extensive range of esports betting markets for punters. Betway takes esports so seriously that it actually sponsors an esports team, Ninjas in Pyjamas.

In addition to the mainstream bookies that are now offering esports markets, there are quite a few bookies out there that are specialising in esports betting. and Unikrn are two of these bookies. Other sportsbooks like Pinnacle are also providing punters with more esports options. If you’re looking for a good esports bonus then it is well worth checking out what these sportsbooks can offer.

What are esports betting bonus?

Esports betting bonus are bonuses that are offered to bettors in return for opening an account at a bookie or for remaining loyal to a bookie. You may be able to claim a bonus offer on occasion by placing a certain kind of bet or by betting on a specific event, such as an esports tournament. The types of bonus can take a number of forms, but the most common that esports bettors will come across is an extra bet bonus.

This type of bonus is where you receive a bonus bet in return for doing something. You may receive the bonus bet simply by opening an account, but more often you will be required to deposit money in your new account at the bookie and place a qualifying bet worth a certain amount – usually £10. Once you have done this you will receive your extra bet, although sometimes you may have to input an esports betting promo code to do this.

Another type of esports bonus that you might find is a risk-free bet. This is where you can place a first bet at a bookie, usually with a value of at least £10, and if it loses then your stake will be refunded as a bonus bet. While this type of bonus is perhaps not quite as appealing as a straightforward extra bet bonus, it would be unwise to spurn it.

A third type of betting bonus that you might see is a matched deposit bonus. This type of bonus has become pretty rare at online sportsbooks, though, and you are much more likely to see this type of bonus at an online casino. This works by matching the amount that you deposit in your account with a similar amount of bonus credit.

Why do esports betting sites offer bonuses?

So why do online sportsbooks use esports betting bonus ? After all, bookmakers are not especially renowned for giving things away for free. The answer is that the online betting marketplace is now pretty crowded and bookies need to be able to stand out from the crowd and tempt in new customers. Providing punters with the chance to benefit from esports betting offers is a good way of doing this.

5 Things to help you find good esports betting bonus

If you’re looking for the best esports betting bonus then there are a few things that you can watch out for that will help you identify the best ones out there. Here is a handy outline of the features of a good esports bonus.

  • Does it offer good value?

This is the most important thing to check for any bonus offer. If you’re going to go to the trouble of opening an account at a bookie then the bonus needs to offer a worthwhile amount of value. Bonus bets worth at least £10 or equivalent is a useful minimum standard to set. You can often pick up much more than this, though, so make sure you check out a few esports bonus before you decide for sure.

  • What are the wagering requirements like?

On occasion, you will need to meet wagering requirements before you can withdraw your bonus or any of its associated winnings as cash. These requirements will be included in the terms and conditions of any bonus. Wagering requirements are more common for matched deposit bonus than for bonuses that offer extra bets.

  • Is there a bonus specifically for esports bettors?

As the popularity of esports betting grows, it is becoming increasingly common to see online bookies offer specific bonuses for esports bettors. If you can find one of these then it is well worth seeing what kind of value it provides.

  • Can you claim the bonus if you use your preferred payment method?

One feature of some bonus offers that can take bettors by surprise is that using certain payment methods – usually Skrill or Neteller – to fund their accounts can prevent them from claiming bonus. When you read the terms and conditions of a bonus you should check this aspect carefully before you commit to opening an account and claiming any bonus.

  • Does the bonus apply to specific bet types?

Sometimes a bonus can only be used for certain types of bets – such as accumulators or outrights. It is important that you check this before you claim the offer as you do not want to end up disappointed in any way. It is always wise to check the odds at which both your qualifying bet and your bonus bet should be placed.


Esports betting bonus are used by online sportsbooks to tempt in new customers and to keep established customers loyal. While most esports betting promotions are welcome bonuses, you may also pick up bonuses by placing a certain kind of bet or by betting on specific sports, tournaments, or matches. If you’re new to esports betting but you already have some betting knowledge then wagering on esports is very similar to betting on normal sports. You still need lots of detailed knowledge about teams and players to be successful at it.

If you’re trying to spot the best esports betting bonus then you need to check to see what kind of value is on offer and whether the terms and conditions are fair. If you make sure you do this then you should be able to find some great bonus that provide you with a gateway to plenty of great betting entertainment!

Esports betting offers FAQs

Winning an esports bet is just like winning any other kind of sports bet. You need to use your knowledge and judgement to predict how a contest is likely to turn out. The amount that you win will depend on the specific odds on the market on which you bet. You win the bet if your prediction turns out to be accurate.

In general, most sports betting bonuses at online bookies can be used to bet on esports. Of course, you need to check that the bookie offers a range of esports markets before you commit to claiming their bonus. If they don’t have a particularly wide selection of esports markets it might be a good idea to look elsewhere for your esports betting thrills.

Unless it is stated otherwise in the terms and conditions, you can use a sports betting bonus to place wagers on esports. While some bookies will limit the range of markets on which you can bet, the majority will allow you to use your bonus to place esports wagers. You should still always check the terms and conditions, though.

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