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A Guide to Esports Betting

Esports Betting is Hugely Popular

Esports is one of the entertainment phenomena of the 21st century. Over the last decade or so, competitive video gaming has become very big business indeed, with multimillions being spent on teams, players and prize money for tournaments. Some esports teams like Ninjas in Pyjamas and Natus Vincere have become names that are well known to millions of fans across the globe.

It should be no surprise then that esports betting has also become hugely popular in recent years too. But what is betting on esports? What types of esports bet can you place? Here, we’re going to give you the full rundown on esports gambling and all that it entails. If you want to know how to bet on esports then you’re in the right place! Read on to find out more!

What is Esports Betting?

Esports is essentially competitive video gaming. Teams of players or sometimes individuals will compete against each other in matches and tournaments. Some of these tournaments take place online but others are staged in venues in front of live audiences. As with any other kind of competitive sport, betting has become very popular, and many mainstream bookmakers are now offering punters the chance to place real money bets on their favourite esports tournaments and teams.

Esports betting is very similar in many ways to betting on conventional sports. You can bet on many similar markets to conventional sport. So you might bet on the overall winner of a tournament, for example, or which team will win a specific match. You can also bet on events within games, such as which player will make the most kills or which team will win a specific map or section of a game. We’ll look at this in more detail later on.

Shaping a winning strategy for esports betting

The principles behind successful esports betting are pretty much the same as they are for betting on more conventional sports. Betting is all about assessing the likelihood of events happening and calculating the risk and reward from betting on those events. You need to use your knowledge of sport and your experience to assess the risk. The odds will give you a good idea of the likelihood of something happening and also tell you how much you will win if your bet wins.

So to be successful at esports betting you need to follow the same basic ideas as for conventional sport. Knowledge is king when it comes to betting. The more you know about your favourite esports the more likely you are to be successful. It is a good idea to focus on one or two esports rather than trying to cover the whole range. It can also be wise to focus on two or three teams, as then you are not trying to spread yourself too thinly.

You also need to have very sharp knowledge when it comes to the technicalities of betting. You need to understand how betting in general works and what odds mean. You also need to know about the different types of bet that can be placed on esports. We’ll have a look at those in more detail in the next section for you.

Esports Betting 2021

Types of Esports Betting

If you are already familiar with how sports betting works then you will have a good idea about what types of bet can be placed on esports. While there are some nuances and quirks in esports betting, it is basically the same as betting on any other type of sport.

Outright markets on tournament and league winners

This a very simple form of bet where you select which team or player you think is going to win a league or tournament. This type of bet looks simple, but is also requires sound and good knowledge of esports if you want to be successful.

Betting on match results

You can bet on the outcomes of individual matches in tournaments and leagues. Again, you need to be able to assess the chances of a result based on your prior knowledge of the players and teams involved.

In play betting

In-play or live betting is where you bet on a match while it is taking place. You can bet on markets like who will make the next kill or which team will win the next map. It is a very fast-moving form of betting that requires very swift decision making. You often need to be able to trust your instincts to succeed.

Parlay betting

In the UK, this type of betting is referred to as an accumulator. It is where you combine bets on several matches onto one coupon. The odds from each predicted outcome are added together, and the stake from one successful bet is used to bet on the next selection. It can lead to big winnings, and is a good way to bet on favourites in the early rounds of tournaments. If one selection loses, the whole coupon loses, though.

Skin betting

Skin betting is where players of CSGO use skins that they have acquired during play to bet on esports. This is not an activity that we would recommend doing, however, as there have been a number of controversies associated with it. It can be a way of getting into trouble with the betting regulators in your country, so we would advise giving it a miss for now.

Some Popular Esports for Betting

So what types of esports can you bet on? There are many video games that now offer players the chance to compete against each other professionally. That means that there are also plenty of opportunities for people like you to enjoy some esports betting. Here are a few of the most popular esports with bettors.


Counter Strike: Global Offensive, widely known as CS:GO, is probably the biggest esport out there when it comes to esports betting.

There are many famous esports teams in the field of CSGO, including Heroic, Natalis and Natus Vincere.

League of Legends

League of Legends is another game that is very popular with fans of esports betting.

If you pay attention the global LoL rankings then you will notice that teams like Fnatic, JD Gaming and DAMWON Gaming frequently feature in the top 10.


Defense of the Ancients 2, usually referred to as Dota2, is another game that features prominently at esports betting websites.

Team Secret, Team Liquid and Alliance are among the teams to watch for when you are betting on Dota2.


One interesting feature of esports in recent years has been the way that sports simulation games have become more popular, both as esports that people like to watch, and as esports on which punters like to bet. NBA 2K is one of these games. Real NBA teams have set up esports divisions to compete in this form of esports, a sign of just how seriously it is now taken.

Where Can I Bet on Esports?

If you’re looking for a good bookie for esports betting then we at Esports-betting.com can help you. You can use our reviews and guides to help you find the right bookie for your own esports gamble. A good esports bookie should always give you plenty of options when it comes to the range of esports on which you can bet. There should also be a good range of bet types.

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Mainstream bookies like Bet365 and Betway have given their customers plenty of opportunities to bet on esports markets in recent years. You can also find bookies that specialise in esports betting. A number of esports specialist bookies have also sprung up online. These include the likes of GG.bet and LuckBox. Pinnacle also offers a good range of markets for esports betting.

Is it Legal to Bet on Esports?

If you’re wondering about the legality of esports betting then we can offer some reassurance. Placing an e sports bet is generally just as legal as placing any other kind of sports bet. You should always use a properly licensed bookmaker, though. Bookmakers should be licensed by a regulatory body like the United Kingdom Gambling Commission or the Malta Gaming Authority, ideally, as licences from bodies such as these guarantee that certain standards of safety and fairness are being adhered to.

One thing that you should always do, however, if you are concerned about the legality of e-sport bets is to check the local laws in your country of residence. Different countries have different regulations when it comes to gambling and who is allowed to do it. It is very important that you stick to the local rules wherever betting is concerned, especially when it comes to the legal age at which you are allowed to bet.

Esports-betting.com is Here to Help!

Here at Esports-betting.com we can help you become much more successful at esports betting. Whether you are a novice who is just beginning to dip your toe tentatively into the world of esports betting or you are seasoned campaigner who has been enjoying  esport betting for many years, we can give you all the help and advice you need to be successful. Come to Esports-betting.com for all the latest news, the best guidance and the most insightful strategy tips. If you want to do well at esports betting then Esports-betting.com is the place you need to be!

Esports Betting FAQs

Esports betting is usually as safe as any other form of betting. Obviously, though, you need to find the right bookmaker. If you have any concerns about the safety or security of a bookmaker that offers esports betting, check the licence. If the bookie holds a licence from recognised betting industry regulator like the United Kingdom Gambling Commission or the Malta Gaming Authority then you can rest assured that they are safe.

It is just as legal to bet on esports as it is to bet on any other sport. What we would always say, though, is that you check the local regulations for your home country relating to betting. You always need to adhere to local laws before you place a bet, and take particular notice of the legal age for betting.

An esports bet is resolved in the same way as any other bet. If you correctly predict an outcome of a match or tournament then you will win your bet and the bookie will pay out your winnings.

Yes, it is perfectly possible to bet on esports! Many mainstream bookies like Betway and Bet365 now offer markets on a wide range of esports. You can also use bookies like GG.bet and Unikrn. We can help you find the right bookie for your esports betting here at Esports-betting.com!