PUBG Betting Guide for Beginners

Learn everything about PUBG betting sites and skin gambling


Esports betting has become massively popular over the last decade or so as interest in esports has risen. Betting on esports such as PUBG is actually pretty similar to betting on mainstream sports. Here, you can read all about PUBG betting. We’ll tell that PUBG is multiplayer online battle royale game that is played competitively by teams in tournaments. There are several different ways that you can bet on the game, and we’ll tell you all about them too. You’ll find out about top teams and tournaments, and also that a PUBG betting strategy should be based on expert knowledge. Read on to find out more!

What is PUBG?

PUBG stands for PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. Like many esports, this game started life as a mod for other games. It is developed and published by PUBG Corporation, which is a subsidiary of South Korean video game company Bluehole. Brendan ‘PlayerUnknown’ Greene created the game, which was inspired by the film Battle Royale. In the game, up to 100 players parachute onto an island to engage in combat. It is one of the more recent releases that has become popular on the esports scene, having been released in 2017.

How do you Bet on PUBG?

PUBG betting is very similar to betting on mainstream sports like football or rugby league – if you already like sports betting then many of the bet types will already be familiar to you. If you are completely new to betting then it is a good idea to gain some familiarity with bet types and odds before you dive into using PUBG betting sites.

You place an online bet on PUBG in the same way that you would place a wager on any other sport. After you have opened an account at an online sportsbook you should click on the PUBG markets on the esports page. Once you have chosen your bet, click on the relevant market and select the bet type. A betting slip will appear on the screen and your bet will be added to it. Online betting is very simple – just make sure that you have sufficient funds in your betting account to cover your stakes.

Types of PUBG Betting

If you already know a little about sports betting then the types of wager that you can place on PUBG will look pretty familiar to you. Here are some of the types of bet that you can place when wagering on PUBG.


This is a very simple type of bet where you attempt to predict which team or player will win a tournament. You need good overall knowledge about which teams and players are in form, and any factors that might affect performance.

Match Winner

This is another very simple type of bet. Here, you are attempting to predict which team or player will win an individual match. It is just like betting on the outcome of a volleyball or soccer match. It is sometimes a good idea to combine several bets of this type onto one coupon in a type of bet called an accumulator.

Most Kills

Some bookies offer markets on which team will finish with the most kills during a match. This type of bet requires you to have a good knowledge about the assets and abilities of individual players. You can usually place this bet or a variant of it if you are doing some in-play betting – something that we’ll look at more closely next.

Live Betting

Live betting, sometimes called in-play betting, is where you place bets on events while the match you are betting on is in progress. This is a fast-moving form of betting that requires detailed game knowledge and a quick mind. You also really need to be watching a live stream of the match on which you are betting.

Skin betting

PUBG skin gambling is where you can use skins that you have picked up during your own gameplay as currency with which to bet. There has been some controversy associated with this type of esports betting in recent years, however, so we would always urge caution if you are considering trying this type of wagering.

PUBG Teams and Tournaments

If you want to be successful when you are doing some PUBG betting then you will need to know who the top teams and players are. One team that has remained consistently near the top of the PUBG rankings in recent times is UDX. This North American team includes players like LANDOOON, Delta, Fizzle and Lush on its roster.

Another team to watch out for is Bloody Snow Esport. This Vietnamese outfit has names like Ketjun-, TTT and SinCute- in its line-up. Another option when you’re looking for a top team on which to bet is Saturno, a team from Brazil. Their players include top performers like Firley, dANFPS2 and QuartaFeiraa.

Where can you Bet on PUBG?

Many mainstream bookies are now treating esports like PUBG more seriously and offering a good selection of esports markets. Bet365 and Betway are particularly good sportsbooks for esports fans to use. You can also do some PUBG betting at esports specialist sites like and Unirkn, while Pinnacle is also well worth checking out.

Putting Together a Successful PUBG Betting Strategy

If you want to put together a strategy that can bring you success when you’re betting on PUBG then there are a few simple things that you can do. We’ll outline a few of them here for you. The important thing to remember is that PUBG betting is not really that different to betting on conventional sports – the same principles hold true. If you already have a good grounding in sports betting then you are in a good position to build a PUBG betting strategy.

Research the latest PUBG news

Knowledge is strength when it comes to betting so always make sure that you stay right up to date with the latest PUBG news. You never know when a nugget of information will prove important to your betting success. You can use sources like PlayerUnknowns Battlegrounds betting reddit threads to help you, as well as more general esports news sites. Checking stats can also be important.

Understand the game – play it yourself

Just as playing a sport like soccer or rugby union will help you gain greater understanding that can be used to shape a more successful betting strategy, so it is with esports like PUBG. If you want to improve your chances of placing winning wagers then play the game yourself. You are sure to pick up valuable insights!

Focus on a small number of teams

If you focus your research and planning on a small number of teams then you will find that you are more likely to place successful bets. Get to know the players from the top four or five teams really well. They are more likely to face each other in the later rounds of tournaments so you can plan your bets more effectively.

Know all about odds and bet types

Being a successful bettor is not just about knowing about PUBG. If you do not take the time to make sure that you understand the various types of bet that you can place on PUBG then you are going to find yourself out of your depth. You need to understand how odds work too, and how they indicate the likelihood of an event occurring as well as how much you are likely to win.

Keep calm and manage your bankroll carefully

Any fan of online poker will know how important it is to keep a close eye on your spending when you are gambling. If you manage your bankroll carefully then you will be able to remain calm and make better decisions about how and when to bet, as well as about your stake sizes. You never want to get into a situation where you are chasing your losses with ever bigger and more reckless bets. Keep calm and keep PUBG betting fun!

Bet on more markets with smaller stakes

A good way of managing your money well can be to place a series of small stakes bets rather than just one bet with a large stake. A series of smaller bets offers more entertainment than one large bet, as your excitement is spread over several games or events. You’re more likely to experience the thrill of winning without wasting any money. Betting is supposed to be about entertainment, and placing a series of small bets is much more entertaining than nervously awaiting the outcome of one bet where you have risked your entire betting bankroll.


As you can see, PUBG betting is not complex or arcane in any way. Before you launch yourself into any kind of PUBG gamble, though, it is vital that you understand what PUBG is and how to play it. Playing it yourself will help you gain the kind of understanding that you need. It is also vital that you understanding betting types and odds if you want to place winning bets.

Importantly, you must remember that PUBG betting is all about fun and entertainment. When you’re doing some PUBG betting it is really important that you pay close attention to managing your bankroll. If you’re watching your money closely then you are more likely to make the kind of rational decisions about betting that you will see you win.

PUBG Betting FAQs

When it comes to skin gambling and PUBG we would always urge caution. There have been a number of controversies around skin gambling on esports in recent years and betting in this way can lead to issues that might cause problems for you. We would always urge caution if you are considering doing some skin gambling on PUBG.

PUBG betting is legal anywhere that online betting on esports is legal. Obviously, the law and local regulations vary depending on where you live, so we would always urge you to check on the local laws before you open an account at an online bookie for PUBG betting. This is particularly true in the USA, where laws vary from state to state.

This is a version of PUBG for mobile devices that was recently released. It allows the developers to test out new ideas before they become a part of the main game. It also allows players to get a look at the new features that will be included in the main game.

The betting markets for PUBG are pretty similar to those that you may have seen for other esports. You can bet on outright markets, as well as match results. There are plenty of other options too, such as betting on the number of kills in a match.